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  1. "people" Anyways, at least it's not over 150k bots yet right like it was just 5 months ago right? (you can't accuse me for being too negative for that comment at least)
  2. Reported on numerous sources http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/03/02/jagex-pauses-stellar-dawns-development/ Word to the wise: Don't put "dawn" into any part of your MMO's name, or else it will get hit by the curse of breaking dawn. Just ask Dawntide, DAWN, and now, Stellar Dawn. Yes, unfortunately it's true. Jagex announced that it's suspending development on Stellar Dawn to make sure the company is in the best position possible by concentrating on Transformers Universe and RuneScape. While the studio was able to shuffle most of Stellar Dawn's team around to new positions, the decision still resulted in the loss of 12 jobs. In a prepared statement, CEO Mark Gerhard was highly complimentary of Stellar Dawn's team and progress. "Jagex has always been committed to developing the highest quality games and services. This is not a decision we have taken lightly; the Stellar Dawn team has achieved a great deal developing the game and should rightly be proud of their achievements so far." Stellar Dawn fans might find hope in the language being used by the team in the forum announcement, as the title's development is described as being "paused" and a "temporary move" instead of being outright cancelled. Jagex forum post http://services.stellardawn.com/m=forum_fo/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?83,84,14,119886 The good peeps at stellardawncentral http://www.stellardawncentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19155
  3. All jagex had to do is update cluster flutterer every few weeks and most bots would never have made it back. But ofc that never happened and any players' attempt to stop the bots got foiled..the bots? Not so much. Most of the die hard bot reporters have quit by now, but if anyone still would want to do a ton of reporting and keep track of it, I would not at all surprised if <10% of the completely obvious bots even gets any sort of punishment. Legit players, wake up! If there's ever a time to quit and find peace, it is now. Your holy jagex has lied to you again. You will soon be swimming in bots again with no one giving a damn. None of your achievements wil mean anything because bots and cheaters will always best you. There is no reason to keep sticking with this trainwreck of a game. The grass is indeed greener on the other side.
  4. Go take a tour around the desolate runescape landscape these days and count the number of bots versus the number of real people you find...and then ask yourself if it's worth the now increased membership cost to come back to a game filled with mostly cheaters and farmers and a few die hards. And yes, this is after the greatly publicized bot nuke.
  5. ... Hate they way they're making it sound like f2p doesn't even exist... You get a free trial but a paid game! But then again let's not forget to brag about how rs is the number 1 free mmo (years ago).
  6. Hello Josh, Like you have realized, botters like you really have diminished how I came to view all of my hard earned achievements and eventually leading me to quit the game after almost 10 years of playing. I personally removed friend after friend from my list after realizing that they were bots. I even had the pleasure of talking to auto talkers running on long time friends. I never thought I would ever forgive a botter for ruining this game I loved (and mind you, it is still in quite the ruinous state and will probably never recover) - but if I'm ever forgive a botter, it might as well start with you. Because at least you realized how much botting was hurting others instead of just helping you. And because you give a damn at least. Who I can't stand are botters who have took the 'never give up' attitude to the wrong cause, and somehow justified their behavior as a righteous cause. However greedy and corrupt the new corporate jagex have become, cheating and belittling other's work is never justified. While I don't actively play anymore, I do hope you and other recovering botters find some joy in this game again as it once brought me. And ffs...it is not just a leveling or money contest.
  7. Tooth creature/platypus > baby dragon/jad. Surprising.
  8. Typical jagex... They could've kept up with cluster flutterer and updated it every month or so to get rid of more bots. But instead they're going to sit and do jack shit until 60% of their online population are bots again. Some reflection bots are definitely back up..and color bots are running rampant. "we never make money off bots" what a blatant lie.
  9. Free mmo's are all the rage now. The 3 big ones ofc are lol, hon, tf2 - totally free games. Yes they have micro transactions-but their free games are a lot less of a demo compared to f2p. And there's also the pay once play online forever type games - namely sc2, mw3 RS is only really 'cheap' compared to subscription based Mmo's...And honestly sucks compared to all of them in term of gameplay, graphics, and voice acting. (I'll give rs credit for story). Even at $5, a year's cost could have bought you sc2 plus a whole bunch of heroes for lol...and you get to keep those forever where in runescape you drop off all records the moment you sub dies and you spawn in lumb with unusable items on and an overcapacity bank. Hmmm, at $8, I really question whether rs is a good deal now... (in the end, I guess addicted fanboys/girls will pay however high it gets..but I really think it has gotten to the point where it's simply not worth it for new players to ever subscribe. If you're gonma pay someone $8 a month...netflix would be much better choice.)
  10. Looks for the 'did you know' segment...does not find it? Amg was looking forward to filling my brain with more rs trivia.
  11. Finally, years later the law catches up with the Snellman brothers. I don't think the judgement is final, but it looks like this is not going to any more courts. If anything, justice have been delayed far too long by nothing other than (our shitty) legal process. I can't help but to feel that it has come far too late. I honestly don't believe the 'repentance' from these two Florida brothers who have profitted off runescape cheating for so many years. It's probably just part of their plea bargain. However much they're paying Jagex, it will probably be less than how much they've made doing this, or how much direct membership $ jagex lost due to people botting to billions and 99's in a matter of a few months. And as I've said before, the billions of gold and the millions of 99's farmed by cheaters really have changed RS forever. No MMO out there have ever faced the epidemic proportion of cheaters as RS have (at its peak....~60% of all online players were cheaters) and you can be sure that this was not seen favorably by anyone, especially Jagex's own players. I can login now (still face a few bots..) but can only seen a tainted and dying game. Perhaps this is why RS's own founders have all abandoned it. But it feels good to finally be able to put this case to rest and say this: eat shit Snellman's! This is long overdue.
  12. Dude, my last 2 months of membership was spent doing that. Then I realized I can just not give jagex my money anymore :shades: As for new skill, I really have my doubts. Dungeoneering was the big thing that was supposed save rs, and it did, for a few months. And then 2011 happened. Few skills will have the dev time as dg did. Any new skill will be hard to top dg, and if the skill is another grindfest, it will do very little to help the game other than appeal to 99 chasers.
  13. Oh the philosophy........ .... ... .. . Yeah. The 2nd article is more insightful. Tripsis is correct on pointing out that the new projects will define jagex as rs continue its decline. However, with current trends, we just might see the new (evil) corporate jagex make the new games freemium microtransaction games instead of a subscription model. I personally stay far far away from those money sucking scams. And I wonder how jagex will change their game away from the grind that has characterized rs. In other news, the 'did you know' section actually had something I didn't know! Haven't had that happen for quite a while (maybe never)
  14. The deal was done quite a while ago now, almost year to date now...and this same blog who also voted rs for some crap awards has to sensationalize this? Whatvers. What interest me more is that jagex has profits down 43% last year. What a great year for those shitty investors. Should've picked another game to ruin and maybe you wouldve made more.
  15. Your desperation to diss Jagex is so bad that you do it even when it is something totally out of their control? They certainly had control over whether to "brag" about it with a newspost. Seriously, if rs deserved any recognition, it should have been a few years before when it had a much more dominant position in the mmo market. Now out of the blue some sitedubs rs game of the year? I would not be surprised if jagex's pr team paid off the site to get it. Edit: actually, scratch that last paragraph. Just read more and found just how pitiful the "friendlie" awards are. No one needed to be paid for that shit. On the same blog is a more recent award giving mmo of the year to swtor.
  16. Failed at gja and now have to be recognized by second rate awards eh -.- What's for 2013? (insert random blog) recognizes rs as the ost awesome game of all time? Better to fix your damn game and try harder for the golden joystick next year.
  17. A sizable portion of rs are still botters after tge bot nuke. Yes, bots (the program) stopped working but next to zero botters got banned. They kept pretty much all the stuff and skill they botted. That is billions and billions of gold anditem s farmed and millions of skillcapes.This taint on the game will never be gone. That, and at least 20k peeps who moved to old school bots that jagex apparently still cant detect.
  18. Amg how did I miss this awesome thread. It is shameful for jagex to still call themselves a free mmo when so many other offer so much more. Even before those games, rs was a second rate games in the eyes of many. With recent events, rs has become a junk level game for free players and a third rate game for p2p. With the amount of money you give to jagex in these last few years, you can buy yourself some quite nice games from steam - and you will own those forever. Unlike rs, where you don't exist on hiscores as soon as you stop paying.
  19. Account recoveries are sent to a real person (or hopefully they still are) so even if they got your recovery answers the jmod should still need to approve it. Hacking your password directly is prob much more likely. Change your rs pass literally to something that is not used anywhere else, and doing a good malware/keylog scan are the obvious things.
  20. Nope. It can easily be another 79 days. I pretty much quit rs cold turkey 7 months ago and jagex has never gotten a penny from me aince :shades: this after 10 years of being active and paying (a company that changed..). Don't give in.
  21. Finally, I can rest easy knowing I didn't pm a bunch of info to a stranger :P I think the most telling result is the 10% ish female thing... It not 0, but being out numbered 9 to 1 is still very imbalanced.... If only girls played more video games...
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