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  1. you alive in there?

  2. 4/10 for same reasons as everyone else. but gratz i guess
  3. I will use steel skin, ultimate strength and the attack one along with protect item. I will never use Protect from prayers in a 1 v 1. If they do i will probably just walk away
  4. This is what happens when people with no experience mass. it gets chaotic. there were far too many people from tip.it for it to have been a fight and people who were hoping for a fight turned on anyone, people tried to kill me twice, it didn't annoy me as i expected it once there was no one else to fight If there is one in the future i wont be attending unless it is all vs tip.it, otherwise there are simply far too many of us. too many people with too little experience to be organised. we DID dominate so well done everyone but the truth is we couldn't lose.
  5. lmao sure you were. On topic it wont make much difference, the community is terrible as it is compared to what it used to be. i doubt this is going to make a noticable difference.
  6. LOL! Why? Jagex haven't added a new f2p quest for over 3 years. They wouldnt do that. No that idea wont work. you assume everyone wants to train everything. What if i happen to like range but thats about it. i can train for like an hour a day and then i have nothing to do? its not even worth considering. Christ this idea's a bit like sleeping bags was only even more badly thought out and stupid. I doubt enough people would want this service for it to be profitable, it will most likely be easier for the farmers to just move to an easier game
  7. Well that or i believe i can explain from a scientific basis everything that you use God to explain. Personally I don't think that it should really matter if God is a literal being or just an idea. The important thing is the message which religion mostly preaches which is the importance of acceptance and love for your fellow man. Unfortunately it can't be claimed that having God in someone's life really does this. Some christians are still racist, some muslims will still cry "behead the infidel" and many atheists are worse. Religion gives a common banner for like minded people to gather under and a reason for violent people to excuse their violence, it doesn't cause trouble or prevent it. In all i think religion should be a good thing because most religions extoll the virtues of acceptance and tolerance but some religious people choose to manipulate their perception of their religion to excuse their actions. So no i don't think God is a real being, but i think what God stands for is as valid and important as it is possible for anything to be.
  8. im probably on negatives. ive got a few kills but ive died more often because i always solo
  9. Whichever ones you like the look of in terms of rewards or the process itself.
  10. I do everything the "old" ways. I don't know most of the newer, more effective ways and can't be bothered to learn them. plenty of good players did things well the harder ways and i can do the same.
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