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  1. update: i made some money and got some stuff i wouldnt normally buy; at least not on my regular account i wouldnt, but got these just for fun; which was sort of a challenge. :-X did a few more quests as well... i think i'm back to my regular account for awhile. that was not easy. #-o [hide=rest of bank & stats][/hide] rate it like any account i guess. of course my knowledge of the game makes things a tad easier. along with some new game features like the penguins, the circus and stealing creation; and the crossbow kicks [wagon] for training range at any level. the food i like to use for tougher assignments are cheese potatoes which i make myself. my goal was to get the air guitar emote and with that goal came a lot of questing. it's just my other account i play on sometimes. rate 1-10 and offer any suggestions/comments. some goals for this account are 60 range and me2, to complete desert treasure and get ancients and lunar magics; use the previously mentioned game features to level and eventually start the quest while guthix sleeps and maybe get the quest cape, but i dont like the idea of lvling to 85+ on this account; current combat lvl is 69 f2p and 72 members. i may have some other goals but will see about those. 8-)
  2. not that it matters but pineapple pizza you have listed as two bites then when you say top choices for slayer you say 3 bites. it's two and it's a lot of hits healed per inventory even regardless of price and two bites is neglible since you really dont need to heal a full 22 at once most of the time anyway. also, just a comment on the conucopia, for some reason i have like 700 apple pie and i use the cornucopia with the pies; it heals the max 14 in 1 bite; same as swordfish; so good for general training and it's also free to play. and just to let you know, if you missed the thanksgiving event you can still get a cornucopia; birds drop them. i think seagulls on f2p. some background and instruction on how to get the dorgeshkan gourmet/merchant foods would be good and since cocktails and some beers heal you should include that i guess and i looked but didnt find turnip. it heals a fair amount but many slices. also some of the rfd foods like fish cake and stuffed snake.
  3. good guide. i enjoyed reading it. the magic whistle you can get again by using the fairy rings, dial in bjr and you'll be in the fisher king's realm. then go to the castle and there should be some laying around. other codes are listed under locations forum sticky in the runescape official forums or check out the fairy code ring map and codes on tipit. the evil chicken mine is pretty good too. a few things, with bracelet of clay you can mine soft clay 28 per bracelet. using a slayer ring by teleporting to relekka saves running time for fairy rings. after between a rock quest, you can mine gold in that mine and the boatman to the east will bank it for you - a certain amount. if you wear a ring of charos(e) then he'll bank more. you might also want to mention superheating; good mage xp and useful; also summoning familiars and beast of burdens. wilderness mines. also, for members using a skills necklace will teleport you outside the crafting guild and even the mining guild if you wanted and other places, so those are very useful. the combat bracelet teleports in front of the champion's guild and other places. you left out f2p adamant mining just to let you know. i like mining too, always have. and i didnt realise a few things until i read this guide, and that is saying something, so nice work on this. i like the iron section with deposit box members and silver mine under lumbridge.
  4. just a question but, if you're wielding a hunting net from sc does that mean you gain more hunting xp while hunting, even if you're not actually using the net to catch things; just wielding the net is enough to gain bonus xp while hunting? or is that not true. post only if you know. example: catching salamanders while wielding a hunting net from sc more xp per catch or no?
  5. i dont know how many per hour but, should be near or equal to graahk once you get the clicks down; plus you can use ooglog pool so you never run out of energy. i dont runecraft much, but with the graahk you are somewhat committed to runecrafting, for the time the graahk is summoned, which can be motivating for some people; otherwise this method is more convenient to be able to do other things then come back to runecrafting. most people will train non-stop, as that is most common for runecrafters; so, test it out. depending on where you bank; i recommend edge or draynor or warrior's guild, mining guild or fishing guild; alternatively you could have another player unnote essence at the store for you or at a bank and they could use a slayer ring too and meet you at the ckr ring. but, cutting the time to run from edge bank to the fairy ring east of edge is pretty significant once you get the clicks down and it's a lot more quiet, which is why i use it. and with this method you could bank anywhere you can teleport. games necklace would even work, meaning you could bank at bounty hunter.
  6. i'm pretty sure you cant use assist for the slayer rings. but if someone knows for sure; til then, the 75 crafting req stands, though there is an alternate option for those without 75 crafting included.
  7. [hide=other guides i've written]lvl 1 clues guide for the hardcore treasure hunter viewtopic.php?f=180&t=752533 guide to obtaining summoning 2nds and small guide on lvling viewtopic.php?f=180&t=744129 Making money with no work at all. member guide viewtopic.php?f=180&t=729751 Pollnivneach dungeon bosses after Smoking Kills- a Miniguide viewtopic.php?f=180&t=747939 mining soft clay made easy viewtopic.php?f=180&t=707716 tuna potatoes & members lvl 25+ cooking guide to lvl 68 viewtopic.php?f=180&t=694843 tips on making super compost viewtopic.php?f=180&t=779087[/hide] Introduction i created this method mainly due to my desire not to be around tons of people in banks when banking and runecrafting. fwiw it got on my nerves to be around all the spam, so as a result i tried finding ways to avoid that. i came up with a method that is functional and at the same time fairly pleasant. i personally use the skills necklace and cooking guild, since i can wear varrock 3 armour and bank there; but there are many options for banking. you could use the fishing guild or mining guild with skills necklace, or glory to edge or draynor, or use home tabs but you lose 1 space for that, same with moving over distance spheres. with the combat bracelet you can teleport to warrior's guild bank. if you dont have, i suggest you get at least 30 combat bracelets and 30 skills necklaces. they are kick [wagon] and you will get a lot of use out of them. you can recharge them by using them on the totem pole in the legend's guild. reqs 75 crafting for slayer ring (if you dont have 75 crafting i suggest get lunar magics and make glass) Update: apparantly you can make these with assist by requesting assistance and getting assistance from someone with 75 crafting. though you must purchase the knowledge with slayer points 1st. completed smoking kills quest and gained ability to craft slayer rings. to even start the smoking kills quest you need to be 85 combat so, that's a pretty severe req. got to the point in fairy tale part II quest to use fairy ring network (which is not as difficult as you might think) at least 44 runecrafting be a member not required but helpful is completion of as a first resort quest equipment nature tiara or omni tiara either is fine dramen staff or lunar staff slayer ring (preferrably at least 100) pure essence of course a jewlery teleport either combat bracelet, skills necklace, or glory amulet; they must have charges. i recommend using all; but not at once; if you have a lot of 1, try using that first. rune pouches (optional) but i recommend if you have them, use them. method have all the equipment set up. load your pouches with ess, if you're using pouches, fill your inventory with ess. click on the slayer ring. teleport to relekka slayer cave. walk a little bit to the west, click the fairy ring, go to zanaris; click the fairy ring there, select ckr. run to nature altar. make your runes. teleport to bank using any of the following, glory amulet, skills necklace, combat bracelet, karamja gloves 3, home teleport tab, moving over distance sphere dorgeshun city, etc. you get the idea. bank. and repeat. advantages with a graahk you cannot get infinite run all the time, your energy will run out about halfway into the graahk's time. with my method, you can easily dial to aks and get the infinite run continually from ooglog. with dramen staff and slayer ring(8) you will seldom "forget" your teleport. if your ring runs out, you still have the jewelry teleport; if your jewlery runs out, you have the ring near the fairy ring. and lastly if both run out, you have home teleport. if you run out of all of those then maybe wear karamja gloves 3 so you can bank at shilo; otherwise walk :) but that shouldnt be a problem often. variation (if you dont meet all the reqs or just for variety) use the fairy ring to get back and forth (if you cant make slayer rings). to speed that up, use a glory amulet to bank at edge then run to fairy code ring east of edgeville. want a use for all that molten glass? make dorgeshun moving over distance spheres. these will teleport you to dorgeshun city where you can bank, and they're stackable. it's random, but usually not far from the bank. no need for charges on jewlery if you use this 1. you can also use home tablets where your glory is on a wall or use the portals in your house to go near a bank. or just run back to the ring or teleport to relekka slayer cave and bank at zanaris if you like or if your poh is in pollinveach use the ring to go to you house and use your portals or mounted glory amulet or use a games necklace to bank at bounty hunter. alternatively you could work with another player with a slayer ring and have them unnote at the general store or at a bank and meet you at the fairy ring. glory amulets and skills necklaces or combat bracelets work best of course for the teleport to the bank. conclusion do this from lvl 44 to 54 then do the balloon network for fast law making. or you could make double cosmics when you can or astral your choice. of course just my opinion but ourania altar is the best of them all if you ask me for leveling. if you dont mind banking at edge, using the abyss is also very fast; i suggest you try all methods and see what you like best. a few comments this can also be used to level summoning without the spirit kyatt. just use the slayer ring to get near the fairy ring and dial in akq then glory or skills to bank. also use the slayer ring to teleport to sumona for when you're buying your slayer gems. the slayer ring speeds up any task involving the fairy code rings. no more forced banking at edge to be near a fairy ring.
  8. just seems like a review of the year by an individual, nothing really worth making an editorial about. it's the year in review by the Tal Shiar Alliance! brought to you by jell-o and jell-o brand gelatins. ever heard of a thesis? and having a main point of discussion. and if it's going to be under editorials it should be an editorial. could have just called it year in review and everyone has their own opinions about updates etc. and the did you know section is so lame and has been lame for most of its history. should get rid of it until they actually have things worth mentioning.
  9. jagex has said they are always working on a new skill; they havent said whether 1 or more skills would overlap or not but that could be true too. so the question is not, are they working on a skill? it's what skill are they working on? first of all, when slayer introduced there was no hint, no whispers, nothing. it just showed up on update day. if you were a developer wouldnt that be cool to work on something all that time and just blow people away when they see the new skill? jagex had to convince the developer of the summoning skill to allow build up. they may choose not to build up for the next skill. of course, jagex has said they talk to "some high lvl ppl" and let them know when an update is coming or due. i just think that's overplayed, i do think if jagex wants something to be a surprise; they can pull it off. [hide=pking skill]this isnt the place to debate this btw. so if you want to offer constructive feedback on this idea, use hide tags. i'd like to see some kind of skill that would turn the world of runescape upside down. completely change the game... what would this be? you've heard of the pk worlds. you may have visited them, but has that prepared you for the new pking skill? it would have some similarities to bounty hunter and slayer. at random times an arrow would appear over someone's head similar to a random event. with certain arrows more likely to appear when more than 10 are in a certain number of squares and other factors determining rareness of coloured arrow and location; you could only train this skill on pking worlds. you would lose your stuff as normal and gain drops as normal, but you would also get xp for completing a task. in fact, certain players have bonus arrows over their head which are rarer; different colours. (they wouldnt know it) all the way up to silver arrow. as you gain levels in this new skill you are granted access to new types of food, ammunition, weapons, armour, and abilities and areas amongst other things that i havent thought of yet. you'd need skills to make the new equipment... such as crafting for new amulets, enhanced amulets etc. fletching levels, cooking levels, fishing levels, summoning levels, etc. one catch is all these new items are only available on pk worlds and only useable on pk worlds. :) xp is accumulated by completing tasks; you would be given for example, 5 blue arrows, 1 red, 3 yellow, 2 orange, 1 cyan, and 1 green; of that task you could gain more arrows say 10 blue; if more, you would get bonus xp for completing more than required but only up to a certain point. then you'd have to complete your full task to gain any more xp. for completing each assignment a rating is given for each kill and that gives you a possible bonus xp reward; similar to how good drops are calculated; if your kill was exceptionally weak you would not get the bonus xp and your next targets would be more difficult ie people with good stuff on...which would mean you'd have to get some quality kills in before you could get back to gaining good experience and those arrows would be fewer and far between. the higher leveled you are with the pking skill the more likely you are to get the higher bonus arrows which mean more xp.[/hide]
  10. trick question- how are we supposed to know what didnt get worked on! we could say it's totally normal the phoenix update has taken nearly a year to make. maybe they're working on a skill or 2 skills and that progress is interupted. all the tweaks we get a month later or two months later means they missed something; some are small problems, others they make wholescale changes; most should have been addressed before release. example: costume room and box sets always seem to get updated later. bank space- are we getting more bank space? random event changes death animations for npcs still a problem culinaromancer's chest new tutorial clan wars they still havent fixed many bugs and problems with exisiting content; and those have taken on low priority status. i've given them a break on graphics bugs because they're mostly neglible and understandable i guess. tweaks for practically everything (some were needed) summon, ge, bh, vinesweeper, item lending, (means going back to fix problems, cater to whiners in some cases, and while doing that not working on other update content/problems with content.) overall i'd say jagex is doing a good job updating the game; they could do better. do i think some things are holding them back. yes. things seem to get past them often and a lot of these things are obvious so who is to blame for that? i'm going to say quality assurance. so go ahead and give them a pass and make excuses or point the finger at me, but i'm just giving a total assessment of their performance. and as i've said, they've done a lot of things right, jagex has. i dont look at jagex as one entity; i'm aware they have teams and different people are assigned different responsibilities etc. so when i say qa is doing a sub-standard job that's exactly what i mean. this kind of discussion is really better fit for a separate topic and the other point you brought up about them making the game easier isnt about less grinding; i didnt do pc or alching or teleporting to raise magic, but if you ask me that's more of a grind then regular/other forms of training. you misinterpret my comments. making things easier does not equal less grind. it means a lot of different things and when i say easier, i mean look at summoning major tweaks made for those people to level that cannot be bothered to pick up their drops or find a good way to make money: there are many ways to make money in the game. they could have mined their own granite for granite lobster but no, jagex had to tweak it and they still dont mine it. it isnt a grind to use your skills (mining) to help your summoning. i happen to do a variety of things in runescape; to make things interesting and less of a grind; and those options are there for the non-lazy. but clearly you dont see things the way i see things.
  11. i was using an example of someone NOT doing their job right. maybe you see the connection? no cabbage there's something wrong with stealing creation qa, THEY MISSED a lot of stuff before they released it. they being qa which you're so high on. a particularly strange habit for a quality assurance department. thus causing our updates to get postponed. other updates not worked on and delayed (ie mobilising armies qa) and current problems not getting resolved. because they didnt do their job right. get it? no you clearly dont. you can make excuses for them but i'm calling it as i see it. crap job by qa on this that and the other ALL YEAR LONG. and i fully expect that to continue with mobilising armies AND THE STEALING CREATION TWEAKS. so, say what you like, but facts are facts. and when they're not busy missing bugs and problems with updates they are busy tweaking existing content so that it meets with the loudest whiner's approval. giving in and changing the game for the worse many times. making the game "easier" so the lazy can achieve mediocrity; while everyone else loses interest because their achievements are cheapened. but whatever; dont rock the boat right. not to say anything about the content that has yet to be released which has been put off due to going back and fixing the problems that should have been dealt with already. i could say they're doing a lousy job but there's more to it than that. they're doing a lousy job and it's affecting the progress of updates, and it's been like this all year long. so, yeah i think they deserve the criticism. everytime i look at the non-stacking tools and armour from stealing creation in my bank; i shake my head. to say that the reason jagex is delaying the ma update is because brilliant qa found something wrong is ridiculous. more likely jagex sees what a lousy job they did and decided they'd extend the process to make sure they get it right this time. which they probably wont anyway but that's what i think. now that i got that off my chest, i'm optimistic that 2009 will be a great year for updates; as well as the december updates. 2008 was pretty good overall; so it's not like they didnt get some things done and they did a lot right; i'm just not going to ignore the things they didnt get right. #-o
  12. my last comment on this, i'll give you an example. john comes in and does a great job 3 days of the week, he's scheduled to work 5 days but it cramps his style to come in for the scheduled 5 days. does john's boss appreciate john's good work 3 days of the week? sure, but if he had a choice dont you think he'd hire someone that does a great job for all 5 days of the week that is needed? does john's good job performance 3 days of the week excuse the 2 days where he doesnt show up? no. no it doesnt. so, john's coworkers have to do extra work because he hasnt shown up 2 days of his scheduled 5. and things get behind, and the boss starts to hear it from the co-workers and pretty soon john is replaced. should we keep john on? should john's co-workers have to do extra work because of john's failure? is it on the boss to replace john with someone that will show up and do a good job for all the days he's scheduled? i think the answers are obvious. and let me just add another twist to this. instead of john not coming in two days a week. let's say he comes in for all 5 but 2 of those days he shows up drunk and actually creates more work for the people he works with; that they have to go back and fix. we can appreciate qa for the job they do, but when they mess up and that causes changes to scheduled updates and postponing; having to go back on 1 of 3 updates for serious balance and qa; when it should have been done right the first time! that raises serious concerns about the quality of work they are doing. period. end of story. do i hope they get it right? of course i do. would i like them to to be able to fulfill their schedule? yes. am i angry that they keep messing up? yes. i'm saying instead of "they are doing a good job with 3/5 updates", they could be doing a good job with 5/5 updates and keeping up with the schedule. and i dont usually rant but this kind of thing where they go back half the time and tweak things on such a huge scale is just annoying. i can understand small tweaks here and there to improve things but wholescale changes and balancing that puts off other qa for other updates and the updates themselves is infuriating. looking back on 2008 that is what has been done for nearly 1/2 the updates and if you dont think that takes time away from other content then you are mistaken. and my annoyance with qa does not end there! numerous content has been tweaked and "balanced" and re-balanced and some are good and some are very bad. so, do i ignore the bad and praise the good? no, i look at the the entirety and weigh the bad with the good. how does the bad affect the game? due to the time spent tweaking and balancing etc. what things were left out? what things were looked over due to time constraints? does the time and effort they spent tweaking certain things justify not working on or taking a look at and changing other things? were the decisions to prioritise made correctly? should things that were given lower priority have been given that status? were there more important or necessary changes needed? i weigh all those things to come to my conclusions.
  13. i'm saying what makes you think the same qa that failed stealing creation is going to do much better with mobilising armies? all this does is give them more time to fail. tell me you dont expect to see "changes to mobilising armies" in february. and the fact that qa failed stealing creation does not lend creedence to their ability to manage mobilising armies. i happen to like stealing creation but the tweaks that are needed should have been done before release and i dont think these tweaks are going to solve the problem. the thing they're not telling you is they [bleep]ed up with qa for stealing creation and the time they spent going back to fix those problems have taken away from their time to qa mobilising armies. and i stand by my comment that qa is doing a sucky job and i for one think they will continue to do so until proven otherwise.
  14. In our first update of the month, youll be asked to return to Falador, where the fourth Achievement Diary -Rewards will include brand new white lily seeds and a shiny new emote. and something else? i guess. ok update but its really all about the rewards. Once youve done that little lot, your next step will be a watery one, as you cross the Fremennik Province and the islands beyond. Rewards will include enhanced resource collection for your Etceterian workers, improved lyres, and a potential 20k experience reward lamp. would be lame if they had etceterian workers mine essence. whatever enhanced resource collection means. enhanced - increased or intensified in value or beauty or quality; "her enhanced beauty was the result of a good night's sleep rather than makeup"; "careful cleaning was responsible for the enhanced value of the painting" increased - made greater in size or amount or degree. 2 acheivement diaries better than 1 but its still all about the rewards. i hope they release both diaries in the same update. we will be making further changes to the reward items associated with Stealing Creation. about the changes to Stealing Creation, please read this news post. i think this is total junk. no combat xp while playing. who knows what they plan to do with tools and they and the armour dont stack, what's the deal with jagex lately? will charged up tools be changed to a set # of charges? who knows? they arent saying. i just think this is totally sucky and a waste of time they could be working on other updates; where qa was during all this, i just think they're doing a lousy job. there i said it. new haircuts for the game. Weve now gathered around 20 new styles and will be releasing them during December to the free and members games. ok? i dont care really. 10 new male hairstyles and 10 female i guess. they should just do it without a stupid headline. French Servers- again not really a game content update. other than french translations for french servers. no new content. weve decided to release a quest at the same time as our Christmas event. quest and event. i dont care for these updates they're here today and gone tomorrow and though the quest will be around; whoop de doo. free players can do the quest during the event so i wonder where the "icelands" will be. but i doubt it's anything that good or interesting. Updates after December Mobilising Armies Weve found that although we could release it, we really want to take our time to make this the best update we can, so we made the difficult choice to hold onto it until next year. we could release it? great so you will do more failed qa on it. and then we can postpone the update to january and in february get "changes to mobilising armies". whatever. no mention of ANYTHING else, so, wonder what that means. and yeah 5 mondays in december; so whatever. the only thing i like about this months bts is that the achievement diaries are the 1st update; at least falador, hopefully both diaries will be released same day. if they gave us like 150 more bank spaces that would salvage the month and would be the best update they could give us. Summary: 2 achievement diaries and rewards. changes to stealing creation haircuts and french servers christmas event and quest
  15. you know, i dont think this generation has been babyed if you're talking about irl; if you're talking about runescape maybe more so but, you bring up "in the real world" so i'm gonna post a response about same. you say in the real world you must do something to get something in return; you say you're 18. well for the next 20 years you will be paying for the mistakes of the previous generation; dont like it? too bad. what did you do to inherit that? nothing of course. my whole take on f2p v p2p is it's just silly bs. the free game is there it sometimes gets updates. it doesnt hurt to hope for those that are unable to be members. and i really dont see the point in debating how jagex runs their business. they'll do what they think is necessary. i say lay off f2p. they can want what they want; doesnt mean they'll get it. so lay off; and the original poster makes the point that it isnt necessary to slam f2p for wanting something; it is unneeded to insult and debate that; and doesnt add anything to the discussion. we get it, p2p gets more stuff; f2p gets less. that doesnt mean they cant want an update or hope for 1. it's just too generalised an argument to make against any and all possible future f2p updates and really is an non-intellectual starter when someone brings up no, you're f2p you shouldnt get updates... why not discuss the merits of the wanted update instead or just let be.
  16. you ask for my ideal december bts; 1st i'll give you what will happen. december-mobilising armies, random event fixes, christmas event and probably another event quest, maybe something else. your ideas would cover more than a single month but nice work laying your thoughts out and some decent ideas. i would want something similar to the 1st bts. the 1st ever! 31 march 2004 they layed out what updates would be coming over the next year; this was just after rs2 was released. cut to the chase; i'm hoping high lvls will be able to opt out of getting random events but we'll see. i'd like them to add 700 additional bank spaces and 12 more slots. new spells for mages that give defence bonuses against melee attacks. fix the not in combat thing where mages and archers can be attacking someone and then be attacked by someone else in non-multi. i'd like the game to not close after like 1 minute not doing anything. i try to smelt and use the smelt-x and it logs me out; that's just stupid; so i'd like that to be changed. i'd like them to actually do the random generated scenarios mentioned oh so long ago. and icelands polar bears? where are they? we want polar bears!!!111 yeah. and mammoths. and dinosaurs for that matter. i want to summon skeletons that's right and demons how about that? an exchange for a fully grown summon pet for something like death runes is for cat. what's up with orcs and lizardmen? that was mentioned back in 2004. aside from those things they mentioned that they havent added, i'd like to know what the next skill is going to be or the next 2 or 3 skills; i can wait, i mean they mentioned construction and farming a long time before they were released. would give some life to those that look forward to new skills. i'd also like an update and more information on mechscape. maybe another monkey madness quest? i'd like them to offer shapeshifting character options. i think that's enough for now. but there is no shortage of ideas and unfortunately the people with the best ideas are usually overlooked because loud obnoxious people push their way into jagex consciousness and others go unheard because they are drowned out by those type of people.
  17. go ahead and rate it if you want. i havent been playing as much. i've been busy with other things more or less. i'm doing some soul searching about what i want to do in runescape. when i log on; there isnt anything i really want to do. so i login then logout; but, that might change. i'm not quitting, i just havent decided how much i want to play or what i want to do ingame; so i'll be thinking about that. and this is my slayer bank. there's a lot of stuff i wouldnt use up spaces for unless i was training slayer; so there's about 30 spaces that are filled atm due to training slayer off/on.
  18. here's a wierd question i wonder if anyone knows, when you are doing the quest defender of varrock the varrock castle area becomes a "new" area with zombies etc. what happens when on a pvp server is that area still zombies and players that are doing the quest too only? and i guess i'll ask this too... if on a f2p world is the castle still full of zombies? and noone's said anything about corrupt dragon weapons and armour. anyone get these drops? did they forget to add them to the drop table? i would like to know about their use on f2p.
  19. you guys are making a lot of assumptions. as if jagex hasnt even thought of those things. i'm sure they have and the drop system is a lot more complicated then you make it out to be; i think you underestimate them. i suggest you read the way you improve your chances of good drops on the main site. one consideration is prior losses! so if you lose a lot your chances improve for better drops etc. there are a lot more factors that weigh in; for good or mediocre drops... go ahead and read about it. also there is no such thing as a rulebreaking lure on pvp worlds because you essentially are crossing the old ditch when you hit enter. that would fall under the category of tactics. i'm not surprised to see second guessing and people on these forums thinking they know better than jagex and think they thought of things that jagex hadnt. also, does anyone know more about corrupt dragon armour and weapons. anyone get those drops yet? are they dropped on f2p and p2p? are they useable on f2p and p2p? and can you use their special attack?
  20. looks like they did a good job with this update. just wondering... corrupt dragon equipment is droppable on pvp worlds. so these corrupt drops are useable on f2p and p2p worlds and droppable on f2p and p2p worlds? in ge it's listed as free world items and available to buy on the ge in free worlds. and useable on f2p worlds? that is quite amazing. can you imagine free player pkers with dragon dagger or dragon long, dragon scimitar; no lost city required or hero's or monkey madness required? i guess so. would be pretty sweet when matched with someone with a rune scimitar. and do these have special attacks? and is this information correct?
  21. 8/10 i guess. what are your options. get rid of them or keep them 2 options... [hide=advice]i'd get rid of them but that's probably why i dont have 978 overgrown cats. if you want my advice i'd say wait until the next bank space update to make a decision or just sell all but 1 type of cat and collect those particular colour cats from now on so they stack and take 1 space. honestly i wouldnt waste that many spaces in my bank; but that's a matter of personal choice. one thing that might be funny would be instead of changing them for death runes; just dismiss all of them in a single session; possibly making a video of it. when did you start your collection?[/hide]
  22. no i dont agree with the article. it comes down to why do you skill? do you need supplies? the game is more than combat and it's also more than skilling. if you stand in a bank and level your herblore you will lose money; what do you expect? same with crafting; you bought the materials; it's not rocket science. to be a successful skiller you need some skill! it doesnt take skill to buy everything on the ge. sorry, it just doesnt. things take time. use all your skills to develop your character. all the skills tend to help each other including combat! dont forget that. combat helps skills and skills help combat. and i should mention if you arent making use of summoning, you should! and i see no mention of summoning and its benefits to skillers; really you need to be more balanced in your approach to the topic. i think people tend to want easy ways to make tons of money but if you're only going to play 1/2 the game then you get 1/2 the rewards. basically the whole editorial comes off as a huge moan and welcomes more moaning and i cant say i agree with that.
  23. nice progress. good solid stats. 8.5/10. mining could use some work. maybe get all 70 stats. but definately good progress; especially the farming. we cant see your hunting or construction levels but i see you have a good summoning lvl and you're looking to raise it; keep going with that, at 68 bunyips are pretty nice to have.
  24. not bad. not bad. your writing is improving. i wanted to dislike it when i saw it was another editorial from the same people but wasnt bad. i think you're going to have to try harder to convince me that "merchants" provide any useful service though! once upon a time they did but that was before the ge. i like how you described things, but you saying anyone depends on merchants for anything? no they dont and that was clear by what you said, they only skim off the top and manipulate prices. i stopped reading about 1/2 way through because i couldnt stomach the "but they still help the whole process" um, no they dont. i think i speak for every 90+ slayer the week the dark bow was released and i will not forget that anytime soon. i think you touched on 1 category of "skiller" and that is the wasteful skiller. these "skillers" ruin the market for other skillers by buying their xp and selling their goods at the lowest prices. there is another form of skiller that i think you also touched on that is superior to this type of skiller and that is one that makes use of the runes and potions they make! what a concept huh. anyway good job on writing this. i look forward to reading more from the tipit times. =D>
  25. if you're on lunar you could be back there in seconds. i always tell people to use everything to your advantage. i think they should improve rev drops though, at least give them some good drops, extremely rare but there nonetheless, to make it more interesting and worthwhile.
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