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  1. took this from the runescape forums since it is a public message and not a private communication. so at least we know it will work in f2p. :thumbsup: \
  2. who is 04arch3r? i dont agree with anything in article and i think tip it needs to clean house and get rid of some baggage. the editorials started out bad and are getting even worse if that's possible. the subtle put downs about runescape are insulting. the reason rs is growing is because it's a great game. it's about gameplay. always has been. open your eyes people. good luck. #-o
  3. near the thieving area there's a bolt thieving stall and hirko is standing near it.
  4. I think they ought to give his account back and make it so anyone anywhere can attack HIM, while he is not able to defend himself; and see how he likes it. there is no question this will be a permanent ban; to even suggest that it wouldnt be is laughably ridiculous. :!:
  5. with the change to rune essence; essence mined by f2p players can no longer be used to craft chaos death cosmic nature and law runes. so there is a shortage of supply now. how much essence do you have? I may edit this later with names and totals. put your runecrafting lvl next to your ess totals. if you have regular ess, you may include that separately. not a buying or selling thread. simply a poll to see what amts are out there.
  6. yes good luck with your goal. I thought you should know, in case you dont, that you can use essence pouches while you are mining to take more essence from the mine to the bank. I dont know if there are runecrafting levels that are required for the use of the pouches, but i think the requirements are minimal.
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