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  1. Heh, a few minutes after I made that post, I went into the demo, shut off fancy graphics, and bingo, it worked. Try to get it soon...
  2. In case anyone out there is a fan of that, I made this. I am sure we are all eagerly awaiting New Leaf's release outside of Japan.
  3. I really gotta get this. I've been working on a huge tower recently on a friend's iPod, but I have these epic plans for a bunch of cities and even a model of Bag End to be built if I can ever figure out how to make Minecraft work on my computer. (for those of you unfamiliar with Lord of the Rings, Bag End is the home of one of the characters) Can a really laggy internet connection prevent you from playing the demo?
  4. I just so happen to almost never stop playing a game. Right now, I've been doing the following: Runescape (which I have never left for an extensive period of time) I've been playing Pokemon with some friends. And of course, I regularly play my Animal Crossing City Folk, checking each store every day and seeing if it is snowing, in another ill fated attempt to capture the coelecanth, my mortal enemy.
  5. That first one. I'd rather have a reliable rival than a useless comrade, in most situations. Be slowly burned to death with a ludicrous, absurd amount of pain or have your neck slowly bitten off by a parrot whose beak is as sharp as a knife?
  6. I see what you mean, Verzon Dash. But for answers: 1: Everyone has an opinion... just sayin' 2: Yes, Gen 5's stories are good. What bugs me is the lack of post story stuff. 3: I see your point. 4: I know it's crappy. I need to get levelling. But that's just my team for going around doing stuff like catching stuff from swarms. My legendary collection is quite fearsome. And I really got to get B2, if it's THAT good. :smile:
  7. I like the construction thing. I do like construction.
  8. For the first time, I find the water starter to be crazy ugly. And both the legendaries look that way too. But I'm liking Fennekin. I love 3D Pokemon games. There's something about being able to stand on top of a ledge and under it that is satisfying. There better be a good mountain range, and that Paris-looking place better be of Castelia City quality. How I would love that. And on the topic of older/current games: I am still a Diamond fanatic, and overall a Gen 4 fanatic. The graphics aren't half bad, the storylines are good, they didn't overdo it with the wi-fi. I found Black to be very lacking, and it was the FIRST ONE I PLAYED. First is the lack of previous generation pokemon. Once I beat the game, I was like, "GAAAAH! NO PIKACHU!" because from watching bits of the anime when I was 7, I thought something like "Holy crap, Pikachu has gotta be AWESOME!!!!" Then I get a Pikachu in Diamond, and I ditch it to train my Ralts. I also loved Chatot because of the talking thing, then I found its abysmal stats and traded him in for a Staravia I caught really early. Every time I developed the habit of the "substitute technique", and not the move Substitute. I mean filling my party and using the untrained wimps as place holders while I revived my starter and/or legendary. Then I hit a wall in Emerald, my third game, where Tate and Liza kicked my butt when I tried that. Then I developed a love of Wailord when it helped me beat them. In my Diamond, I now drag around a top-quality Lickilicky named Bero who is approaching Master Contest Winner, my starter Empoleon, Harry, who kicks poke-butt, Joe the Staraptor, Aragorn the Bibarel HM Slave, Galadriel the Gardevoir, and Frodo, my Weavile, who I carry as a False Swipe user. (Yes, I name them after Lord of the Rings Characters.) And of course every trainer needs friends. Since my Emerald pooped out on me, I needed the Regis to get Regigias, so my pal 'Sensei' NITRO (as he is usernamed) lent me the ones he caught in his Ruby game. My pal MACK (not his real name) got a bunch of his Pokemon trained by Sensei (who I lost a bet to) so he has a bunch of effortlessly obtained level 100s, along with a Mewtwo with crazy defense. Well, I'm open to new friends (considering my only ones are my HeartGold profile, this Pen guy, and the aforementioned trainers), so drop a line, PLEASE!!!!
  9. You explode due to Reshiram being nonexistent. -Goes to Japan in 2008 and tells Game Freak to make Pokemon Platinum the first 3D pokemon game, because I am impatient for X and Y's release-
  10. He does, but it looks like you pushed him off mount everest. You are subsequently arrested and all your possessions given to a crazy hobo who then becomes president, doing things like passing laws banning wearing socks with sandals. I wish Pokemon X and Pokemon Y would be released sooner-
  11. You swing your axe at the tree. You eat it.
  12. -Crushes you under a giant box for being a voider-
  13. Banned for never telling me your friend code so I can internet-stalk you.
  14. Granted, then you are arrested for wishing on the grounds to confuse people. Possibly. I wish that I liked sushi.
  15. Granted, but you forever feel as though you are on fire, with hot knives piercing your skin. And right when it gets bearable, it suddenly feels freezing cold. I wish that the next person will wish for this wish.
  16. The president doesn't care and takes all your possessions except two pairs of underwear. I wish for the above, except any thieves EXCEPT me would be killed instantly.
  17. They are. Now you are a slave to the dogs, which continued to become more intelligent until they surpassed human intellect. The only way to save society would be Albert Einstein crossed with some knife collector. I wish that I had an new pair of pants.
  18. I was going to say that you were on that minefield too, but I felt like doing something unorthodox, so... You decide to move to Japan. Your first day, you go to a shady sushi restaurant. You drink water right out of the tap and are poisoned by an incorrectly cut blowfish. You do NOT manage to survive, but you are brought back to life by a necromancer. You almost die in his minion army, but escape. You then decide to get back on Runescape. A flashback causes you to think you were your old character, despite you have a completely new one. You go into the wilderness and die. You throw a tantrum and die of a heart attack.
  19. You can, but it is so powerful that your brain explodes after loading this capability 27.77777%. I wish that I was rich.
  20. Your trajectory is 27.33333333 (and repeating of course) degrees off. So it misses, hits another diamond, and returns to Earth, except for the fact that it lands next to my house. I find it and hide it under an obscure mountain range.
  21. It is. Then you discover it is terrible, so you write an offensive, terrible, and insulting review of it. Then the movie's star, who turns out to be Batman in disguise, kicks you in the face for insulting him. And forgetting a wish. I wish that a box will explode somewhere in the world.
  22. A psychotic kidnapper ties you up and takes you to the farthest corner of the world. He lets you do nothing but eat until you get fat and die.
  23. I loved Alg's article! I didn't read the others. I don't usually do fan-fiction, after I wrote a failed one myself.
  24. I just noticed something. Everyone seems to think RS is just "grind grind grind". There are still minigames, or quests, or PVP, or a million other things. Maybe it's just because I grind solely for quest or minigame or PoP requirements and have skills between 20-65, but really, people... have some fun! And isn't this a news discussion topic?
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