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  1. Lol Dwood was the worst clan I ever saw to be honest.
  2. Lol I love Dragon Bots! I wait until they skull and lure them up a few levels. FREE WHIPS! =)
  3. 2 Ancient stats in one drop Vesta Long Stat Warhammer 3 kills
  4. Granted, I do't know what the [bleep] that is. I wish to have kids one day??
  5. Thanks man, I don't need 99 but it kept me occupied.
  6. Yes my power went out after a storm and when I restarted my SwiftKit it said 98K people =[
  7. When me and my friends loose our torso and penance armour, we all go to Barb Assault... Four level 138 and my level 125. We have Full Torva and Lvl 5 in all classes. We rush 1-10 in about 10-15 Minutes... With Teamspeak 3.
  8. Hitpoints and Woodcutting,Cooking etcetera
  9. Yah why pray mage? Soul Split for the win!
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