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  1. i reccomended tds because of the effigys+cash. but green drags would also give you a decent gp/hour
  2. you would not do good. first off i highly reccomend that you get a uni, a chaotic weapon, and extremes. your fine with your prayer tho because piety+eagle eye>turm+leech range
  3. since u dont have turm and ovls, you wont be able to get good teams that have them either, thus making it less profit and u cant heal off soulsplit. i would say that your best source of income would be steel titan TDS, since extremes are still good there and they are the boss that needs turm the least.
  4. which tasks do you do/cancel/ban?
  5. the ones youve mention and fally sheild 3 and supercompost
  6. i actually felt the same way when i go it, i went a few patches dry, but now i realize that it is really hard to miss because no message pops up or anything.
  7. go to the slayer section of this guide: http://forum.tip.it/topic/280097-effigyscape-wip/ thats mainly for effigys, but since u want more charms do skeletal wyverns and waterfeinds(he says to cancel cuz of bad effigys)
  8. well if u plan on getting your slay from 95-99 then rapier is highly reccomended, aswell rapier is great on the bandos minons. i also prefer to use my rapier over my maul at tds because i like the quick hits. the only place i really use my maul is a[bleep]erfeinds and sara(which i rarely go)
  9. superheating gold(wear goldsmith gauntlets aswell), next best would be high alching but i reccomend superheating
  10. u could tan hides, do the helm of nezzy method, unf pots, collect whiteberrys. these are just some of the low requirement money making, although the helm of neitiznot method can get you about 1.5m/hour
  11. even if u get 92 then u will still be using normal prayers because piety>ss unless u have turm
  12. i have a maul and a rapier, ive tried both, but i like to stay with rapier because imo it is just alot easier.(im maxed with ovls, turm, cannon, full bandos, so its not that i cant take the dmg). and since cls>rapier i would suggest that you just use that. bear in mind tho, that i do bank the bones with a yak so i wouldnt have the healing effects of a uni. hope i helped
  13. man i used to hate arma and sara cuz i died the first time i went to both of em, but i went with a good friend and i really enjoy arma and sara now, u can always get back to your grave when your friend blesses you, you can also do void with deflector arma and that will risk less.
  14. cls is better since u can use a yak instead of uni, amd bank the bones to last longer, aswell the cmaul makes you to take loads of damage and you can easily die if your not paying full attention
  15. i died about 20 times at tds before i started to get good at em, now i never die and im real good at all the changing, give em another try, practice makes perfect.
  16. legacy of seergaze for cannonable bloodvelds
  17. ya maul is great at bandos teams, i use it all the time over my other chaotics, they are all very similiar in dps on graahdor but i enjoy hitting very with the maul, aswell the maul is good for ac situations when u may only get one hit off and you want it to be the highest hit u can(assuming you have used up your claw spec(s)
  18. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=managing+miscellania
  19. ya dragons, and for the tds/ dks question. for tds i would say 90+ meeles and range(the higher the better tho), a unicorn stallion(88 summ), access to extreme potions, and a chaotic weapon. and for dks, only do it when u do get yak and ovls, aswell i would suggest 95 pray to use turm and soul split, aswell i would say high 90s for meele stats and range. there are many ways to do dks so the required stats really depends on which method u wanna do
  20. well u can try snakes and make a few hundred thousand an hour from there hides, aswell if u can handle bots, then try thzarr
  21. definitely the little +3 will make a difference, the increased dps over ranger boots/imbunes multiplied by all the team members will really seperate the good teams from the bad ones, also ranger boots offer higher mage defence than snakeskin, imbuned rings also doing the same, and def bonuses are very valuable when it comes to nex, because she will choose to hit you instead of the other team members and i guarantee u will tele out early because you are out of supplies if you are lacking defense. that being said, since you are new to nex and cant afford rangers atm, i suggest that u get ur imbunes firsts, then join some non-ranger boots teams until u get a split, and then u can afford to upgrade to rangers.
  22. ignore the above poster, as u cannot even reach f29 with your dung level, im not 100% sure of what you should do at your low level but i would say to c6 the last 7-10 floors, and c1 the rest
  23. this video is by far the best nex guide i have ever seen(it is also 37minutes long lol) just watch this and really study it and you should have the needed experience to start joining some RSOF teams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtUJuPGedQ4 there are a few things that should be changed about the vid, use barrows gloves over mercenary and do not use long range on shadow-phase, as it is easy to forget to leave it on and it slows down the kills. also dont use the blue heart thing tbh, its rarely useful, most people just use protect from range. teams usually wont notice that u are new to nex as long as u MD(stay meele distance on smoke, blood, ice, zaros phases), and dont hit on siphons
  24. zerker increases ur dps more than a warrior, thus making it better
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