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  1. I used to play runescape, then I took an arrow in the knee. :shades: Lol couldn't stop myself.
  2. The official wiki is a tool to increase the thought police tactics of jagex. It is a marketing tool as well as something to keep the fansites and the guides away. It is also a disgrace to the idea of a wiki the way it is moderated. Honestly, it is something that I despise and will always boycoytt against. Rswiki and tip.it for life.
  3. Info on exactly where that thread went - yes they can demod but actually locking his thread twice, moving it to a login-needed rants forum, and finally deleting the thread? That was the fallout that I had to dig out of archives. Not only demodding, but complete silencing of a legitimate complaint. Look at the damn trend: rs1 never existed, Andrew Gower never existed, none of old legends existed (1st to 99s etc)', and soon f2p will never have existed. I don't suppose you support these police state tactics?
  4. Well, I have just toured parts of f2p and not surprisingly bots are back..... Not an epidmeic yet but ffs these pixel-based bots are making a vengeance of a comeback and jagex is again failing to stem the tide. It really should not be h ard to detect these bots...if jagex just tries harder. Fire your bot banning peeps and hire competent folks...if necessary. And I would not even believe the 90-10 ratio. Yes f2p has a larger percentage of bots but honestly I have seen more p2p bots during the outbreak than f2p...a lot of them not being goldfarmers but simply cheating players. I really don't know how much of jagex's "paying cheaters never get banned" policy have changed..even after the nuke.
  5. Article on f2p - wonderfully written and desperately needed to remind jagex and all the 'f2p players deserve nothing' camp of some basic truths. The game is dying and has been dying for a long time. The only way to keep this decline away longer is to attract new players - something jagex will never do directly to p2p. With f2p's current state, soo many better choices exist out there. The more jagex and (a part of) the community hate on f2p, the faster the game is going to die.
  6. I like the money pouch and tool belt...but boo on most of these updates being heavily slanted to sell sell sell members. Even the christmas event, which just have to have a members only part.... No goodwill even for christmas :( And yet they keep shamelessly claiming to be the number one free game.
  7. I have been quite busy lately so if anyone have info on the fallout from the ken demodding feel free to update. As usual, rsof is completely cleaned out.
  8. Amg the last post on rsof was made before Andrew Gower was even born.
  9. Also, the new site absolutely fails to work correctly on the ipad...
  10. Actually, it immediately reminded me of this: This is just perfect for the new jagex - the North Korea of game companies. New site honestly sucks...functionally less useful than older ones...and way to destroy fansites... Again, f2p hiscores only gets "in other news" status. What a load shit. Too bad their reasoning to remove the hiscoreswill not get them more membership, but only death of f2p and no more new players. As far as trade limit, this honestly should have never been removed in the 1st place. Bringing back free trade and wild is what started all of the botting woes and soo many bots in hiscores in the first place. Jagex got bailed out, players got sold out. #occupyrunescape
  11. O god have exam in 8 hours why am I procrastinating so much... In other news, great articles. Back to cramming.
  12. No, actually, I am the poster of almost all of those threads... And no, they're very much right here if you would like me to bump them.
  13. [citation needed] And also, why wikipedia is dead to me too.
  14. I've posted trends and traffic rankings but apprently hard numbers are all wrong too. Honestly, go to lol, starcraft, and wow boards and feel the energy there. Now to go to rsof ( or even sadly right here on tif) and just see how different it is. Frankly, how dead it is compare to anything else. For sc2 specifically, watch the live tournament ($120,000 prizes) this weekend and just feel how alive it is... Majorleaguegaming.com
  15. The thread itself is now gone from the forums - even though it is posted by a now demodded ken not at all representing jagex in any shape or form. Way to quash any criticism, soviet jagex. Honestly, I really do not see how anyone can still have faith in Jagex anymore...they literally treat their playerbase like crap and think that all forms of criticism as trolling. I really envy players from other games these days, where devs actually listen and resoond. I have so rarely seen any business conduct so unethically as jagex.They're no different from the bankers who stole your money and are living in tax bailed out mansions. Not so originally...jagex go bailed out, players got sold out, there is only profit for those investors and nothing for the players. Jagex is dead to me. The funny thing about it all..is that all this profit now crap from jagex is a horrible business decision. Jagex and runescape has never had worse pr than those today. No new players are coming and more and more are leaving. The game is probably worth less than it was a year ago.
  16. If you wish to believe that's how things work, fine. :thumbup: More power to you. If you have another account, by all means offer it. Otherwise, this would be the only logical answer.
  17. Someone needs to post that comic on reddit. ( not me ...dont even have a reddit acct)
  18. For lolz, I managed to find the original thread Ken made (current thread is a repost) [qfc]16-17-616-63378168[/qfc] Look at the nice censorship work!
  19. Bxp, I'm sure the occupy peeps would love to have a chat with you eh :P Big greedy businesses aren' t exactly too popular these days.
  20. I did it to help the community. When I was asked to join (5+ years ago), there was a decent number of mods, but not too many. We all enjoyed our duties ingame as it mostly was interacting with players on a personal level to make the game a better place. Through the years policies have changed, Jagex business models have changed, and most importantly; Jagex's definition of what Mods are has changed. We've gone from being a way to help the community to nothing more than spambot muters and event planners. If I was asked now, I would decline. But hey, I've put this much time in, might as well see it through to the end eh? Oh that's just the cutest little thing. Aren't you just full of naivte and idealism. I just hate the thought of you learning the truth of the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and Jagex. It's gonna break that sweet little heart of yours. :^_^: Lolll easter bunny, santa, tooth fairy...aaaaaand jagex. Lol
  21. Found this on rsof, good for a few laughs. Credit to clawdragons So, this forum is for predicting future updates right? Well I think I've seen enough to predict some things. I think they will happen in this order: 1) Removal of F2P from the forums. That way they won't complain in the future. 2) Removal of F2P Wilderness. After all, all those riots were "we pay to PK", right? So no pay, no pk. 3) Removal of free chat for F2P, and introduction of a new quickchat phrase: "Gee, I wish I could talk to you, but I don't give Jagex enough money". 4) Removal of visual character customization for F2P. All F2P will look the same without armor. 5) Removal of trade. How can you expect to trade if you don't pay? (Oh, I love equivocation) 6) Removal of free will. Free will's no longer free now, suckers! Your character will do whatever he wants no matter how you try to control him. 7) Removal of F2P entirely. 8) Removing those who were once F2P from real life, using trained assassins. 9) Removing all memory of said F2P players with little alien brain-blanking flashing devices... Spooky. 10) Invention of a time machine to erase F2P from ever having existed at any point in time. 11) Destruction of the multiverse to erase F2P from all existence in all dimensions and all conceivable parallel universes. I think my predictions are pretty accurate. (As a note, this is mostly a joke thread. Try not to take it too seriously. But it also does try to make a point, so try not to take it completely jokingly either)
  22. Lol kimberly. You might be right that they maybe better off. However, that doesn't change what jagex did. An act of malice, and of control. I fear for f2p, my best (everyone's) first memory of the game was in lumb, on an f2p world. Now the hiscores are gone, what soon will be left? Here's a prayer and a toast to f2p! Long live f2p! May it never become a mere demo!
  23. A second round of crackdown just happened. All threads on rsof discussing ken genossis has been hidden, including my own. Soviet jagex at work, everyday. This is when I appreciate the freedom of speech we have here at tif.
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