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  1. Actually took a stroll around f2p today while doing easter event - hilarious number of bots and but sad that nobody even care about bots anymore - even with the right click report option. some sights -lvl 100s along with a train of lvl 3 s botting coal at mining guild -chicken bot farms -oh willows these hilarious trees that only bots chop now -spam bots at ge selling gold...still -no one giving a damn about bots
  2. Buying spins make you a bad person...don't do it. It's like buying nukes for North Korea.
  3. There are currently 76,000 'players' online. Probably less than half human players. Absolutely nothing's changed in jagex's stance toward bots in the entire year I've quit due to my disgust of the bots. So few bots get banned or punished it's actually just sad. Even with all Of f2p gone from hiscores, probably 40-60% of the top ranked skillers are bot names (How do you bot 150m hunter xp and *not* get detected..?) And now, the lauded bot nuke have utterly failed too. Just a random pic from reddit today... Jagex just simply doesn't want to turn this train wreck around...
  4. You are fighting back against the evil empire previously known as jagex by quitting. Congratulations. :)
  5. I used to have a motivation....then jagex slowly destroyed it. I have accepted it. The old jagex (the one where paul personally replied to my emails long ago...The one that cared about justice and egalitarianism..) is never coming back. So now, my motivation of being active around rs communities is purely to expose the new jagex as the hypocritic, greedy, treacherous, uncaring and just evil monster they have turned into under their investor overlords and get people to stop funding this tainted game.
  6. it's about the exp you get, not the items. Ofc the xp selling is completely bs too... I was talking more purely on the gambling aspect.
  7. uh they've probably already garnered enough money to represent memberships for...well, everybody that quits YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN REPLACED YOUR REACTION NO LONGER MATTERS "oh, hey, somebody quit. i would feel bad but the guy next to him just bought like two year's worth of subscription, but we didn't actually give it to him, so he's gonna keep on playing anyway and paying for it" people just keep shoving me away and ignoring the importance of this whenever I bring it up hell, investors probably don't even care if the game burns out unfulfilled basically, they just liquidated the game, and they've got their money, and they have it NOW (the paramount concern to avarice is massive short term gains), rather than having to pay for upkeep for several more years and dragging everything out and incurring overhead as far as they're concerned this shit was a SLAM DUNK for capitalism I'm not convinced that if just every subscriber (or at least a majority) cancels, jagex would still pull even from the spins. The problem, of course, is not enough players reacting to this and just decide to 'live with it". They continue to suffer under the pretense that this is still the same game they have played for xxx long when it has fundamentally changed and continue fund the corrupt jagex.
  8. The odds of winning in a real casino game or even just a slot machine is much bigger than anything of the odds in rs is. Set drop rate to a minusucle amount? No problem, people just kill more stuff. But to set the rates at what jagex has done to sof is just absolutely unethical, considering there is real world cost for every spin. For these odds, you are much better off just spending what you're spending on spinning on lottery tickets...eg. Winning something from powerball is 1 in 37...
  9. Chances are, the transformers game will most likely have some horrible microtransaction system too (though if they start that way at least it won''t be a huge hypocrisy like what they did to rs..o my poor rs...). And you can bet that I will not be a spending a single minute playing it if it is.
  10. The best way to protest is simply to cancel your subscription and never buy a a single spin. In our capitalisitc society people listen to money, or the lack thereof. Petitions are nice, but there are probably a 99% chance that no one from jagex or the evil investment firms will even glance at this. (but for you enjoyment I shall sign it anyways).
  11. Typical behavior for hypocrites. The solution? Stop giving them your money.
  12. It is not helping the game at all - it *might* help jagex's pockets if the revenue from spins balance out the lost revenue from cancelled subscriptions, but it is devastating to the game - the spirit and the point. Rs gameplay is mainly about getting xp, leveling, and getting items, and selling xp and items simply defeats the point of playing at all. Once the people who buys spins max out and the normal players all leave the game, what exactly is left other than a bunch of investors with full pocketbooks? You can spin this as much as you want, but in the end this is a disasterous move by jagex and you will soon be playing on a servers with 500 people with 400 of them bots. But hey, at least jagex is rich from selling spins. Is this the rs you've dreamed of?
  13. You should really post this to reddit :)
  14. But it's using its mage attack! Oh dear you are dead.
  15. You must have noticied this too when you were doing this - how many names are obvious bots in just that 1 random section you pulled off the hiscores. What makes it especially sad is that these are spots ranking at the absolute highest of the hiscores, and 1/3-1/2 of them are bots... To add to your analysis... It's much cheaper to get a good bot and get xp that way than paying jagex's xp store, esp considering that you can literally get 150m hunter by cheating and still be on hiscores.
  16. ... you should instead spend that money on investing? This is not a bad idea at all...maybe instead of buying spins we should be all investing in the investment firms that currently own Jagex. If everyone did that, we might actually have enough capital to own Jagex (player owned game firm?). Stalking through the rs facebook page, I see a few comments that seemed to have actually gotten jmod's attentions - those that reported Jagex to the UK gambling commission. If this whole scheme is actually deemed real gambling, then rs could actually be shut down by unlicensed gambling...that would be quite amusing tbh.
  17. There's actually plenty of people buying massive amounts of spins out there already..on rsof, youtube, and now here.... From what I can guesstimate, 225-300 spins (usd $60-80) will net you about 1 mil xp, of which about half you can choose. You can easily spin it and rub all the lamps in about 30 mins. So there is really immense amount of xp you can buy from this if you got the funds... In addition to the chance of getting random lucky item, which as it seems now, is absolutely horrible - none of the 2k ish spins people bought contained any unique/lucky item at all... Best is a rune plate. So much disgusting money jagex is making off this already...even if half of runescape legit players quit today, jagex still made enough cash to cover its ass for probably months from spins and goldfarmers. They'd rather make money off a very small portion of rich players who would buy any crap offered by jagex and cheaters/goldfarmers rather than off its younger, poorer players. This is the hallmark of an evil company.
  18. Lol although I think most riots are utter crap filled with 12 year olds, this one is actually pretty funny. Say neigh to gambling eh...
  19. Congrats :) Show jagex that if they want money for microtransactions, they're not gonna get it from subscriptions.
  20. Dont you quit every 5 minutes anyway? Nope I just quit once (last May) but I definitely actively encourages other people to quit this morally corrupt game ran by investors who don't know gaming and cares about nothing but more profits. There is obviously no encouraging j-fanboys like you who will honestly defend even the worst jagex betrayals (and microtransactions is it).
  21. No better time to quit than now - when a game that's put it there that you can't buy success with irl money and fought against rwt and bots for 11 years just stops all of that and introduces their own rwt.
  22. This is literally the end of runescape as we have always known it. The game, built on the basic egalitarian principle that you could do well in the game regardless of your irl financial status, has completely ended. I doubt Andrew Gower and other rs founders would have ever wanted to see this. RIP.
  23. I like the fact that the poorest players might get a chance to get an 'aristocrat' item but the whole thing just feels like a giant con to me. Especially the part where f2p players seem rigged to get almost good members items and are pretty much coerced into subbing to get it-only to find out that a medium lamp really wasn't the trouble. Sigh...even more in game advertisements. This is on top of the video ads on logging in, free membership offers, vanity items, endless level up ads (dwarven army axe..), no hiscores, gold spammers everywhere...Jagex should just kill f2p already. Srly. Also, why do lucky items have to look different? Seeing how the lucky dfh look like the corrupt version, even after quite some luck to win it, I can't help but feel that the wearer feels like second class player, which just totally defeats the purpose of having the wheel in the first place. (unless you like more mindless inflation. Hooray inflation! Who needs skilling/diying)
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