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  1. Started playing OSRS seriously after deciding to quit rs3 for a while and just trying to find out if there are any osrs only fc's for general chat/help & advice/achievement posting? All the links I seem to be searching/finding are either dead or require ranks.
  2. more of a MOBA imo. I tried it day one but kept lagging out, then next time i tried it there was no decepticons to auto match a game 4/4 autobots vs 0/4 decepitcons. Looks promising and hoping my overall lag improves in future updates.
  3. the ideal solution I would recommend would be making melee a one skill combat like mage and ranged by either removing attack from melee calculation and branding it as a jack of all trades accuracy/aim or strength as previously mentioned making strength an all styles skill swing blade harder/pull back bowstring further/faster or concentrate/summon inner focus for mage damage boost. so the formula would then read to max; 99 def + 99 str/att (see above) + 99 style skill ( range, mage or att/str) + 99 hp + 99 prayer + 99 summ. That way you don't favour melee by penalising magers/rangers for having one less contributing skill but still include all the combat related skills in some sort of relevant way. Not sure how to split the skills formula wise maybe 25:25:25:10:5:5 as a very rough guess on my part or what the max level would be. Also to colour code the combat level blue for mage, green for range, red for melee, depending on there highest skill out of the three primary combat style skills (range, mage and att or str (based on above decision)) or if they have maxed all three make there combat appear as yellow or purple. Alternatively show the colour combat based on the style of weapon they wield in real time, so it alternates as they switch weapons as dagganoth mother does during weakness phases in horror from the deep between red, blue or green.
  4. I really do hope invention skill beats elf quest in first poll...mainly because I don't want the quest half assed and rushed like birthright of the dwarves ended up (sub par quality story/development rounded up by annoying boss fight with no story continuation afterwards). And also I want invention skill sooner rather than later seeing as I've already stockpiled divine energy for fast xp.
  5. can't wait til the iphone 4s is compatible with the new app. Hoping it happens soon, because pms and clan chat on the go would be amazing ^^
  6. Can't wait for new premier club, missed out on last years. The zammy themed xmas event sounds fun but the santa hat rares are just a bad idea. World event 2..can't wait, let's hope they kill of Armadyl, the one God I really can't stand. Slayer monster sounds interesting but i'll probably never bother with.
  7. Ashdale sounds intriguing..must go try at some point and a faster smoother world map is long, long over due... Not really into bossing but wonder how well the Coinshare system will pan out
  8. I think it's a grey area as in a lot of old ftpers consider the 1-5 in members skills to void your pure ftp status, but seeing as Jagex have allowed ftp accounts to train member skills up til level 5 without membership then officially you are still a ftp skiller. It's all a matter of perspective but in my eyes at least your still a ftp skiller. Good luck with all your future goals :D
  9. ty for tip. I managed to max contribution in 7 humidify spells with 25 buckets and nabbed a free 21k div from large lamp :D
  10. This has been Jagex's philosophy for years now ^^ Based on this I forsee Zaros' true form being an hedgehog or porcupine type creature
  11. I'm in the same boat as you unkn0wn, can't afford 3ds/pokemon x at the moment so restarted runs on soul silver and black ^^ kind of tiding me over til I can hopefully afford them after christmas :D
  12. after 5+ years of membership on my current main account I'd honestly answer with I'd quit if I had to go back to ftp. I get too bored on ftp worlds even for 1-2 hours would probably only log on for new updates/ftp quests and holiday events.
  13. I have a theory regarding the events of MPD... What if Sliske is one elaborate puppet in Zaros' master plan. Firstly they both reside in the shadow realm ( as far as I can recall) so it would be easy to use Zaros' immense power to take control of Sliske, it would explain how Sliske happened to come into control of the Staff of Armadyl, be able to teleport in and kill Guthix releasing the edicts to allow the Gods' Return. Zaros' invovlement also explains how Sliske had the knowledge/power to a) find the stone of jas b) capture and hold a dragonkin and finally capture Death. This sets Zaros/Sliske up perfectly to begin the events of MPD. Zaros' knowledge of the God's and our character would've helped Sliske set up the elaborate murder mystery to drag in Icthlarin (who shares a mental link to us), Saradomin and Seren also. And based on Zaros' past experiences with Zamorak he knew announcing Sliske's grand ascension would draw him in. Zaros' puppetery of Sliske would also explain why he gave us the key to release Death after his grand announcement and also explain the purple haze in the Zarosian podium allowing him to exert enough control over Sliske, the dragonkin and Death until he saw it fit to relinquish control and retreat to the shadow realm with Sliske. I theorise Zaros' master plan is to have the other God's slaughter each other in chase of the main prize the stone of Jas. Then as the eclipse happens it will serve as a portal to the Shadow Realm large enough for Zaros to return just as he allows Sliske to attain godhood by slaying the last God standing and absorbing all the other Gods' powers in the process. But I see Zaros ultimately betraying Sliske and slaying and absorbing Sliske's powers and being ultimately powerful once more. Feel free to critique ^^
  14. wait i'm confused about one thing here... is each reset still going to require 13mil xp to go level 1-99 and your lifetime xp in that skill becomes 26mil or does each reset require an additional 13mil xp to got level 1-99 so 1st reset then requires 26mil to be 99 again so therefore your lifetime xp will be 39mil in said skill?
  15. if you chose to kill him at the end he states he doesn't need to see Hilda's memories because he remembers her.
  16. Avatars will return of their own volition. They appear to have an independent 6hr timer and just decide to tell you to piss off and walk home themselves, even if you are offline. They will survive. Oh that's great then I might avoid being lynch mobbed by my fellow clanners lol any noticeable changes at all since game went live? I.e. Less worlds/world themes changing etc?
  17. I wonder what they plan to do in an entire 4 hour+ downtime, bit annoying I was planning on dismissing clan ava in last 30 seconds of timer....only to lag out and be disconnected from server before I could dismiss it...poor clanners gonna have to wait until I finish work now to get it back ....woops... :?
  18. It was confirmed via Mod Mark's Twitter that there would be no bonus Divination XP until after somebody got 200m XP. If you spent half as much time training Div as you did waiting for bonus XP on it you'd be 99+ already. if this is true Drumgun should troll us all and stop at 199,999,999 xp and then wait for rank 2 to play catch up lol
  19. Also runescape wiki has a up to date location list here http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Golden_Gnome ^^ nice easy way to wrap up September challenges the first monthly promotion I've stuck to..30/30 :D
  20. Except for the challenge for Sunday has been confirmed to be something not on the list (Social Pyromaniac). So the last challenge might not be one of those either. I think they planned to do the crystal tree update earlier and it got postponed so they overrode that challenge. I thought use a bonfire with 4 other people was already on the list?
  21. Cool story but fixed one minor typo on your post :p
  22. Are either of these even ingame yet? never saw a crystal tree or golden gnome ever as far as I recall.
  23. isn't there one in varrock too, near the one gang's hideout and the pub? EDIT: Yeah it was a thief, completely uncrowded on w99 anyway.
  24. This task had to be the only one I was dreading, so glad Jagex lowered requirements for the full reward, guess i'll be staying 26/27 tasks completed. Think I can live with 11k less bonus xp for the hassle of getting into a Big Chin game
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