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  1. It's a pretty fun game, just started playing last month. I usually only play on an arranged team because about 90% of the time when I solo queue, at least one of my teammates leave. I use Rammus and Gragas.
  2. TM Black was one of the worst in the series...
  3. db300

    How come?

    Maybe because we're already in an afterlife, and the initial act of "creating" a character was them dying and entering the afterlife.
  4. What time in the day do updates come out? Assuming based on this it's early morning, but do they always do it around a specific time?
  5. Would it be safe to assume that tt items will decrease in price after this? Should I wait to buy a tt item?
  6. All of this talk in the OP about "earning the right" made me chuckle. Runescape...serious business.
  7. Anyone know how many days of play time these guys have?
  8. I've never heard of someone getting addicted to a game before...how is that even possible?
  9. I am trying to make some money while getting my combat levels up. Could someone suggest a good monster that I would get a decent income at my level? Stats are in sig. Strength level is 64.
  10. Played for the first time in a couple of months yesterday. Went the whole day without losing a single match (SnD and Demolition).
  11. Wow, strong bump. I just got p2p so I'll definitely be playing through next year.
  12. I'm too nice. Low self-esteem (Even when girls complement my looks/body, I always think they're being sarcastic). Very lazy in all aspects of life. Eat all the time, so have to exercise a lot to stay in shape (does not mix well with my laziness).
  13. I think it's interesting to see how my rank changes over time, but I don't try to get a certain rank.
  14. Brazil vs. Netherlands and Argentina vs. Germany should both be very good matches.
  15. Don't get why people even try to dropshot, just gives me easy headshots.
  16. Had the craziest game of demolition on Favela today. Other team was coordinated and spawn camping very effectively. There were Harriers and CG's up the whole game, yet my team somehow won. The lowest kill amount on the other team was 56, and the highest on my team was me with 21. Kind of a joke how easy it is to spawn camp in Favela. A number of times I spawned right in line with someone's scope.
  17. If England beats Algeria and Slovenia, and US beats Algeria: England - 7pts US - 5pts Slovenia - 4pts Algeria - 0pts
  18. uhmm assuming the 4 was CareP and not C-UAV.... CareP can get you anything between UAV and EMP (minus EAD and another CareP), you couldve gotten harriers or helicopters or AC130 from them, so it's not that impressive. however, if you did use C-UAV, then you sir, are GOD. that is less likely though. got 1K kills on my UMP friday. dont really care for it though :| still nice to have another silver emblem other than the FAL one UAV, Counter UAV, Sentry Gun. My sentry guns got some kills. Congrats on 1k ump kills
  19. Got 105 kills in a demolition match using 3,4,5 kill streaks. :razz:
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