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  1. selena18

    Made a song!

    Its cute and very good singing as well :)
  2. You should have ask this question here http://forum.tip.it/forum/11-help-and-advice/ , there you will also come to know about other help as well.
  3. Hello and welcome to this forum Shane. Hope you will get enough help from here.
  4. #4 sounds very loosely like city of god, but that's probably not it. Plus that was an awesome move... my bottom five, from my letterboxd profile: (in no particular order) Immortals The room San Andreas Quake Three musketeers Battleship You didnt like The room? I heard its a movie with great performance!
  5. I dont know I should post it or not! Actually I am using plain solid black color as my desktop background!
  6. I have just come know about runetrack recently but I dont know what it is and how it works? Can I be able to track my visitors through it? Can anyone give any detail idea?
  7. Hello and welcome to this forum. Hope you will have good time being here.
  8. You must be the youngest one here!
  9. Some interesting facts have been mentioned by all. Girl friend issue is a common one i guess ;)
  10. Its really nice to see the upgrade version of this website. Its becoming more smooth and user friendly.
  11. Wow its amazing thing to see someone who is here for more than 10 years! Its really tough to find those old members as now days people dont remain much active here. Anyway nice to meet you and welcome back :)
  12. I can only share my own opinion here. As you most of the parts are older and you have to upgrade the motherboard, so it should be better to buy a new PC. In my case I did the same. Why dont you just sell the older one to buy the new PC?
  13. I have just completed watching The Fault in our Stars, I was only heard about this movie and finally watched it. Totally loved it, specially I am in love with Augustus Waters.
  14. If you are looking for a free online photo editing tool, then I would suggest you to use iPiccy. I have used it and its quite good for most of the editing task. It has some inbuilt effect as well.
  15. I have found this one, I dont know you will like it or not. But still posting it here.
  16. Fortunately I dont have any warning points till now.
  17. We have two websites for same kind of photo editing services and both are in good position with our potential keywords like 1st and 2nd position. Now we are thinking is it good have two websites for the same purpose or should we integrate both the sites to one website. Can you please give me some suggestion with respect to business perspective?
  18. I totally love this movie, after seeing all the images now feeling like watch it again!
  19. Hey Vexea, Welcome here and nice to meet you :)
  20. Hello and its nice to hear about your hobbies!Hope you will enjoy staying here!
  21. This screen may show for various reasons like, problem in Processor, mother board or even in RAM! Just check them individually to indentify the main issue here!
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