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  1. Total Lvl ........... Name 2080 ............ Adnila 2059 ............ Toad Bucket 2054 ............ Amberrose34 2054 ............ Toadkiller D 2052 ............ Samche 2047 ............ Logoden 2043 ............ Philip S13 2041 ............ Cepal2 2032 ............ Sir Nogbeast 2029 ............ Onnoe 2027 ............ Argothvanas 2026 ............ Rosh dx stecla gets an honourable mention for 2173 total lvl with only 1 lvl 99 skill.
  2. nice stats and gl on 99 con herb fletch craft and magic. :P i figured out why you have the vines by clicking on settings control panel display settings. your screen resolution isnt 800 x 600.
  3. i like the herbs, shark and monkfish, some of your general supplies, the d stones, could do with more mind runes, cannonballs and bolts. 9.5/10 bank 9.5/10 stats. calquat and coconut shells > than anything for super compost. nice amt of uncrushed nests. grats on total. I'd like to see the pics at 2k. for the cash, buy some pure essence and get 91+ rc and your mining lvl could be improved.
  4. you get the best view if you use the arrowkey on your keyboard so that you are as low as possible before you go diving.
  5. 10/10 for the fun you did have. seems to me you put some love into that character. I hope you do make it back.
  6. one thing i would like is to see in the item database are pictures of construction items. before i spend the money to see what they look like. i think many people would like to see that added to the site.
  7. nice guide for f2p. i think it would be almost as fast as burying bones in a bank and absolutely free. f2p definately have it rough when it comes to raising prayer. the key to this method is using a full or near full world so the spawn is that fast. and training in the wilderness is fun because of the added risk. so it keeps you alert anyway. good guide. i like your enthusiasm and your stats are very good. i think they should have a section for f2p training in the archive of wisdom; i'd nominate this guide for the the prayer section. and yeah the prayer robes and holy symbol would extend your prayer; if you had 43 prayer you could use protect melee to help you avoid getting hit as much by the skeletons. even though, like you said, they will become unaggresive after awhile but there's still the possiblity of randoms taking you away and them becoming aggresive again so wouldnt hurt to use them while they're aggressive.
  8. i dont know how much gp you can make per hour. if someone wants to find out how many soft clay is possible in an hour that'd be great. i looked on the rs forum and 350 per soft clay is generally the selling price. it's interesting because rich rich people cannot be bothered to mine clay; and they buy in the k's so, yeah you could earn some money with this if you like doing it. or you could make into tablets and sell. a trick for making tablets is to note your soft clay and use your butler to unnote. take coins and the noted soft clay and the runes you need and you're set. i mine soft clay for my own use but there is definately a market for them in the Construction forum on runescape official forums.
  9. the method i'm using saves you the hassle of carrying logs and dropping soft clay etc. no need for payment for balloons. although if someone wanted a cheap way to make soft clay, all mine costs is dueling rings and clay bracelets, but even cheaper would be to take the balloons and bank at cw. then after you've collected all your clay, go to shanty pass and buy jugs of water and make the soft clay. my method makes use of the clay bracelet with no wasted time and if you try this method it's very fast and efficient.
  10. if they're already sliced you can include it.
  11. Introduction: Soft clay is used for pottery and other things but with the addition of player owned houses soft clay is highly desired for making teletabs for use when on ancient or lunar magic or for general uses such as abyss runecrafting and barrows. Want a use for the sapphires you've accumulated in your bank? make sapphire bracelets. New method added: use several combat bracelets to teleport to the champion's guild. mine the clay there and bank using a glory amulet. equip the bracelet of clay for mining. drop 1 soft clay, mine your last soft clay, equip the combat bracelet. pick up the soft clay you dropped. bank using the glory or bank at warrior guild with combat bracelet teleport. And another method: the balloons you can take to the crafting guild after you've done enlightened journey. bank at castle wars with a dueling ring. you will need logs to take the balloons. Method: Teleport to the crafting guild, mine 28 soft clay, teleport to castle wars and repeat. For my method you will need at least 4 skills necklaces, the more you have the better, if you dont have at least 4 it will be much more difficult. you will also need a large number of dueling rings as well as enchanted sapphire bracelets. any other method will require more walking or dropping of a soft clay; the idea is to make full use of the sapphire bracelets ability and mine a full inventory of soft clay. for the crafting guild you are required to wear a brown apron thus eliminating the possibility of using the cooking guild to bank; as well if you dont use a skills necklace you will not be able to teleport to the crafting guild. so to bank use dueling rings and bank at castle wars. there are 2 good spots for clay at the guild; if they're both full, change worlds. the red x's are the best places to stand when mining. Inventory: Here is what your worn equipment should look like: cape optional boots optional; enchanted sapphire bracelet, brown apron, skills necklace, dueling ring, pickaxe required. and an empty inventory. Tips: put the soft clay and dueling rings and sapphire bracelets at the bottom of your bank so that when you bank that section will come up; you may also put charged and uncharged skills necklaces at the bottom of your bank for the same reason. For collecting gems to make into bracelets and dueling rings: you can use the safes in Rogues Den if you have 50 thieving. another way is to mine gem rocks in shilo village; completing shilo village quest is required for that, 2 mines if you have karajama gloves3. other ways are random events and mining. wear a charged glory amulet to increase your chance of mining a gem or to increase your speed while mining gem rocks. Closing Comments: To recharge your skills necklaces or combat bracelets either teleport to ardougne and walk to the legends guild or use the fairy rings at edgeville and the code blr for legends guild. legends quest completion required to recharge the necklaces yourself. This method is mainly used for collecting soft clay but can be altered for any other uses you have for the crafting guild such as mining gold and silver or tanning hides etc. there's also a spinning wheel upstairs. for things like spinning or tanning hides you may want to sacrifice 1 spot for a glory amulet and easy teleport to edge or draynor bank. the guide is not hugely complicated and this method makes mining soft clay a breeze.
  12. to do this 1st either take a screen shot or with a piece of paper write down the type of food, whether it is members or nonmembers; the # you have of it. now go to the runescape website. look up skills in the knowledge base go to cooking then nonmember foods. write down the amount each of your nonmember foods heals for example: tuna 10. now go to the member foods write down the number for the member foods. multiply the # you have by the amount they heal and write that number down next to it. after you've gone through all your food, add those numbers up to come up with your grand total. best to use a calculator. i want to see how people compare. my food totals were: 460,315 worth of hitpoints healed. that's probably in the upper category. try this with the food in your bank to see what you come up with. dont count raw food or sara brew or lumpy potions or sacks or baskets.
  13. not a big deal but now when you make dough for pizza or pies if you dont have enough space in your inventory it will stop making; and not drop on the floor like it used to. this was changed with the last update.
  14. nice guide. i'm substituting the ghostly robe top with the varrock armour 3 and it seems to help. still low weight at 0kg. [hide][/hide] also, you can leave your pouches in your bank when going to the dark mage and he'll repair them while they're in your bank. the moonclan teleport is fast and world 70 is the way to go.
  15. new slayer monster [hide] I'm guessing when the vine has completed growing something will happen. :)[/hide] good updates. I'm surprised how generous jagex was with the pineapples, battlestaffs, and seaweed.
  16. i'd ask him what kind of multitasking he does while playing. listen to music? clan chat? or what. and the biggie... so what about your rsc character? will you go for all 99's on that?
  17. i think world 66 or 36 are better for runners.
  18. Vincent


    I've saved the original to text file in case I decide later it's worth posting again. in the meantime i think zmi altar is mostly better than fire altar crafting since it is similar with better xp. so if i think later that people would benefit more from the fire altar method i'll post the topic again. until then it's closed.
  19. i found this by searching for: bullet hole smiley. i remember hearing something about no images are to be used which promote violence or contain blood on the forums so you may not be able to use it here. maybe this is what you're looking for?
  20. updated guide with a members lvl 25+ cooking guide to lvl 68. :wink:
  21. here's the idea for the pixel sig: a runescape classic player surrounded by rs2 random events like the sandwich lady, evil bob, freaky forester, genie, drunken dwarf, frogs, mysterious old man, evil chicken, strange plant, mime, and molly. with a twist; the randoms are not at work but at their leisure just hanging out doing their thing, like vannaka has his arm around sandwich lady and everybody's just hanging out like in their youth maybe idk. :XD: and the setting is rsc. include if you think it would work; the wise old man drafting the blueprints for rs2.
  22. from the Behind the Scenes December 2006. i think it's possible the drop rates for champion scrolls do have a special drop rate but i dont think jagex would make it impossible to get a scroll from any of them. more likely there's changeable drop rates, once you've completed or obtained a scroll, for the other scrolls. possibly the rates change based on what is more likely to drop a scroll. like an imp may be 1 in 5000 (numbers used to describe) and it would drop to 1 in 2500 once a goul scroll is obtained. when a lesser scroll is obtained it goes up to 1 in 10000. or some form of variable changing rates. bottom line is they're rare drops and they do drop eventually when people continue to kill the monsters that drop them.
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