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  1. Should of mentioned that is the first thing on my list and to mention I already have a Black mask. Would you say to train 68 Summoning using a faster charm drop rate method or to just to train Slayer for now and save up the charms? Just slay and get the crims I guess, shouldn't take too long to get 68 summons worth slaying constantly. Ohyeah, and invest in a nice stock of super attack and strength potions - they speed up the training signifigantly (Assuming you can't make extremes/overloads)
  2. Do smoking kills, get a slayer helmet ASAP. Use the highest master for your slayer level (Duradel/Lapalok for now) Buy a black mask until you can make slayer helmets. Get 68 summon for bunyip (Slayers best friend!)
  3. MrNash

    Spicy stews

    Yeah true, was just thinking wait 10 secs for better explaining though, as it keeps the seconds the same.
  4. MrNash

    Spicy stews

    So, lets say stats reset every minute, on the minute. At 12.00, i get +5 herby. At 12.00.50, i log out and log back in 10 seconds later. For the next minute I still have the bonus, theoretically able to use it forever? If thats right, thanks a ton! Thats exactly what I need, though I'm only planning on 100 extreme strengths for now.
  5. This was my oddest piece of luck (Very lucky in the end i guess) Was duo'ing TD;s with a RL mate for about 7 hours solid one day, and 6 the next day, with not even a D plate piece drop. The day after, he resigns from TD's thinking they are a complete waste of time, so I head back solo. About 3 kills into solo, I get D claws and my mate is kicking himself over it :D
  6. Ammys if you want to cast string for yet more magic XP afterwards, bracelets if you want to sell on to rip some money back.
  7. Is there any tricks to use to help create more potions during a boost? I think all my unf's will do something like 65-85 herby, and need to stew to make extremes, which I hear is pretty tedious (I know getting 30 (4) brown spices was). Are there any hints or tricks to either make sure I get herby levels, or to prolong them while I make the potions? Thanks.
  8. Chaos tunnels, as said in his post.
  9. You don't have yours set to teleport you directly inside your house? I do, but the point was risen that if you died in your house, you would just reappear outside it. Well if those portal campers are still there, you'd died either way. Polly house portal is so lush ;) Never seen anyone else outside of there. At all.
  10. The good thing about the teleport in PvP worlds is - who on earth camps cabbage patch trying to get pk's? :D Unlike all the conventional teleport spots, it's very likely to be empty. That said, a house teleport is by far the best. No one can see you, and if you die when teleporting, as it was inside the house, you just respawn outside with all your items on you, full hp + prayer. Very usefull if you're poisoned on low hp too without an anti (Y)
  11. I really don't see how that can be called a waste of time.. I can camp there for 2 full unicorns bringing no food, without overloads or chaotic wearing void, whip, zammy book and rune c bow broad bolts. Thats alot of kills and pretty good income, having solo'd 5 d claws.
  12. it may be with a range you don't burn them?
  13. No Excuses (For not showering) Hehe. Don't take this too seriously, he's a pretty cool guy and I'm sure it was said as a joke.
  14. Not sure, pretty much copied someone from the thread (Just changed minor details, like the spear) when the costumes came out and thought the stole fitted in nicely :)
  15. Hasn't Jagex said they're not gonna do that? I'd say it will be back down to 99. Yeah, just like they said dragon platebody and dragon full helm would never come out.
  16. Or add a bookmark... 1 click winner is me. Ctrl+L - R - Down - Enter. Don't even need the mouse. Dunno if it works in browsers other than Firefox though. (what this does: Ctrl+L - select address bar, pressing R gives a list of visited URLs with R in them, RS is on top because it's the one I've visited the most, Down and Enter selects and goes to the page. :thumbup: ) Download the RS browser. Double click when you load windows = at RS. Winner is me.
  17. Dungeoneering, smithing, runecrafting or magic :)
  18. I think for pkers I mahatma I should be on there, and possibly kids ranqe too? (Spelt with a lowercase Q in ranqe)
  19. I just had to make my own version of this still need to fix the shoes.Basically copied you but changed weapon to a bronze hasta.
  20. What colour clothes is that? can't seem to find the right shade :s NVM found it. Was 'Raw Onion'
  21. Because if every new reward gets better and better, within 6 month's we'd have a much higher max hit and be able to 1 hit people (Easier than we can today)
  22. With the leak on the old Runefest website saying it was going to be at the Olympia it seems more likely that there was a change in the focus of the event to something on a smaller scale. This enabled Jagex to refund the ticket cost. I do not believe that this was the intention from the start. Players get irritated at anything Jagex do. A sign that they mess up at almost anything they do. I hate to admit it too, but it is quickly becoming more and more apparant. Just hope that they fix that real sharpish and get back to how they used to be :( Ya, Jagex used to be so professional at organizing real-life events. Oh wait, this is the first one ever, get a brain. Yeah, I can't remember saying they mess up at all RL events the do, funnily enough this is included in the anything part. EDIT: Typo
  23. Well, at least GE loved me this time. Sold DFS/claws for a nice price, which let me buy so far 11k kwuarm unf/limpwurt roots, and hoping to get 1k antifire supplies too. I'm going to milk this as much as I can, but would still rather it didn't happen. But obviously, as is human nature, I'm not going to watch all that time/money go by..Bring on 85+ herb :)
  24. Chaotic is gotten by playing the new skill dungeoneering. Takes about 82 dung before you have the tokens to buy one chaotic weapon. It's better than an AGS imo, but takes sooo long to get back if you lose it, and is un-buyable with GP. Defo get 95 pray and do the quest for curses.
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