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  1. I call it as i see it! and i stand by every single thing i said. and some of the responses I've read are 100% characteristic of what i described.
  2. the sig is old. the clan chat isnt called tipit anymore. it's lightning. to get there type lightning. and the chat uses hyt as a title. i think this thread is stupid AND offensive. way to try to sabotage runescape's addition of clan chat and lightning's attempt to make a good clan chat ingame. she probably wouldnt say it but i think it is totally rude backstabbing and backbiting and 100% childish adult behavior. a lot of people have said they prefer! the ingame chat spam or not; yeah that's what the ignore feature is for and respect that instead of trying to characterize the ingame chat in a negative way. dont like it there? dont go there! ingame chat with mods, and sad, very sad, to see some of the chat mods here dissing clan chat. you shouldnt be modded there if you ask me. the ingame clan chat is a success with a few bumps. why try to sabotage it? god no wonder with all the politics and backstabbing going on at tipit; who wouldnt want to consider leaving tipit. I wouldnt visit the irc chat after seeing the behaviour of the people that mod it on this thread with their double dealing and attempts to get out of their responsiblity of modding clan chat. what you've got is a bunch of people that, as they've stated, would rather fold their laundry and put their soup in the microwave while still being in chat as mods; lazy! so it's too much for you to mod an ingame clan chat? then let the people that are ingame enough mod it! and you can have your irc chat and at the same time wish those that are a part of clan chat and prefer and ingame clan chat well instead of trying to get out of your responsiblity; still clinging to that kick button in another chat; and you disparage clan chat? resign as a mod in clan chat and let those people that actually care about that chat mod it. this is mainly addressed specifically to fat slug, fudgy, and Mil Odedra but if anyone else is doing similar then this applies to them as well. grow up and act like it.
  3. that's interesting. i've got a older pic with a different stated reward though i think i did only get the 592 xp it says i get 5920. got this the day of the release. there's a good thread on this topic on the runescape official forums. there's no doubt this is an extremely difficult task, getting all the scrolls. It's fun but at the same time, if you have better things to do in game; it takes a lot of dedication. :P someday i hope to have all the scrolls done.
  4. who cares what they say. good all around stats and good start on the member skills. nice cash and training equipment; dragonhide and rune. nice amt of yews. l like the combat bracelet and the white beret is pure ownage. nice amount of dueling rings. your bank is well organised, clean and neat. i like the way you lined up your outfits vertically in your bank. and you have good equipment for training your skills. an accumulator etc.; you could use more food though. and you might want to get some placeholders so you can take stuff out without it changing its location in your bank. bank 9/10 stats 8.5/10 some of the stats could be improved. like runecraft, smithing, mining, and member stats.
  5. more than half way but not what i'd call close. in no rush to get.
  6. thanks for the cropping and highlighting.
  7. my interests in playing are to be able to do and make everything in the game and to be entertained. the way i look at it is as long as i'm playing i want those that are starting out to have the similar good experience i've had. so i look out for newer players and help out if i can. every month they release new updates so i look forward to those and the new content and no final goals just playing as it goes. i'd rather have huge amounts of useful supplies then discontinued items, but that's just me. it's just a game. a game is meant to be fun and enjoyed. setting goals and achieving are also fun. if it isnt for you oh well. there's a lot to do in runescape. i look to other players sometimes for inspiration. such as major clan leaders helping out new players, certain people that have great house parties, things like that. i'm still an explorer really an adventurer and there's always new things around the corner. :boohoo: :wall: 8-)
  8. you can only buy cheese potatoes from warrior guild which heal 16. making tuna potatoes is actually pretty easy and fast. It's a lot easier to collect the ingredients over time; keep a slot open for tuna, butter, and raw sweetcorn. I'll check back on this after awhile. I'm pretty satisfied with the guide right now. If someone could crop the 1 remaining picture that needs cropping i'd appreciate it.
  9. as for butter, collecting over time from the chest is the best method or you could hire someone to churn butter for you or churn your own. if you do, i suggest buying buckets of milk and/or cream from the chest. If hiring someone, trade those to the person making the butter. Cream is the faster of the 2. the Culimancers chest contains up to 50 buckets of milk and 50 cream. there are now make all options for churning.
  10. First of all you need 68 cooking to make tuna potatoes. Not 68 cooking? scroll down for my quick cook leveling guide for lvl 25+ cooks. you must be a member to make tuna potatoes. why tuna potatoes? they heal 22 hitpoints and if you're a farmer a good way to use your sweetcorn. If you'd like to make other kinds of potatoes check the knowledge base for the lvls required and ingredients needed. This is for tuna potatoes best food in the game. Method: The Culimancers chest in the basement in lumbridge sells up to 10 butter. every time you're there or near there stop in and buy 10. After awhile the 10's start adding up. If you'd rather, switch worlds until you have the amount of butter you need. Alternatively, buy buckets of milk or cream, the chest contains up to 50 buckets of milk and 50 cream, and churn into butter or hire someone else to churn them into butter. Cream is the faster of the two. For those people that have completed the varrock achievement diary, the closest churn is in the cooking guild. for others, zanaris and yanille have churns close to a bank. Farm sweetcorn until you have a lot in your bank, say over 100. Use the Catherby bank to cook your sweetcorn since a range is required or use cooking guild if you have access to the bank there. For this example will use 100 tuna potatoes. Update: if you have access to Sigmund in Relekka, he sells infinite potatoes which is faster than picking, so take your empty sacks with some money and 10 empty spaces and fill your sacks there. Sigmund is found walking around the Relekka marketplace area. Also: the green grocers of miscellania and et cetera stock an infinite supply of groceries including potatoes. the et cetera green grocer is the closer of the two to a bank. green grocers are found in front of their respective castle's marketplace square. For cooks with lvl 25+ cooking that have completed fremmenik trials: cooks guide to quick leveling for members read on: [hide=]UPDATE: I now recommend you complete at least the easy section of the fremennik achievement diary and WEAR your boots and deposit ALL of your cooked stews. depositing these with peer the seer instead of selling them back is a better option. if you want to make curry at lvl 60 cooking, dont cook the stew; bank them uncooked, then when you can get, add the curry leaves or spice; then cook it to make curry. curry is decent food heals 19 and the spice is thieveable; or buy curry leaves or grow curry trees. You'll notice sigmund sells cooked meat and potatoes; those just happen to be the ingredients for stew. he doesnt sell bowls of water though so, stock up on bowls of water at shanty pass. buy from shanty and bank using the bank chest. buy the bowls of water not the regular bowls. there's an infinity supply so no problems. ok, for lvl 68 cooking from lvl 25 you'll need 5105 stew, does that seem like a lot? it's not that bad, believe me especially for a lvl 25 cook to get to 68. divide that by 13 it's about 393 trips from sigmunds to the range. Here's the method go to sigmund with your coins and 5100 noted bowls of water. sell sigmund 13 noted bowls of water and buy them back, now buy 13 potatoes. use a potato with a bowl of water; make all. now buy 13 cooked meat; use the cooked meat with the unfinshed stew select make all. now go to the longhall and you'll see a pig roasting. this acts as a range. use the uncooked stew with the roasting thing and select make all. now go back to sigmund and sell him your stews read the UPDATE above deposit the stews with peer the seer instead; and again sell him 13 noted bowls of water; buy those back and continue as described using this method. This can also be used as food for training thieving there or combat in the area. just bring some coins and some noted bowls of water. stew heals 11 hitpoints. 117 xp per stew. that's 1521 xp per trip to the roasting thing. Once you get the buying and selling down this goes pretty fast. this method is practically free and requires very little running around and does not require time spent fishing or money to buy raw etc. Note: this method is doable and will raise your cooking lvls substantially. so that you will burn less food and be able to cook more of a variety of food including tuna potatoes. This is not meant to be substitute for other cooking activities that you might enjoy such as gnome cooking minigame which requires variable levels. this is just a method for lvling quickly so you can make all those items and other items. Now back to the tuna potato making guide.[/hide] If you'd rather, take 10 potato sacks to the potato field northeast of draynor bank. You can buy sacks in any farming supply shop. Pick 100 potatoes and put them in sacks. Now go back to the bank and you're ready to unload your potatoes. take 4 sacks out at a time from left to right empty all sacks. repeat until all 10 sacks are emptied. Cook your potatoes in Catherby as it's close to a bank and a range is required or the cooking guild if you have access to the bank there. After you've cooked the potatoes, withdraw 14 potatoes and 14 butter. place a butter at the bottom of your inventory and a potato next to it. use the butter with the potato until all the potatoes have butter on them. Hopefully you have cooked tuna in your bank, if not, kingdom of miscellania has the option for the subjects to get tuna for you, or fish your own and cook. if you have all the ingredients collected over time this is actually very simple. The culimancers chest sells bowls and you'll need a knife. Buy 13 bowls. withdraw 2 knives and 13 sweetcorn. place the bowl near the bottom of the inventory next to a cooked sweetcorn and use the bowl with the sweetcorn. there is a make all option. then withdraw 13 tuna from the bank. keep the bowl at the bottom of your inventory. use the bowl with the cooked tuna; again there is a make all option. until all 13 bowls contain tuna and corn. Withdraw 13 buttered potaotes right click use tuna/corn mixture with buttered potato select make all. there's 13 tuna potatoes. repeat until all your potatoes are done. Comments: this is not that difficult. it looks like you have to do a lot of work but if you have the ingredients or gather the ingredients over time it's just a matter of cooking the sweetcorn, cooking the potatoes, adding the butter, and making the corn/tuna mixture then combining. you could churn your own butter, the fastest method for that is to buy cream or buckets of milk from the culimancer chest then churn into butter. churning cream to butter is faster than churning milk. do that or just collect butter from the chest over time. If you'd like to use up your sweetcorn for something good try this method. this guide is no longer being updated.
  11. how about everyone on the rate this! drops bank pictures etc. just add you in game and message you on runescape. just a word of caution but messaging programs can be used to scam and send keyloggers. and id be wary of low lvl characters and new players asking to use msging programs. just something to keep in mind.
  12. nice. you may want to do some quests so you have access to all the available rune rock locations if you havent already done the quests. mournings end pt1, hero's, fremminik isles, etc. and get 85, because you really dont want to haul dwarven stout around. good luck and keep going. =D>
  13. just a poll. how much free space do you have in your bank? and put down whether you're f2p or p2p. I have almost 11 rows empty; 86 empty spaces.
  14. you may not like this but the truth is you get more dragon drops from slayer monsters than any other monsters. i personally think if it is an assignment drop rates are improved. but there is no doubt in my mind that slayer monsters drop dragon spear, half-shield, and med more than regular monsters. also the higher the slayer lvl required to kill the monster, the better the chance of a dragon drop; but even low lvl slayer monsters have a significantly better dragon drop rate than regular monsters. so, you are most likely to get a dragon drop from a high or low lvl slayer monster while on your task. as for the shadow warriors, they probably do have a better rate than regular monsters for the half shield since it is the legends guild and the right half is for sale there.
  15. to maybe fix pic[hide]that pic is 128 kb. try using the add image to post using the original picture which hopefully is not 128kb. the add image to post is to the right of the smilies below the white box when you're posting a message. click edit your post and you could try it. i usually use imageshack and view the image then right click the properties and use the picture url. to see how people posted their images you can quote their post and look to see. probably best to start over and make several pictures and link those instead of making 1 big one that was made smaller to fit the page or whatever. someone else could probably answer better than me though so hopefully they will. :P[/hide] nice amount of gems and runes, all 4 rc pouches, probably dont need all the tiaras; i'd use abyss but your choice, could use more jewelery, nice amt of herbs 8-) too many keys, do the quest 1 small favour, good amt of seeds, could proably have more things to pay the farmer with, use the costume room for the random clothes if you can, nice black mask, whip and combat equip, good food but could use more shark, pretty well laid out bank. solid 9/10.
  16. it's not a pitiful bank at all. you have a fairly good amt of food, runes, and basically what you need. nice amount of logs and steel bars. for a f2p bank 9/10 easy stats are good. runecraft could be better. 8.750/10. 9/10 for combat stats.
  17. nice. looks like you're having a good time. love all the outfits and the tt rewards. 8-) bank 9/10 for the duel rings, cash, gold bars, logs and jewelry nice amt of arrows. very clean bank. stats 9/10 for the non mem stats. all non mem stats are mostly very good. may want to get runecraft up. very nice hunter. 8/10 for the member stats. good start on some of the mem stats but you should train herblore, farming, and con. :)
  18. the bank needs cleaning. the first 3 pics are good and almost the 4th. the rest is totally disorganised. I like the ess and i think you should try to get at least 1k+laws. i like the seeds but you should be paying the farmers. pretty good amt of food. 1337 spades ok. there's a lot of stuff in there you dont need. which could be replaced with more useful stuff. as for your stats, i think you should train farming more and that will help herblore. do the fairy tale quests, if you havent. your combat is good. might want to raise magic and range up. awesome runecraft. :) you should raise your agility up to at least 70. the rest of the stats are good solid stats. could probably raise cooking and fishing up. I'd also train thieving. mining and smithing when you get the chance. pretty good slayer lvl. may want to get all stats to 60 and then decide what you want to train after that. i'd make the 100k nats then might as well go for 85 fletch since you're so close. that would help your magic. 8/10 stats some stats are low farm, herb 8/10 bank could be improved
  19. if you have paint you can press the prt scr button then paste into paint then use the "add image to post" when you post. your range is low. magic is ok but could be better. runecraft is good. I'd keep working on that. good hitpoints and combat generally. 70 atk for whip would be good. some other stats you could raise agility and con. thieving could be improved. keep working on slayer. good mining and fishing and woodcut and smithing and hunter and crafting. fletching is solid so is cooking. people respond better to pictures. but your stats are good. If you lvl thieving you could improve farming a lot by thieving the master farmer. do all the quests you can. 8.5/10 solid stats for most skills. some of the skills i mentioned need work though.
  20. your bank is fairly well organised. nice amt of souls. i like the watermelon and strawberries. you should train fishing or buy food, so you have more food. I like the teddy bear. and penguin costumes. your stats are good. i'd raise mining and smithing. slayer and runecraft. and since you now have a 99 skill, you have the knowledge of that behind you, no doubt you will get more. up to you but, i think 99 slayer would be a good goal for you. :mrgreen: bank 9/10 stats 9.5/10
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