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  1. So I've finally decided to get combat after 7 years of playing a 10 hp-er. I havnt really ever trained combat so I just wanted to know some tips. Like where to train until when. Keep in mind I am f2p. Any help or tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to help me. :)
  2. Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay as much as i have!
  3. Welcome Derek, i'm sure you'll enjoy your stay as much as i have!
  4. Welcome to TIF fellow TFS'er. :)

  5. I could be wrong but i'm pretty sure that's a wide spread glitch. It should be fixed soon, sorry that this happened. :(
  6. Congrats on 99 crafting and good luck with maxing. I'm always in F2p united, i'm not sure if you recognize my name. :P Just throught i'd throw that out there. :) As i was reading through some pages of the blog and saw you bought a yellow phat for 1.4m from that wedding profit was epic.
  7. Hiya Kaida, I just read through a few pages of your blog and it's amazing to see how far you've come, don't stop! Congrats on all your recent level ups and good luck with future goals.
  8. In my opinion i think you should get the Coal Bag and SoE for a few different reasons. The Coal Bag is never a bad choice especially in f2p. F2pers superheat a fair amount to make some gp and exerience. If you are looking for a really good guide that shows the xp/hr and how many ores to use and what not i suggest looking up "Water's f2p superheating guide" on youtube. Remember, this is pre-EOC but it will still help you with a few different things. Now the SoE is just good becase you can save GP which is always nice. :)
  9. Welcome, i'm thinking about going to college in Ohio. :P
  10. whenever there is a system update that changes anything the bots are down for a small period of time. Don't get your hoped to high, they'll be back. =/
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