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  1. We don't back down from challenges, and given this we massed up to hit EoS. The actual fight took about an hour to begin, because whenever we logged into EoS's world they either ran, logged, or called VR. Eventually VR got tired of babysitting and ended, at which point we knew EoS had nowhere to hide. Reign of Terror Starting: 171 Echo of Silence Starting: 150? The fight got off to a start at west tree, and from almost the beginning there was simply no contest. We were too motivated, and EoS simply couldn't handle it. We constantly kept their snipers cleared which allowed our main pile to basically follow EoS around, while our Sniper Unit (Dogs, remember the name) were unrelenting. Despite this, we expected EoS to give us the run-around, but surprisingly after about an hour they ended. We wouldn't of been stopped today regardless, so smart decision on calling it off early. Thanks for the fight, and see you soon. Reign of Terror Ending: 210~ (73 on TS) Echo of Silence Ending: 0 Thanks to: The Titans, Solace, and Critical Damage for ACing. The favor will be repaid.
  2. was fun. Gf Cl- 3 kills 2 deaths. Wb tip.it
  3. vs THE ULTIMATE REBELLION So yeah tpr pulled 31 to TUR's 34 but it was matched so they dropped to match our numbers, we got two instant ko's while whoever they piled tanked, the 2man lead turned in a 4 man lead when we downed tunganinga at 24-20 but then we had 2 dc's and generaldesor and david got koed (what a surprise) at some point making it 16-16 however with boss calling from richluke1 we took the win home. Pics: Edit: Pic removed. Laikrob Vid: Evertons speech (pause the thing and wait till its at 100%): http://www.zshare.net/audio/75653688ce8778ed/
  4. baby come back!

  5. looks like the suggestion i made in the summer finally paid off gj laik :D
  6. Nancy puppy is quiting because she doesn't want to play rs anymore, and what does that have to do with this topic? Wait, when you said "u rarely pk", did you mean "u" as in Downfall? If you were referring to Tk as "u", then this was possibly the worst troll I have ever seen, especially considering Downfall pks monthly. this calls for the bear...not trying to troll i mean ima miss nancy she was a good friend And as i was sayin "u" refers to Downfall since i mentioned downfall in the begining of my sentense iif it wasnt it be a run on sentence like this is about to be.......
  7. I see nancy puppy is going to quit :( downfall get ready for summer...even though u rarley pk [/facepalm] not a troll
  8. DOnt involve me will im just going on from what i watched :D
  9. Congrats TSE we tried i lost my net midway through first round
  10. Aren't they like a play off cc if i may get this right....challenge yourselves
  11. This calls for the bear but here it goes 1. Like 3 downfall were there 2. TFC+ASC 3. HI! but still it deserves the bear sorry....
  12. I heard a certain someone called gochance1 put up a 10+ KIll tank which bought u the win should give a shout out
  13. Not gunna bother with this, from history knowsing KCR doesn't have member only events they always allow friends JAck you should know this! but w/e gl
  14. Congrats bk <3 hi andy <3 Vanzant drowned me with his water wings when we were taking a bath so couldn't watch this.... :/ GJ tt+BK looks like you had some great co-operation to pull this off, shows the communitiesgj! edit: OMFG 6 pages ON TIp.it THIS IS WORSE THAN DF VS DV
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