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  1. I see goodwill from jagex in this but honestly double loot might affect a lot more things than just fast xp - ...double torva plates... Same as the 3x slayer and bonus weekends that got ppl mad bc they cant be online duirng the specified time frame, why not do everything like those Hati gloves? Spend the bonus xp at your own leisure = everyone happy. Rs is not like cod where bonus xp can only be earned when other peeps are also online, in fact, bonus stuff will alwaysbe used better off peak and at your own terms. And double torva plates.... .. .
  2. Every single password on the forum was changed after we were hacked, and then after that we manually changed Andrew's password at his request. It's him. This is totally off topic but you mentioned 'at his request'? Does Andrew has a secret/direct way of communications to you guys? And why are you a christmas admin? :blink:
  3. Jagex was the indie mmo dev back in the day - mmmm I wondered what happened to that company. Tbh the games I've enjoyed other than rs are not indie games...
  4. The playerbase has been declining since 2006 and nothing's gonna reverse that. There are however enough hardcore peeps left to keep the game alive for a long time, albeit with less and less servers... What I lament the most is that Rs is becoming more of single player game with linked achievements than an mmo - the meta game really has become more and more of who can grind the most rather than anything else. Sure, rs has always been a grindfest, but it is these grindfest lovers now who are pushing some away from the game and others into cheating. I don't really agree with jagex's current policy of just doubling xp / loot - this really just perpetuates this cycle of 'everyone has to have xx levels and xx money to be accepted/have fun.' In the meanwhile, those looking for the story, the pure fun, and the social game will clearly be turned away.
  5. Amg serpy nows owns the chat. Thanks for the thread - I would've never known. Lady h should prob change her chat title to your name just to redirect peeps.
  6. Amg Andrew actually posted in my thread are you serious amg amg. :mrgreen: /nerd moment But wow really! Did not know that Andrew still keeps up here in this forum. Good to see him actually here. I doubt he'll be back but please dish us some more info please :razz: if you do come back Andrew. Whats fen research working on? What's with the new Jagex?
  7. By the time Hans kill me, he'll be at least level 4 if not 5 lol.
  8. Over the past week...bots are back in masse (I estimate about 5000-10,000) - however all the injection/reflection bots are still dead - the old pixel/color based bots are the ones back - the 2% Jagex mentioned. I won't mention the site but I'm sure it is well known by now. By the freaking cheaters as well. These bots should a be a ton more easier to detect than the reflection bots - I urge Jagex to stem the tide again this time before we get overran with these old school bots too! again my advice...PERM BAN THEM! IP BAN THEM! DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN KEEP GIVING CHEATER CHANCES! before RS become a sea of bots again. Also, if you care, hit some bot hot spots in F2P and use the new right click reporting function for some good. This 2nd wave of bots needs to be stopped dead for RS to remain bot free.
  9. I regret never telling someone how much I loved her - until she moved away for college - so much that half of my music library are sappy love songs now. I don't even know why I'm posting here - but here you go random thread I stumbled across.
  10. Jiblix is apparently returning to the game after the cluster flutterer. He'll be taking a lot of crap for that, I bet... Also in other semi related news, Jagex has allegedly hired previous bot dev/reseller J***** who shut down his site along with a pretty strong anti-bot message... lolwut - reminds of Apple hiring jailbreakers...except bot devs being more evil.
  11. The guy who you can't tell when his throat stops and his chin begins. lol... I would've gone with {insert witty crack} about his eyes tbh.
  12. I don't really see any quests - sadface. Kalphite King and Queen Black Dragon...? LOL are you serious. Tell me Jagex can come up with more creative bosses than that.
  13. Net worth is not really something like a savings account - I doubt he could've "cashed it out" that easily. Although the money he got still probably had a lot of zeros. heh, I just noticed this at the bottom of tip.it - shows you how the times have changed...better change that to Jagex now.. :/ RuneScape ® is a trademark of Jagex © 2000-2011 Andrew Gower (Also there.. Designed for IE 6+, Mozilla 1.0+, Netscape Navigator 5+, Opera 4+..lol Netscape...wonder whatever happened to that browser?)
  14. A M G. Despite my anti Jagex views lately, I'm actually so jealous of you guys who got to go. Unfortunately, there's no way I could've realistically took off the days and fly to the UK. I'll just sit here and wallow in my $X00K student loans :( Now maybe it was closer to me...Jagex has to hold at least 1 RuneFest in the states where the majority of the players actually are. Preferably close to me - San Diego? Phoenix? (not east coast?) :P Also, I wish Jagex would add some esports flare to it like BlizzCon - holding some invite-only tournaments - of any minigame, really. The tournaments are big draws at BlizzCon.
  15. ...is no longer even listed in the 'full credit list' of RS. http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/jagex#credits At least a few months ago they put him there as "chief architect." Paul and Ian are still there as 'content developers.' So it has come to this. The creator of RuneScape doesn't even get a mention in the credits list anymore. According to Jagex, Andrew contributed absolutely nothing to the game he made. Andrew leaving Jagex is sure to be old news for most of you now - but getting deleted off the credits list is something else. Add all this to Andrew's (sudden?) departure from Jagex a year ago, I really wonder. WTF happened between the man who created and owned RS and (investors overlords at) Jagex? Did Andrew really gave up willingly for the money? On good terms? And getting deleted off the credits list?? And his new company, Fen Research, still appear to be a pretty blank page - they're hiring programmers, but that seem to be all there is for now. (I feel like a tabloid reporter about now..)
  16. There is nothing illegal about the subpoena itself. Yes, paypal could've fought it - but like any sane company they had little reason to protect a shady botting company whose sole purpose is stealing and messing with jagex's code. As of now, jagex has done nothing illegal at all.
  17. Lol...they should've deleted the golden scythe after finding out the (embarassing) gja loss and that would've been that. But instead they had to give it to just 25 ppl....my god is that bad pr for a game that's all about "fairness"... I doubt these 25 ppl will play for long...soon the item might just go extinct and become another useless thing on the qc list.
  18. Sounds like the bot makers have found a way around the clusterfutter. Now we'll just have to wait and see what else Jagex has up their sleeves.... No..... The botmakers are just blowing smoke from their ass now. If you have been following, the botmakers have been stalling since the update..wih quite a few 'big news coming soon' that turned out to be absolutely no news at all, just more propaganda. Even botters need to stop falling for these stupid stall tactics..and maybe even demand their money back.
  19. Jagex got the info from a subpoena approved by a judge. That is literally the most legal way you could've obtained the information in this country. The judge saw probable cause for the warrant and that is the end of the story. lol at mad botters trying to label it "illegal." If I were a botter, I would be trying to hide my ass to not get named a defendant instead of trying to be a hero and get summoned to court, possibly for massive, massives damage.
  20. +1 gives you less damage from any melee units! Or superpowers, whichever one you prefer. I really don't know how jagex got those email addresses - but they have them...
  21. Lol I never said I supported "law." I'm a lot more of swift justice get what you deserve now type of person. Which explains why I think the us legal system sucks and is full of ppl who makes it worse. :P
  22. I love facts. But most lawyers aren't there to present facts - they're there to obscure facts and find loopholes and technicalitites and even fabricate facts when it helps their client. Imo, the US has gone way overboard on rule of law that it actually obstructs justice. The entire legal profession feeds on this loop of lies and law to survive. But all that's very off topic. As for the lawsuits, go team jagex. Screw the cheaters. This is the one time I will actuallu cheer on jagex.
  23. Bleh, there's a reason why I (and most other ppl) hate lawyers :P Are bots wrong? Yes. But legally...... Did Loughner murder 9 ppl and tried to assasinate a congresswoman? Ofc..but no we can't prove him guilty for another 20 years or so....ffs lawyers.
  24. Ibot= nexus= rsbuddy resell= rsbot resell= most darn bots out there. The 2% bots left working are the good ol color/pixel based bots
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