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  1. In other words: Cheat! The noob wouldn't have money to flip with and it is illegal to interact between your characters to transfer money and gains (even if you use other players in between).
  2. Instead of using porters while fishing, you could just have used the fishing tacklebox reward from fish flingers. The best tackle box banks 500! fish each day :-)
  3. I don't know which RS you played in 2001, but we certainly had no fishermen :-) My most used food was apple pies then. The mule accounts used by the miners and smiths you mention were against the rules (as was server hopping btw). You're correct on the fact that RS was and is meant to be played in whatever way you as the player like to play, so lets leave it at that before this develops in yet another relogious war about intentions :-)
  4. You read too much in that last bit, I'm not saying how people should play RS, I'm saying that the RS developers need to keep an eye on the balance between different playing styles. The "way RS was meant to be played" part refers to the fact that RS in the beginning was aimed at the DIY playing style, not that DIY is the play style everyone should practice.
  5. Please stop trying to determine someone elses playing style! Mining ore yields resources for smiths, dropping and later buying someone elses ores makes no sense. (At least to a playing DIY style) The original mining juju functinality fit perfectly with a DIY style. You are dismissing a valid complaint with the reasoning of a usage within a different playing style. From this change it seems that the RS devs listen too much to the boss/merchant/level buying players while not paying enough attention to the way RS was meant to be played.
  6. rsp


    All botting is against the rules and ruins the game (and its perceived rewards) for those that play the game. Conclusion; both types are equally bad and should be banned. You forgot one category: forum posts about botting ... as soon as they try to coerce people towards accepting certain types of botting they should be locked/banned as well.
  7. Looks like you are making a statement instead of asking a question. Nothing to see here folks, please move along...
  8. Reserve the satisfaction of building and debugging software to get satisfaction out of your daily work, or at helping improve open source projects that offer useful functionality. Don't do it as a means to cheat at multi-user games, ruining it for normal players! If you like to combine programming and gaming, have a look at games where you program as part of the game and let your programs battle it out. Those types of game are a lot of fun, but a different kind of fun than you get out of games like RS.
  9. Can this troll account please be removed from tif now that it has no use as a voice to get more people to use bots?
  10. Don't hunt something else, get another type of rock before coming back to hunter, like fishing, woodcut, etc.
  11. Compare cheats to burglars, you don't have to have a perfect lock on your door, just a better one than your neighbors have :-)
  12. Indeed. I totally lost it with the "enhancing the truth" post. Philosophical question of the day: Is it botting if GLaDOS owns a Runescape account? Let's add to this. If perfect AI was created, and that program happened to play runescape, would it be a player AND/OR a bot? Would you want AI playing a game you created? Would you mind if characters you were playing with were AI? If the perfect AI owns and plays its own RuneScape character that would be perfectly OK. If the AI would character-share with another AI or a human, that would NOT be OK.
  13. RWT and account sharing have never been allowed, this use of "pay" and "legit" in one sentence results in a falsehood.
  14. Actually you make the barbarian mixes from 2 dose potions, so you use the same amount of herbs. (You need to combine newly made potions to get 4 dose and then 2 dose potions before you mix with caviar.) Some people don't like the 2 dose potions because you can fit less doses in your inventory slots. If you only need 1 or 2 sips it's no problem.
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