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  1. O_o ....this sure is a weird as hell topic.
  2. yep thats true, they're actually called angel sharks and they mostly live on the bottom of the sea camouflaging with the seafloor waiting for their prey to come. (I was watching discovery channel's shark week)
  3. I've told Cow to make it clear this is unnofficial for the time being. Until then however, I personally see no reason why this channel can't exist. As AllBogs and me have said, I can't see how it's doing any harm and I'm sure the Admins will get around to this in their own time. Just remember they are incredibly busy trying to ruin this site. ahhhhhhh :lol:
  4. the new interface is very nice, it looks much better now. The clan chat seems very useful for talking to a group.
  5. 10/10!! wow 45 santas.... but you really need to get more cannon balls. You've only got 140k of them :XD:
  6. 6th grade was fun.....basically don't worry about it too much and don't be shy.
  7. Ninja and dragon implings in puro-puro. Stand in the center of one of the aisles and wait for one to pass by. If you catch a dragon one hop worlds and repeat.
  8. world 144 is the new pc world, its almost always full because it also.
  9. 8/10, i didn't know about the chase one and the one that was after/before(i don't remember) it.
  10. didn't all the pcers clear outa world 99 and go to 144? on-topic(kinda)is it just me or do pasties kinda look like clams?
  11. When I think about it now, they'll probably just increase the drain rate of the prayer a bit if they do change it.
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