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  1. does it make a difference (reward wise) if you burn vyrewatch with teak pyre logs or mage pyre logs? meaning does the reward value increase, like burning the shades does, the better the log or not for vyrewatch? also, does the combat level of the vyrewatch affect it?
  2. dragon crossbow- no. range already is overpowered as is. so is melee, so dont go there. how about force fields for magers and up a new class (healers) giving them more stuff. didnt care to read about range "needing" anything new. chat censor- interesting read for the first few paragraphs then got into rambling. it would help to either have a stance or if wondering what they're up to; just say that, not go on and on about your not knowing. didnt read the fiction 1. edit: forgot about the clan 1. clans were given a lot this last year so i dont see any reason for anyone from a clan to have anything negative to say about rs. fairly well written article on a topic of reasonable user interest. i find jagex wants to support clans because it's good for the game, but clans in rs lack a great deal; and what i mean by that is they could do with a lot of improving internally; and this is not something jagex can actually help them with; they need to help themselves; but i dont see that changing much; looking at the track record. it's easy to say jagex doesnt support clans but that isnt true. i think clans would rather blame jagex then take a look at themselves. but that's opening up a huge can of worms and much could be said about that. have to say i wasnt expecting more articles to be an improvement, but all in all not bad. i like articles that make you think and some that cause a visceral reaction; so not too bad; tip it times is improving. but i still think your did you know's are lame. super duper lame and you need better researchers. and yeah i knew about the glory. i get the feeling whoever is receiving the correspondance for the did you know section is excluding all others besides their friends. so, it ends up being stupid week after week.
  3. i really dont agree with what they did. i see more problems than problems solved with the changes they made. i dont want to believe it but i think it has to do with image and making runescape more "edgy". not quite "acceptable". like how cds are labelled with "may contain graphic words etc." and they actually sell more cds with that label. so by word of mouth, runescape's image changes from disney like to a more "popular with teenagers" kind of thing. because it's "edgy" and not something parents like. so, seems like jagex is working on their game's image. also, many of jagex's employees are fairly young and may have convinced others to free up the censor, but i think it's the wrong decision. i dont care for reading that kind of language, it isnt necessary and there are other less offensive words that can be used for the same purpose, so i dont see it as an improvement. and i dont see using swear words as an issue of being more mature; that wouldnt be the right term imo. they may have done some market research before they did this, idk. as for parents pulling the plug on paying for membership maybe fewer actually will then what we think. or not enough to consider the boost that would join or play an "edgier" game. but i think the main point is they didnt do this blindly and without considering a measured fallout and measured gains. this is the beginning of something big. expect to see more of this "mature" content in the future. such as severe violence and graphic imagery. at least that's what i think is the direction they are going.
  4. Introduction: I used to simply use 1 location for making super compost; then i thought about it, and I realised how easy it would be to add another 3 locations without much difficulty, tripling my gains and allowing me the leisure of making super compost 3 times less often. Required: Necklace of Skills charged (helps to have several in your bank) Explorer ring Ectophial (for Port Phasmatys) Empty buckets Combat bracelet is optional (used for teleport) Your choice of supercompostable material for example: pineapples, watermelon, coconut shells, calquat fruit. i recommend calquat fruit or coconut shells; otherwise if you're buying materials; calquat is cheapest followed by coconut shells, watermelon and pineapple. i make summer pies so i dont use watermelon for compost; i also make pineapple pizza so i dont use pineapple for compost either. i brew, but there's only 2 brewing spots and i have a lot of calquat fruit so i use those and i also use coconut shells; since i make vials of coconut milk for herblore. Some people use willow tree roots or maple tree roots or bittercap mushrooms but for quantity i'd stick with calquat or coconut shells. Mainly because a. i already have spaces used for those and b. i dont want to make new spaces for other items i dont normally have. To find out if something is compostable use the item with a gardener; he or she will tell you whether it'll make regular or supercompost. Try to have at least 2-3k of your selected item (like 3k pineapple for example). Method: 1st spot - Is up to you really, but i recommend you teleport to Camelot. An alternative route to teleporting is taking some gp with you and using your Explorer ring, then taking the charter to Catherby wielding a ring of charos(e) when taking the charter will save you some gp; or use a teleport tablet; if you are on Lunar magics you can use the Catherby teleport. Go to the farming patch north of Catherby. use the bank and leprechaun. deposit as many buckets with the leprechaun as possible. take all your supercompost out or keep some in with the leprechaun; he holds a lot so you dont always have to take all of them out. the benefits of doing this in Catherby are- it's close to a bank. Now you can fill all your buckets with super compost or if you are just getting started, fill the compost bin with what you've chosen as your super compost material; meaning pineapple, watermelon, whatever you chose; you will need 15. there is a fill-all only 1 click required and it will manually keep filling the bin with items from your inventory. After you've taken the compost out and or put the materials in to make compost and closed the lid; Usually, you'll need to withdraw 13 empty buckets from your bank, and 15 (pineapples) 13+15=28 that's the # of inventory spaces you have. :) so how can you fill 15 buckets if you only take 13? that's what the leprechaun's for. fill your 13, then either drop 2 pineapples or go to the leprechaun and deposit 2 super compost and take 2 buckets; fill those last 2 buckets then deposit however many super compost you want with the leprechaun, depositing super compost is not required, it's optional. finally, pick up the pineapples and fill up the compost bin and close the lid. 2nd spot - In your inventory are 13 empty buckets and 15 (pineapples). click your Explorer ring to teleport to the cabbage patch, do the same thing you did at Catherby then, bank at fishing guild, cooking guild, the warrior guild, or teleport to the mining guild near Falador bank. 3rd spot - Using the Skills necklace, teleport to the Fishing guild with same as above inventory; walk to the patch north of Ardougne. use the leprechaun again and fill your buckets and the bin, close the lid, then bank at fishing guild, cooking guild, the warrior guild, or teleport to the mining guild near Falador bank. Last spot- Port Phasmatys; use your ectophial, only this time , instead of taking 13 empty buckets take 12 along with the ectophial and the usual 15 (pineapple). work with the leprechaun again; it's always best to fill your buckets first; then get the last 3 from the leprechaun. dont drop the pineapples until you've filled the initial 12 buckets full of compost; then drop, and fill the last 3; use the leprechaun to store the amount of super compost you like, pick up the pineapples and fill the bin; and that's it. That's 60 super compost and 60 on the way. super compost is the only compost recommended by me for herbs. it's also good for a little farming xp you get for making it. and it's not terribly difficult to do and it makes good use of available materials. i find satisfaction in making and using my own supercompost; just the way it is. To unload the leprechaun of stockpiled super compost, use the Catherby location as it's close to a bank or use the Explorer ring location if you'd rather or the ectophial location, but i think Catherby is probably the most efficient location to unload stockpiled super compost from the leprechaun. When do you do this and how often? You can do this as much as you want. the compost takes around 45 minutes to finish. You can use this method whether on Ancient magicks, Lunar magicks, or the Regular spellbook. Honorable Mentions: Fertile soil- is a lvl 83 Lunar magics spell, it is not especially cheap but it is very convenient. The spell is cast on a plot; which is equivilant to using super compost on it. Requires: 83 magic, 3 astral 2 nature runes and 15 earth runes or earth staff equipped and you must be on the Lunar magic spellbook. this is good if you are on Lunar magics. Super compost potion- is a potion you get from a quest and also certain monsters in Tarn's Lair drop them. you cannot make these yourself, at least at the time this guide was written; they are buyable on the ge, however it's not easy to get these; few people sell and most people are probably buyers. but, if you can get some then great. :) buy up a bunch of weeds, 1 click all in, close the lid. open it and use your super compost potion with the bin and all those weeds will become super compost! 1 dose per bin. Compost Mound- lvl 28 familiar; scroll special produces compost in the compost bin with a small chance of it being super compost. using a bucket on this familiar produces compost. i havent had much experience using this familiar; but maybe you could try it and report your findings.
  5. the random event article was decent. was not too preachy or insulting; you have your opinions which you stated. i dont like random events because when i'm doing something i want to do what it is i'm doing; ie combat, teleporting, cutting a gem, banking, etc. going off to solve an npc's problem isnt what i want to do. and if you drop a axe or pickaxe thinking they'll note your stuff and not teleport you; you're wrong. they will note your stuff AND teleport you; so not too smart to drop your axe or pickaxe. something like a state of play would be nice for things they've mentioned long ago. i personally would have no problem at all with them completely removing all random events; and whatever bot technology or game feature they use to prevent bots is not my job; it's theirs; so they can come up with something and i'll be happy with it as long as it isnt as annoying or more annoying then what we have already. the problem i see is maybe the "random event department at jagex" if there is one or whatever it is lobbys for more and more random events so they have something to work on... now of course their work is cut out for them; fixing the randoms. i am honestly kind of annoyed HOW LONG the problems with random events have gone on and not been fixed or altered or corrected; so i'm not really pleased with their work in that department; along with the fact the proposed changes have resulted in zero action, that we've seen, to date. so they need to get on top of this and take some action. random events are a real annoyance and almost part of how some people view runescape now. they are that bad.
  6. i'm starting to think the reqs for the island are leading to a master quest as that would make more sense, but i still think the possibility of a tie-in to a newly developed archeology skill is not far-fetched and could be related in some way. and i think they already have plans for the island but they may have decided to include more than they had originally planned for the area. and i remember "high level island" being a topic of discussion monitored by jmods on rsof.
  7. i've read your suggestion and i have some disagreement with it but it does lay out some of the possibilities. honestly, i think archeology would fit right in with runescape. i especially like your idea of ancient caverns scattered across runescape and the private digsites; i have to think an entire body of developers dedicated to coming up with new content for the game would of course expand the uses and possibilities similar to what you've done in your thread. perhaps randomly generated scenarios will be part of it.
  8. i voted for skeletal wyvern because no matter what you would have to think a skeletal wyvern summon would be decently powerful. kind of like a dfs or dragonstone bolts and would require high levels. i figure we'd have more background given on the skeletal wyverns and it would probably have just been a simple update of adding a new familiar rather than a short quest and d&d. i guess i'm wondering what the next guaranteed content poll will involve.
  9. Anyone familiar with the museum is aware of kudos and the kudos requirement to travel with the party from the museum to the island that they are planning to work on. at first i thought it would be like a king kong thing where "king kong" would be there or maybe something like dr zhivago or something along the lines of gulliver's travels. now it seems it will be a focal point for archeology. requiring so many quests and "kudos" and the dig site quest etc. to prepare someone for a new skill does not seem like something jagex would do. there is usually a simple singular quest to start a skill or no quest at all. ie hunting, slayer, agility, fletching, construction, farming. quests for summoning, herblore, runecrafting. so my theory is IF archelogy is a new skill much benefit will be derived from being able to visit kudos isle but it will not be required to start the skill itself. here is a few posts made by a jmod on the rs forums; this jmod does develop game content, i'm pretty sure, and is not stictly a forum overseer. what do you think she's trying to get at? and what do you think the answers to her questions are? "kudos isle" has been in development since or before may 2007 when the museum was added so probably enough time to develop a skill i would think.
  10. edit: i guess they changed the xp for the pouch. i'd rather they make the quills non-tradeable but whatever. the quest was short and the repeatable minigame gives fair xp to combaters in skilling areas. and i like the way they did the new pets.
  11. diango's dragon plates used to break. is it possible to still have a broken plate in your bank? or did they turn into regular plates? is it possible to get a broken plate now? i know they're not tradeable, and i've read about this but i want to know from someone firsthand that either has or had a broken plate or had their plate break.
  12. [hide=thoughts on this]i'll give jagex the benefit of the doubt i guess; that they'll not overpower some areas or just make things easier for people that are a. too lazy to do a quest b. intentionally ignorant or just ignorant of what is available in these areas already. many players come from f2p after playing several months on f2p and are used to those areas and so use them. some players do a quest to gain access to an area then continue on to the next quest without exploring or remembering what is available in those areas. some players do what everyone else does to train; i remember when i was brand new to the game i didnt know what i was doing at all and i would click on an area where i saw a lot of white dots just because there was a reason so many white dots were in one place and i wanted to know why. i personally like uncrowded areas. so i have mixed feelings about some of this but i actually dont think people will change their habits too much NO MATTER WHAT jagex does so... a big thing that changed camping was the addition of slayer. that changed how many people trained. i would like to see them expand the map actually. every spot doesnt need to be a popular spot or the next fastest way to train or gather something. many people do not make use of the current spots that are very good, so for those that do already, they're better players than those that dont; and i dont like the idea of enticing worse players by making things easier so they are "attracted" to an area. there are some things that could do with an update but i hope they dont go overboard by making things too easy. i think people are downplaying the other half of the updates. jagex stated in bts 2009 they are making half the updates upgrades and the other half regular updates/new content. and having said that, they've already stated they had planned to make larger updates more common previously, so i have to believe there are several larger updates already being worked on and will most likely all be released in 2009.[/hide] i would like to see them expand the map actually. i find a use for most areas; but for those areas that have absolutely no use maybe mountain daughter area after the quest... the white lands area after the quest... castle draken? elf kingdom? i guess its in the works? someday... rat pits are sadly a failure. all minigames could use a look at just to freshen things up. meaning possibly better prizes. pet rock and pet fish what were they thinking especially about the pet fish. though i have to admit it is exciting to think they'll be adding new content to the current map and existing areas. i hope things stay balanced though. but i like the idea of reworking and adding new content to old areas etc. i'd like to see more bank space. ability to unset and make sets from bank tellers. the ability to make more types of sets and a solution for uri clues/bankspace among the updates of convienence.
  13. very nice. that's a lot of 99 skills. i didnt realise you were as accomplished as you are. nice bank and pouches. i'll rate 10/10.
  14. darn i missed the party. very impressive mauranius. i like that you are a hardcore rune miner. good luck with prayer and i'm sure you'll max it quite soon. what happens after? will you ever consider playing members?
  15. nice levels. that takes a lot of work. those nature runes are icing on the cake. good job. hopefully we'll get some new skills in 2009 but very impressive and that amount of nature runes is obscene.
  16. nice. that's a crazy amount of dragonstones you have. pretty industrious bank. you ask for suggestions... i think you could do with more potions really. i like to put the elemental runes near my law runes for quickest access, try it, it should help. live and die with the monkfish i guess. use your costume room in case you dont. nice amount of charms and supplies; ore etc. i'll give you 10/10 for that because it looks like you're making use of many game features. bank could do with some cleaning but whatever.
  17. very nice. i still havent gotten any armour from the void outpost or barbarian outpost. maybe you could start a blog on blogscape. seems you're adjusting well to member worlds.
  18. as long as we're discussing this; zogres and skogres are underrated, the ooglog pools grant immunity from disease for a fair amount of time, making that much easier and the bones you can get; fayrg, raurg, and ourg give a huge amount of prayer xp especially if buried in the wilderness while wearing prayer brawling gloves at midnight on a full moon. of course the bones are not cheap either; kind of an alternative for dragon hunters if they get tired of revenants.
  19. i updated this with a new pic of the 1st page of my bank. got those items and thanks for the replies. i'll be playing on my regular account for awhile. ;)
  20. elysian shields are only 120M to correct a previous poster. about 3rd age, it's one of those if you have the money put the offer on and get lucky if you get it. then you can barter with it. people of course use it to sell their phats or buy dclaws or sell junk by making the person buy the phat with the 3rd age. but really i dont care what the 3rd age prices are, they're just new toys for merchants to play with. and i really dont see their value outside being able to barter for other items. some have decent bonuses but it just amounts to fluff. it was the same scenario with animal masks but those prices eventually deflated. godswords same thing. merchants are filth really. their whole idea of playing the game is NOT to make a lot of money; that would be boring. their idea of playing the game IS to rip people off and manipulate, get around trade barriers etc. that's fun to them. same concept with a level 90 telling a lvl 20 in full bronze he can trim his armour. not for profit but sadistic pleasure.
  21. combat bracelet, skills necklace, forinthry bracelet, slayer ring, the fairy ring network (after starting fairy tale part II and getting to a certain point to use) are all super underrated. many quest items are underrated when they are in fact very useful. such as proselyte armour, the holy wrench, Etc. and doing quests in general is underrated. the kb is underrated also; it's a great resource but i rarely hear of people referencing it but oh well. farming is underrated. construction is underrated. probably a lot more things but i'll leave it at that.
  22. from putting your workers on fishing, you can get lvl 1 clues (1 only at a time of course) you also get caskets, half keys, and green fremennik boots as well as raw or cooked tuna and swordfish. you get to choose whether you want it raw or cooked. and there's actually a lot of wierd ways to get clues in the game now, but thieving ham is still the best and fastest for lvl 1 clues. and when i said i got 2 uri clues, i meant during the trail, i had 2 uri clues and 3 other locations to go to; but the main point of the post was; for a long time god book pages were made unavailable on treasure trails; but they've been made available again and even for lvl 1 clues, so that's good news.
  23. bumping this guide for the hardcore treasure trail hunters. i got a lvl 1 clue from mtk. it was annoying, 2 uri item clues and 3 other clues but i got a zamorak page 3. sold it on ge for max 373k; so that's good news for those that want to get rich. and just to let you know, if you have access to slayer rings; meaning if you can make them, it's super fast and easy to teleport to relekka with the slayer ring right next to a fairy ring then dial in wherever you need to go. saves a lot of time. good luck with the clues. remember thieving ham is the fastest way to get lvl 1 clues.
  24. i still play on my regular account. this is just a secondary account i play on from time to time.
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