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  1. They are volunteers. They are players. They do not work for jagex and do not represent jagex. They are certainly not subserviant to jagex. How do individuals that have been given authority within a Jagex entity not represent Jagex ? There seems to be a lack of understanding of how companies/organizations operate in real world situations on this thread. Unfortunately we do not live in a idealistic utopia where everything is in accordance to what we believe is "deserved" or "just". We live in a world where companies act pragmatically to protect their own best interests. If a volunteer for a political campaign came out and bashed the candidate they were volunteering for, they would summarily be fired. I expect nothing different from Jagex. This is very much a false analogy. A game is not a political campaign. If it were, these mods would run on campaigns of I'm a jagex fanboy when they were modded. But Pmods represent the players, not jagex. What jagex did to them was to betray their trust. If it were a jmod, the situation woukd be much different.
  2. Mmm.. That's what a whistle blowe does. Ppl like jib and ken were probably the most dedicated and loyal ppl to jagex. Ken had almost 8k posts and probably volunteered huge amount of times modding for jagex. They loved runescape and wanted the game to succeed like so many of us. And this is how jagex repays them? And you don't care? Where's your morality man? @deathknell...lolz man. I'm sure you can sweet talk an admin into resetting your pass for you.
  3. They are volunteers. They are players. They do not work for jagex and do not represent jagex. They are certainly not subserviant to jagex.
  4. O I have not threatened to quit. I did. Jiblix was my big trigger. It is also what turned me from a jagex fanboy to a whistle blower.
  5. ...I honestly believed that after jiblix and the bot bust this thread would die and find peace. Too bad, jagex has done it again. Why jagex why? ....
  6. I like how all german fmods spoke against this hiscore bullshit and they are still green. The english mod team seems weird. I pray for the safety of those german mods lol. Really I do.
  7. Another fmod, ken genosis, demodded today for speaking out against jagex. Will update with more details as I find them. Update: looks like they've unhidden the thread for now but the mod color is gone... [qfc]16-17-712-63379987[/qfc]
  8. That is the thing, no one becomes a member in this game without going through f2p 1st. If jagex truly wanted to remove inactive accts from the list, they can just do so by login date - perhaps also have a "full vs active" hiscores going on.
  9. Honestly, jagex's current tactics can only be digging its own grave. Free to play mmo's are all the rage out there, plus the single player games that offer unlimited multiplayer after you buy it. The other subscription only games out there offer much more than what rs does and all offer lengthy free to play time without being haggled to buy membership at every second. F2P->P2P is what runescape is, and how its business runs. Stopping that will surely hurt the game in the long run.
  10. As far as ideology goes, yes, taking away hiscores from f2p would definitely fit with those hacking groups...as well as the occupy protesters out there. 99% of paid members today started out in f2p, and I bet 90+% of those earned at least one spot on the f2p hiscores before buying membership. This might get your a handful more members in the short run, but in the long run, this can only harm your own finances. But what do the new jagex care? Money now, game can die later.
  11. Tbh, if rs did not have a hiscores system for all players including f2p, I would've never gotten into this game. My first days in f2p consisted of lvling every skill past 30 and checking the hs obsessively. I expected this system to last (at least til the game is utterly dead) and that is why I invested so much time and bought years of membership.
  12. Yet that's the part of the announcement everyone is talking about. I was wondering why this 'website post' had so many replies... Then I actually read the damn thing. I can't believe that jagex is so cowardly that they would even try to hide it like this. Seriously jagex, stand and face us.
  13. O wow, I did not even think about the rank changes...this is just beyond unfair. I hope jagex realizes that nobody subscribes forever and taking away this feature will take away such an important feature and draw for this epic grindfest known as rs.
  14. Update Jiblix has a vid up on f2p hiscore removal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sg3vEPZsZE
  15. As I 've said many times now, all jagex is trying to do these days is extracting as much revenue from the dying game as possible. They don't giv a damn about new players - only to get more money from the hardcore/loyal players. With the bot removal they have a prime opportunity to revitalize f2p, but they decide to get as much membership out of itas possible. There is no hope for f2p or the rest of the game in general...
  16. Heck no! If enough people quit I might actually be able to afford a white p-hat. :P Withevery single phat over the cash limit? Keep dreaming... All this thanks to the billions and billions farmed by bots and injected by jagex. I really can't believe that jagex is doing this to their own game - how many more new players should jagex turn away? Instead of revitalizing f2p now that the bots are gone, they're smothering it.
  17. Oh wow, go hide the hiscores removal in a shitty 'in other news' section in a shitty post about a new website that I would've never have read. [bleep] jagex really - they better not claim to be a "free" mmorpg after this. Basically, pay for life or your progress in this game never existed to the public. Not a single mmo out there does this kind of crap and yet here again we have jagex leading in innovation of utter nonsense. And also, gf even more new players - a grindy game like rs with no hiscores will have pretty subpar attraction. The game is already dying, and jagex has to strangle it in the neck for the last breath instead of giving it cpr. No hope.
  18. Lol idk what this all says about our playerbase but I guess less ppl falling for scams is good for the game.
  19. Well after the double torva plates Ithought that was that but wow double d chains. Yes its worth about 1 bil less but the odds of a d chain off dusty is prob much smaller than the torva. Grats.
  20. While a lot of the 1st article resonate with me, I'd like to point out that when I started rs at least, it actually had some pretty darn good graphics for an mmo... Having tried lots of things before rs, I saw the 3d tree in rs1 and was literally blown away by how pretty it looked (lol) ofc this is also not far away from text based mmo's lol. Now ofc, rs looks like crap compared to almost every other game except flash ones.
  21. .... being eaten alive by people who bump old threads.... Seriously though, chronic diseases are the worst ways to go - esp. ones where you spend the last years of your life in the hospital. I guess I've seen some of those patients now - not really happy - trying to be optimistic, but never truly happy.
  22. Absolutely not - buy the cheapest one you find tbh.
  23. Jagex has gotten the official okay from a judge on the subpoena -not just the okay, but a ruling that it is valid and legal. So there it is - end of the rumors in that department. http://www.courthousenews.com/2011/11/10/41380.htm No news yet on the real case itself -I wonder how many ppl will really be sued. And jesus @newb..while I actually agree with you here, you really need to learn to be a nicer person.
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