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  1. IMO, most of the female characters ingame that made/will make their account naked are not girls, and if i young girl would choose to make their avatar seem naked I imagine she would fully understand what kind of things would be said to her.
  2. is it just me or does the java picture look better then the html5?
  3. Bandos is 100% better then dragon armour, the +6 str bonus and +2 prayer bonus is more useful then the minimal defensive changes. BEFORE you get bandos though you should always have a fury and zerker ring as it is pretty much bandos for 8mill you may want to get a verac skirt instead of the helm and replace it with a niezzy (assuming that your trying to stay with 1 barrows piece or less) Also if your trying to focus on not getting into heated arguments with people just think about it this way, you dont HAVE to take our advice it is YOUR character and YOU choose the way YOU will play there is nothing we can do to change that besides offer you the best advice we can, which you may choose to or not to take. And its just a game :P
  4. ^ also why i check to make sure my ip adress was the last one that my account was logged in from
  5. but i do seem to be getting in fine
  6. it takes four human sacrifices and an incantation muttered in perfect latin
  7. if you like sc you could get sc coifs there for double xp while training, its not the most efficient but it dulls the pain of training for some people incuding myself
  8. i assume your trying to stay away from cannoning aswell? then your best shot is to find something with low defence and high hp (range slaying, lrc, ect), or something you dont have to click alot doing.
  9. aliright so im fairly experienced at dks, i duo them alot but done solo much (no yak) and ive made enough money to make some upgrades in my armour. i use 2 different setups mainly or the same everything with bcp and tassets instead of royal dhide and v skirt. we always use at least 1 cannon and bank all bones. bassically i have 26m cash but if i sell the bandos which i rarely use for anything besides dks and a couple of other things (mostly just mtk stackups) i can pretty easily have about 60-62m so my question is what upgrades should i make? i can get a spectral? or arcane? or steads? which would all be helpful, also is bandos or the picture above a better armour setup? i melee with a rapier and claws and range with cannon and rune cbow i was thinking the best might be the above with an arcane instead of a bss OR the above with bandos and a spectral instead of torso legs and shield p.s. im using ovls and ss(not getting turm cuz its useless in beta) a tort and titan (soon to be uni), and my freind has a yak with him, so i dont really feel like spending it on skills). thanks in advance
  10. with the amount of bots at frosts right now it might not be wise to go there anyway :P also ranging may be easier for your first few trips aswell (you dont get hit by melee) even if it isnt the most efficient method of killing frosts.
  11. imo you should never buy a computer from a package deal like target walmart and bestbuy give, you will almost always have to upgrade parts after a few months because you will be dissapointed in (part being changed)'s performace, design your own at (name of computer maker here), that way you get all the bells and whistles that you need/want and none of the ones you dont. but if your dead set on one of those computers they will both be pretty similar. and both will run rs fine. play enie meanie miney moe
  12. Alright so my stats are 95 att 99 str 90def 92 prayer and 92 herblore 79 summoning. 89 dung (all i have is a rapier) alright so i have a few effictiveness questions - since im using a zammy spear is it still worth using void over karils? - would a sw cape or a fire cape be better, sw cape alowing me to stay longer and use less prayer but since ill be soul split flashing im thinking the fire cape would be best? - im assuming a bunyip would be the best familar for me to use since im already soulsplitting im guessing i wont need a fire titan? thanks :)
  13. im not sure atm but generally infernal ashes are cheaper
  14. rapier first, bonecrusher never.
  15. mine rune ore id assume edit: or train your unbalanced stats
  16. Well in beta turmoil and piety are pretty useless anyway, or so ive heard. and i like to do things in incriments instead of all at once. but now im getting off topic, getting back on topic thanks im pretty close to being able to do rotm so i might make the final push
  17. So recently i have got 92 prayer (banked), which is great! except i lost about 55mill on the way, reducing my bank to some mystic 2 polypore staffs,a rapier, some pots and food, and about 500k in cash. Looking at what i have i figure i can do a few things, dragons (bot infested frosts and greens), slayer ( i cant stand it), barrows or other welfareable monsters (mole ele ect), or skilling, uhhhh please not skilling :P. onto the questions. -How is barrows for money now? its been a year or so since the last time i did it, i assume id use polypore, rapier, and a dds. -herbs and alot of other slayer monster heavy items are down in price so would it even pay for the extreme pots id be using? - how bad are bots at dragons right now? - is there anything you can think of i can do that i havent thought of (I am open to skilling if its THAT good) p.s. i do mtk and herb runs religously but its not enough right now. thanks in advance
  18. its a book of xp not lamp, i read that on one fo the orininal posts i believe but essentially yes
  19. Although it wasnt very sucssesful optimus HAS been launched, the nuke you are looking forward to is named primed. as in they have to prime optimus.
  20. sara sword or korasi sword w/ dragon defender
  21. sorry i make enough off seeds to disagree with that
  22. dat^ i believe you have it correct though
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