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  1. db300

    E3 2010

    Curious about Zelda and Call of Duty, that's about it.
  2. Check this out: http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums/call-duty-modern-warfare-2-discussion/77091-how-make-nat-type-open.html
  3. Trying to get all of the killstreak emblems. Got pavelow and stealthbomber yesterday, only need EMP and nuke emblems. Played a little bit today. Every single time I was killed by another gun (not even exaggerating), it was a silenced UMP with SP.
  4. db300

    Sperm donations

    That's what I've heard as well, but I believe there are some pretty strict requirements.
  5. White Russians, Irish Carbombs, random beers.
  6. Haven't played in SO long, can't wait to start owning again with my RPD/Spas. :twisted:
  7. How can you "simply disagree" with something that's pretty well documented and proven?
  8. I hate it when people smack their lips when eating. Makes my blood boil. :evil:
  9. Did legs today, increased weight on squat and leg press. Feel pretty good right now, although I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow. Here's my leg workout: Squat - 4 sets Leg press - 4 sets Leg extension - 3 sets Seated Hamstring curl - 3 sets Hip flexor machine - 3 sets Calf raises - 3 sets
  10. db300

    greatest athlete?

    No mention of Jim Thorpe? Played professional basketball, fooball, and baseball. Also won Olympic medals in decathlon.
  11. I probably wouldn't like that class, hate spraying.
  12. db300


    Went to QuadFest this weekend, best time of my life. :cool:
  13. I never played Civ2, but I remember Civ3 had a pretty extensive manual as well. This is a sad day indeed. :sad:
  14. 1. Agreed. 2. Copycat is fine. 3. Agree with shortening range. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke2H3VSlr9c&feature=related 4. Spawns can always be improved. 5. Definitely not. Already easy enough being able to commando through/around shield.
  15. A sentry gun demolition/domination/HQ will always get more kills than a predator missile.
  16. Ah bummer, guessing you had to restart then? One thing I hate about those statues is that you can't move to the other side when you're standing against it, you have to click to the side and then around. <_<
  17. I really hope so, just found out I lost about 7 levels.
  18. Just use the dungeon home teleport to get back to the start. I like to use the other teleport for when I end up far away and run into a room that I don't have the key for.
  19. I don't think there's a guide yet, at least not one that I know of. I suggest soloing for the first couple of floors until you get acquainted to the way it works. When working with a team I advise to not have a large dungeon size unless you're doing a speed run. You do not get enough of an xp bonus for all of the extra time it will take (I had a large dungeon that had 52 rooms, and we didn't even unlock every door). However I digress, these are tendencies that work for me, and I don't know what the best xp rate is since the skill just came out. Also, when you get to the point where you have to repeat floors because you haven't unlocked the next one yet, reset prestige and start floors over so you can get a steady score in that.
  20. Thanks for the info on prestige score everyone, think I finally figured it out.
  21. I agree. I've read posts about people explaining it, but I really want to know how to maximize it.
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