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  1. Banned for trying to correct idiots who will never learn how to use correct spelling.
  2. Your lack of reading skills shocks me. Sorry, but I'd rather not waste ten minutes of my life. And you'd rather waste five minutes making a pointless reply? If you didn't read the freaking topic, then DON'T POST, simple as that. Saves your time, saves the OP and others time trying to rebuke your stupid comments. nou What a [bleep]. Yes he's a little [bleep] Quelmotz, just ignore him. Reading this again makes makes me realize how many rants this would spawn on Forums because as we all know, Jagex has a tendency to screw up anything that works. I don't know of anything that could help, but adding something that leaves the RP world open for years of usage would be wise.
  3. Cities of the Future - Infected Mushroom
  4. The first thing I noticed was, that you used "yoour" instead "you're" which constitutes an instead fail in my book. Second of all, You're attacking a_local_guy without any evidence to back up your claims. Third, your I's aren't capitalized and you said personally which is a no no. Again in the third 'paragraph' you make claims without any evidence to support them. Finally your last sentence makes me laugh, do you have any 99's in attack, strength, defence, or slayer that you got 'fairly'? I sure don't, but that's why I'm not the one who made this rant. If you want to make a strong argument, good grammar and spelling are necessities .
  5. ghost4sale1

    New Cannon AI

    If it was a bug, why was the cannon like that when it was released?
  6. ghost4sale1


    I'm about to to go to my friends house to sleep over and then go airsofting. I'm really exited :thumbsup:
  7. If it's a [bleep] to train like prayer, then yes it's a combat skill. :thumbsup:
  8. I think everyone is saying good luck to all applicants because they're an applicant :roll: By the way, I'm not applying, I don't have skills in any of the categories #-o
  9. ghost4sale1


    Today I went watched a bunch of friends get yelled at because they were running in the field during a thunderstorm :thumbsup:
  10. This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlXNZ76F8CU
  11. They just want to know that you are running a safe and secure environment. Haha, safe and secure environment, that's Ubuntu for you. GO KARMIC :thumbsup: Good luck to all the applicants!
  12. I miss free trade so much, but the GE has already been in the game too long to be removed without causing problems. It is incredibly convenient, but I do miss standing around spamming 'buying full rune 200k' :-(
  13. Banned for having really cool frog eyes in your avatar. :angry:
  14. ghost4sale1


    Awww man, all the cool people are in Collage :(
  15. I agree with a lot of the points about the community and economy, I was playing during that age. I understand that Runescape needed to change, but I feel it went in the wrong direction for the older players of Runescape. Advertising it on Mini-clip was a good idea for Jagex, but I think they were only thinking of money, not the players. YES we can go play RSC, but there's barely anyone on anymore... :-(
  16. I fully support every point made. Runescape is just a MMOG and that does need to change. Also, I love new content :^_^:
  17. Banned for not giving me anything funny or interesting to ban you for.
  18. ghost4sale1


    Today I realized how average my life was. I woke up, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, took the bus to school, slept through my classes, came home, did some homework, and I'm about to go to sleep. This happens to me every day :mellow:
  19. Awwww why does it have to be at 4 in the morning? On a side note, can I join your clan? I've been looking for a casual clan for some time now.
  20. I agree that a quick access bar should be in Runescape, but it should be customizable and not forced upon players. Also, the game should be a bit more customizable in some aspects such as the f1-f5 keys <_<
  21. Never, my range sucks :(
  22. Runecrafting takes longer, but mining is certainly harder to develop the techniques.
  23. Untrimmed strength, granite helm, granite body, and the dragon plate skirt are probably the ugliest items in the game.
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