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  1. common sense nowadays... of course bug abusers and glitch abusers know they are abusing a glitch/bug. seriously you would have to be seriously stupid to believe they didnt know; especially if they told you they didnt know it was a bug/glitch. often players dont report bugs because they want to abuse them; simple as that. jagex can test things and they do; but 1 thing or another can and does get past; and that's where players come in. 1. it's against the rules to exploit a bug/glitch for unfair gain. jagex gave you gwd'ers a huge break by not banning many accounts that DID abuse bugs. you and your friends should be thankful for that... i dont care for this topic or the accusatory tone; or the faux ignorance plea. get on with playing the game; report bugs/glitches and get off your high horse. also to correct you; just because someone says they were banned for x doesnt mean they were banned for x. do you believe everything everyone tells you? always more to the story and check people's motives; do they want to look bad? or do they want to make someone else other than themselves look bad for their own dumb mistakes? if a murderer tells you he didnt know the gun was loaded do you believe him? and what is ironic is how the stupid and ignorant seem to think everyone else is even stupider than they are; stupid enough to believe their lies. and sadly some people are just that stupid. and though i dont agree with some game adjustments; dont try to overlap the issue of nerfing with the separate issue of bug abuse. this editorial is another example from tipboards to further blur the line and literally promote a decline in game ethics and personal responsibility. basically sending a message that game ethics, knowledge, and fair play arent important; holding cheaters accountable isnt important. it's more important to pacify cheaters and blame a games company for putting the "temptation" to cheat there and instead of promoting good gamesmanship by reporting bugs; we are to applaud those that abuse them? and then turn around and say jagex didnt test it enough; so it's jagex's fault they cheated? anything to take away from the PERSONAL responsibilty of the cheater.
  2. bank and stats solid 8 of 10. progress 8 of 10. [hide=comments]you say rate and criticise, so i will. 1st of all, i'm guilty of it too a little, but you have way too many spots taken up by junk. no wonder you dont have any summoning 2nds or pouches. let me just say, summoning will take a whole lot out of you; of which you will recover from but it takes its toll on you. the sooner you get that out of the way; the sooner you gain your second wind; trust me on this; i know it sounds cryptic but it is what it is. i'm going to count how many spaces are wasted in your bank, 94. and that is being generous. i like your top 100 skills, i'm guessing you're going to do that with prayer too. slayer and summoning can be trained at the same time so; if you were to train those, your character would be much more balanced and both are useful skills. i say get all skills 85 plus; but that's what i would do; so you do what you like. fair progress, but not training summoning is a bad decision on your part. familiars are very useful, i use them about 85% of the time and 100% of the time when a particular familiar can help with what i'm doing. i think you should "shake some things up". meaning, for items you rarely use, take a picture of all of them, save it, then tell yourself, "if i ever need any of those things back, i'll look up the picture and see what they were and get them back". then dump them/sell them. sometimes you have to get rid of things you just dont use. that's what i mean by shaking things up. that's what i did, and it prevents stagnation and you find yourself making better use of your entire bank; also use the costume room for some of that. nice collection of f2p gear though.[/hide]
  3. the npc that can attach sigils to shields is not brother jared or the smithing cape npc; though he does have something in common, in a way, with both of them. that's a hint. he's a relatively new npc, not brand new, but fairly recent addition to the game. and a reminder, if you have 85 prayer you can bless your own shield with the elixer and save yourself 1M gp. as for attaching the sigil to the shield, you need 85 smithing and 90 prayer to do that yourself; which would save you 1.5M.
  4. for 1 i think the reason is they are rare... but besides that, how often do you kill the creatures that drop them? honestly how often? because, i know i rarely kill goblins, skeles, giants, jogres, imps, earth warriors, ghouls, hobgoblins, or zombies. in the past i killed lessers but that was before champion's challenge. fwiw i've gotten 2 scrolls. 1 from lessers; the day champion's challenge was released. and the other from jogres; while trying for lvl 2 clue drops. i've tried killing gouls, giants, hobgoblins, earth warriors and no scroll from those. i'm satisfied that it is as rare as intended and only those that want to put that sort of time in to killing those specific monsters can hope to get those scrolls. the rewards are not related to gp or recognition and that's kind of a mixed bag but i think if the rewards were really good; it'd be very frustrating for many people. but as it is, it is just there and if you want to go for it; it's there if you are up to it. no big rewards other than the satisfaction that comes with achieving something not many people have. the comradery developed between challenge hunters is in part due to the exhausting efforts; the rarity and that shared experience creates a unique bond. should jagex ever make it easier it would totally eliminate the challenge of it. it's good to have these kind of things in the game; while much of the game has been simplified and made easy for better or worse; and the lack of patience or determination of some players should not cause something like this to be made easier in my opinion. because for one, the whole point of it is it's supposed to be hard. there are no huge prizes or recognition or new things to show off; it's a personal reward. i'd say it's pretty neat and makes that rare scroll drop that much more exciting and meaningful. whether you were trying for it or not. i actually think more things like this would benefit the game.
  5. nvm. i'm sure all the details will get worked out in the time leading up to the event.
  6. i think some people need to re-think some of this. hopefully pvp worlds will be out by then. but for what it's worth, does anyone else think people will just come back in. i dont see how they can enforce that; in fact i see nothing that explains how that will be enforced. and the comment about partyhats seems like an out of place copy/paste AND the map showing where people are supposed to be; really doesnt help explain where everyone is. THAT would be an important consideration; to make a better map. i plan on being there and i hope everyone else makes it.
  7. edit: though i disagree with you posting this here, i hope everything is going well for you in your life. :
  8. if i had to guess, based on previous track record, it will work something like the loot share thing. but i also think for very high lvls it will be more difficult to get a impressive kill. like the way fist of guthix started out. i could win 10 games and gain very few points for my 'score' but tons of tokens. perhaps an invisible rating system. there's already some weird randomness when you are maxed out that gives those with lesser stats a 'chance'. so your best option if you're high level is maximise your chances with high #'s of kills. that's what i think anyway. but as always, i think the first week will be the best time to get the rare drops. it'll be interesting, i doubt they'll explain the forumula to people; otherwise they'd exploit it. but i think generally speaking an impressive kill is a close battle i would think but who knows. my guess is if you're a midlvl player like lvl 95-113 you will probably have a good chance at getting those good drops. i also wonder if location would have any bearing on the 'good kill formula' whether it's a multi area or non-multi or what level of 'wild' it is. just have to wait and see. also i look forward to seeing how they lay out the levels of areas over the map and i'm also curious about the new items of course and i do wonder if/how teleporting will be limited.
  9. stupid answer maybe but i'd spend it on skills and probably make a few 100M more. some people think buying skills means losing money. :P it doesnt have to, if you do it right. meaning pick and choose what supplies i buy (to save time) and "gather" everything else i need for end product=xp/cash.
  10. there's only 1 place to alch large amounts for the high level herblorist and they should already know where that is. i've alched by the astral altar and that's mellow. i fletch bolts in bkq i think it is. similar to alching. people in the past have alched by the nature rune chest in ardougne or hero's guild runite. by far the most popular spot is castle wars walkway or duel arena watching the fights or fight arena i dont know about clan wars alching. just a fyi you can alch member objects on free worlds if you wanted to.
  11. i'd like to be given the opportunity to put as much time into a mechscape account as i have my runescape account. i really hope mechscape is well done and a good game and as popular or more popular than runescape. but i wouldnt expect mechscape to be as developed as runescape at the start simply because runescape has already had much time and work put into it so i think people will not fairly compare runescape to mechscape like when each started out. runescape took time to grow and develop etc. it will be interesting to see if they follow-up with mechscape having things like the ge, quests, minigames and skills. i like the idea of parallel universes and actual travel to new planets etc. :) it should be well done but like i said, it will continue to develop. i'm looking forward to it and i hope it's as successful or more successful than runescape. so for sure i'll play it, i just hope jagex knows what people want unlike what they're currently doing with runescape; instant gratification is kind of not that great. starting with 25 gp and a pickaxe is where it's at. but who knows? i hope they keep levels and skill levels; i like that grinding is possible; but they will probably take most of the grind away; who knows; we'll see. and i doubt tip will step up and support jagex since they do pretty much the opposite of late apart from serving their own interests.
  12. i like the rsof. tip mods are worse. it's taken some time but tip has fewer posts but more moved threads and locked threads percentagewise. a little favouritism and not very friendly to new posters. but the rs fmods are pretty bad and are usually picked for their undying enthusiasm for jagex moves even when jagex does something dumb. the tipit help and advice forum is very successful as well as the player made guides section; the rate this is reasonably ok. i really have to say i do not care for the fmods on tip at all. if you're semi-retired or dont even play you dont belong here. simple as that imo. and at least there is some reasonable accountability from time to time on rsof. tip is getting more like rsc.
  13. it'll be what they make it. i dont really care to speculate. close thread.
  14. let me just say that the reason people pick on people isnt because of what they wear; it's how they act. it's like a base nature thing where the stronger animals subjagate the weaker and that has more to do often with mental strength rather than physical. you dont see people questioning people wearing nike gear or football jerseys etc. you have a problem if you think people would pick on you because you're wearing a runescape t-shirt or backpack etc. it's not because you are wearing that; it's because you lack security with yourself. if some of the jocks were to wear a runescape t shirt i'll bet you anything people would not tease them. why? because they have confidence and arent insecure. it's easy to make excuses; oh they pick on me because i play runescape; because i dont play sports or whatever. you'd be surprised. if you had confidence people would respect you whether you did those things or not. that's just the truth; take it or leave it. i personally think the plushies and figurines and holiday items will be most popular. i'd also like to see a runescape calendar but just the fact they have merchandise is a good thing since that means at some point there will be something i like and i'll get it. i wish they'd put the posters back up because i'd like 1 of those.
  15. i did a slight variation. it's very fast. if you havent done it yet; you may want to try this route. nice guide btw. very thorough. [hide=]if you have the levels and equipment this is a fast way to do it. you have to talk to each tender to make sure they can tend it. do this ahead of time; make all the repairs and give them the items they need. my route: 1st load all the spots up with 20 logs each; i used maple. after you've done that you're ready to go. before you go, use ooglog pool. summon your best beast of burden; load them up with logs. use the button next to call to put logs in your inventory when you need them. i used yak. items for route: take all of them with you! only 1 banking with decent beast of burden! tinderbox catspeak amulet slayer ring goblin village sphere combat bracelet games necklace glory amulet digsite pendant trollheim runes x4? you may need 1 super restore. i didnt but you may. always give the tender 5 logs; i have my inventory open so i see when the logs are given then i go. use ooglog pool. teleport with slayer ring. use the shortcut. start out with river salve and rag and bone. immediately teleport to goblin village. from there teleport to burthrope. teleport to monastery with combat bracelet for blk knights 1. teleport with digsite pendant. do jolly boar 1. do the 1 north of varrock palace. grand exchange 1. glory to edge or walk to edge; get that 1. bank at edge; get more logs. get trollheim runes. teleport to trollheim. get the 1 east of trollheim. go into wildy with shortcut. walk south and get that 1 in wildy. teleport to trollheim. get the gwd 1. when at gwd, hold down ctrl. :) it makes a difference. use shortcut to wilderness. get the 1 north of the temple. drink your super restore, if you need to; i didnt but you may. run up to ice plateau; get the last 1. :) you're done. tips: use a non-laggy world; it's best. become very familiar with the areas especially the shortcuts. dont stress. every second counts. always give the tenders 5 logs. divide the areas up and go over the route in your mind before you go. when you arrive at a spot you should know what you're going to do right after; so while you're lighting it or giving the tender logs, look for your next location; i wrote mine down; so i wouldnt have to rely on memory. if you want you can take an enchanted diamond bracelet for the last 2 ones. optional. advantages for this route are: the wildy 1's dont have tenders so they will burn out if you do them 1st. that's why i do them last. finishing it at ice plateau is sweet because you dont have to teleport anywhere from there and of course you'd have to get to 30 wild if you wanted to, so just finish it there.[/hide]
  16. i dont think it's a big deal. if you have 50 runecrafting in f2p, and the ability to get a membership; i'd think you would want to make the best runes; so you might join because of that; runecrafting is still very limited on f2p, making the guild f2p seems reasonable. tbh i always thought guilds should be f2p and p2p but for different reasons they arent but i still think things like the mage guild should be... but whatever. basically, this may get more people excited about runecrafting and f2p still has severe limits on the skill so, i think this helps to balance it more for the free worlds really. get some cool gear; tabs; but still only able to make certain runes; so join members seems like a natural progression. :P :mrgreen: it'd be nice if people didnt put jagex under the microscope everytime they update the game. members should realise that improving f2p can, and often does, help the game. but i wouldnt expect people with limited vision to recognise that. if i were f2p i'd be excited about runecrafting. :)
  17. Awhile ago, before farming and slayer, high levels were rarely seen in cities like varrock and falador. they spent most of their time in dungeons and out of the way spots. when farming and slayer came out; high lvls and low and mid lvl players coexisted more and were found more often in similar areas. Being a high lvl before farming and slayer, and training your character you spent a lot of time away from a large portion of the playerbase. that did change when farming and slayer came out. but many people created characters to "relive" their new player days and socialise with a larger portion of the playerbase. getting to the answer to your question. of course people make pures to be idealised for combat; that was more common when drop trading was around same for pure duellers. now "pures" many of them also skill; so a good change imo. for me, creating a low lvl that was capable of great things i wanted to push the limits and see what i could do on a low lvl character, with all the additions to the game. the bottom line for me playing on a character other than my main is i sometimes like to take a break from my main and see a different side to the game with a different character. comparing my main to my other character is comparing over 400M xp to around 8M xp. there are things i can do on both characters but i'd rather do them on the other such as socialising more on my other character. it's fun having all the knowledge i have and helping people without the adulation towards my high lvls and other stuff my main gets. so the main reason is it's fun.
  18. i'm pretty sure you have to kill tarn b4 you can teleport there. did you actually teleport there b4 killing tarn? because i think you only get that option AFTER killing him or did they change that? a quick note: not that it matters but if you have a poh, tarn's book, after reading it, will be stored in your poh bookcase. just use book on salve amulet for (e).
  19. the more you spam this thread, the more you're disrespecting the person that started this thread. if you have a problem with a decision made by a forum mod, why not take it up with the forum mod, though i doubt it will change their minds about it. i think this thread should be cleaned of spam, including this reply. said my peace.
  20. hate to sound negative but it would have been a better month had they finished the clan wars and ffa arena update; i understand why they didnt and i'm glad they are taking their time with all the finishing touches. the quest meeting history, [garden tool] hum, wonder what the reward is; hope its not the tiny update i think it is. the rc minigame may be fun so here's hoping that it is; seems to me since they say it's an alternative way to train your runecrafting, xp is the reward, maybe other rewards but nothing stated; personally i dont see how rc xp is that much of a reward considering you can make good money training runecrafting, but maybe there will be other rewards... will be neat to have a runecrafting guild, i cant imagine what will be there. will be interesting to find out, i'm wondering if the minigame is actually in the guild; if it is, that raises some questions on who will train rc there. i guess the minigame rewards would be fair/good since you have to have the reqs to get in the guild. or maybe the rc minigame is seperate from the guild? and if that's the case what would be in the guild? the firemaking update sounds like a more fun way to train firemaking; not that i want to train firemaking... rewards are always good so, probably new stuff, cant complain about that. i actually hope its f2p, i mean if you're f2p and want to train firemaking... why not give them another option. but it may or may not be f2p. they would have to limit the rewards if it were, and that is a limitation when they make an update both f2p and p2p. it is another quest so, most likely p2p, but if jagex were to add a new quest seems like it would be 1 they would add for f2p, but i wouldnt get your hopes up if you're f2p, the river salve is in a p2p area. as for the update to bts, looks good. just a more visual teaser. that's not a bad idea. the 3 pvp updates are all multi? from reading it, it looks that way. three new pvp minigames; interesting. hope to hear more about them soon. initially kind of a disappointing month but maybe these updates will be better than i expected. as for the clan wars and free for all arenas that's a f2p and p2p update so everyone can enjoy that when it comes. it's possible 1 of the 3 new pvp's will be f2p or maybe all of them, who knows? the free for all arenas and clan wars updates sound like a lot of fun and that's probably the biggest update i'm looking forward to. i'm glad they are taking their time and putting all the finishing touches on it before they release it, they didnt say it would be released next month but i'm guessing it will be.
  21. what's the rest of your bank look like? you can edit out parts you dont want people to see. very nice accomplishment.
  22. that's an unusual account. i wouldnt mind seeing a bank pic. that isnt your first account right? i like your stats and your goals i think. seems to me you could probably do whatever you wanted as far as stats and training goes. good solid foundation of stats. really impressive tbh. good luck with your goals.
  23. i consider your bank very impressive. i like the runite and runite bars. the # of gems. the # of tiaras; that's fairly amazing if you crafted those. love the amount of nature runes; you dont see that often in f2p banks. looks like a runecrafter's bank really. 65k maple; again, that's impressive. the arrows you use are kind of cheap but whatever. like the amount of ess and feathers. :P seems to me you've been busy and have things that will keep you busy. keep up the runite mining; that's a really great thing. your stats are very good. if it were me i'd get magic up; runecraft is really good esp considering you're f2p. the rest of your stats are all good. what else is there to say. bank 9.5/10. stats 9.5/10.
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