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  1. 2010 is the year that Dungeoneering was released in, as are stuff like Nex and more high-level ended stuff. Nex was January 2011.
  2. Cost being the real and only reason, rather than manhours that would have been spent regardless, traveling anywhere other than London. Also issues with things such as visas would give a whole bunch of headaches. There's no way they'd get the same number of Jagex Staff there and thus the experience would be less for what most people want.
  3. Clue scrolls need to be refigured out too. It used to be one reward per part up to 6 (In level 3 clues, level 2 and level 1 clues had lower limits) and with the addition of elite clues this has been broken. No idea why Jagex changed that but it's bloody annoying :P
  4. I've had ring of wealth shine when getting the "new" drops and as I said they updated the previous drops from that table along with the update so it seems very likely that they're linked in some way. We'll never know for sure exactly how the rare drop table works and can only speculate to the exact specifics of it, especially when it comes to the ring of wealth. It could very well be that they're both actual rare drop tables (rather than one being just a group of drops they like to use) and the new items have been split amongst them (Big bones as a drop in the gem table while Torstol is a drop from Dragon Med table). Who knows? It'd be impossible to prove that theory anyway as everyone that has the dragon med group also has the gem group :P. Figuring out drop logic is always something I've enjoyed doing and unfortunately haven't been able to "research" the updated drops in detail yet, maybe I should get on that soon.
  5. There is more than one rare drop table, depending on your definition. Uncut Gems, Half keys, Rune Javelins (5), Dragon Spear, Shield Left Half are all part of one drop table. These come from all monsters that drop uncut gems except Tzhaar. The other set of rare drops only drop from monsters which drop dragon med helms (possibly excluding the KBD), these are drops such as Nature Runes, Rune weapons/armour (R2H, Kite), bunch of rune arrows, bunch of steel arrows etc. Then there was the change with the RoW wealth update which I believe added more drops to the second type, although I'm unsure on that (haven't had many of the drops myself so been unable to verify) but the amount of items (runes etc.) you get from the second set of rare drops has been increased.
  6. DarkDude


    It was in Closed beta since May but has just recently been fully released.
  7. Holiday events have had members only items/parts for what, 4 or 5 years now? It's nothing new. Just more complaining from the usual suspects for no good reason. Only since the start of this year actually with the Wintumber Tree in 2006 is the only exception unless I'm mistaken. The snow imp event had members only parts (I believe experience rewards iirc). The quests were available for only 2 weeks or so for free players then were made members only. Swept Away broom has members only rewards. That's just off the top of my head. Again, it's nothing new that members get some small extras for the event, be it another item, some bonus experience or whatever.
  8. Holiday events have had members only items/parts for what, 4 or 5 years now? It's nothing new. Just more complaining from the usual suspects for no good reason.
  9. The tool belt won't let you store hatches and pickaxes I imagine as they actually have a use outside of being simple tools. It'll be things such as the standard farming gear (rake etc.), tinderbox, knife, hammer, shears, chisel and probably a couple of other things I'm forgetting (maybe fishing equipment too). So there'd be nothing worth stealing from it. Would be awesome if it was usable in dungeoneering too, would save a lot of space! It says money kept in the inventory will be lost in the wilderness, doesn't specify if that means the pouch or not. Guess we'll have to wait for clarification on that but it wouldn't surprise me if it's in your money bag it's safe, even if you're in the wilderness.
  10. i dont see this profit happening for anyone else xD I got very lucky with the timing, 5 minutes later and I'd have probably lost money and maybe 5 minutes earlier I'd have been able to make a little more.
  11. Was fun while it lasted. Made ~20M profit in 5 minutes :P
  12. It's spores + stick to make the staff. No idea how many spores
  13. The beasts are extremely easy to safespot making them not damage you if using mage prayer. And they seem to respawn almost instantly. Not entirely sure what all their noted drops are for but they seem to have a high value :P
  14. http://www.waroflegends.com They already have a game that has microtransactions. Wouldn't work in RuneScape as would require an entire rework of the game.
  15. ElseIf only comes into it if the previous conditions of the If Statement have not been met and are just additional conditions added. So if the first condition of the if statement isn't met it'll go to the elseif and see if that condition is met, if not it'll go down further to the next elseif and see if that's met. Once one condition is met and the contents of the condition have been performed it'll exit from the If Statement. If you want multiple If statements within an If statement then nesting them is the way to go about that so that'd be If X = True then DO STUFF HERE If Y = True then DO THIS STUFF else DO THIS STUFF INSTEAD End If else DO THIS End If What that'll do is if X = True it'll then go down to the next If statement within the first If statement. Hope that makes sense.
  16. Your If statement isn't working correctly. If the first checkbox is ticked then it's not going to be doing the others which is why it's filling the first two correctly then ignoring the rest as they're in others. There are numerous ways to fix it depending on exactly what you want and how the program works (Like what being a member means etc.) so I can't help much with that. But the problem is that your if statement is faulty.
  17. Define "Downloadable Game". I'd happily pay £30+ for a full game such as Skyrim even if it's a download. Unless you meant games such as XBLA games then that'll not be as much.
  18. Does anyone know if it's still possible to view details on adventures logs? Such as the dungeoneering bosses killed etc. It doesn't appear so and now you can only see the most recent 4 events which is even worse than before. Also, some Wiki pages I'm sure aren't meant to be viewable :P http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/JAGEXADMIN_-_Wiki_Report_Procedure http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/JAGEXADMIN_-_Training_Documents Probably some more but those two came up lol.
  19. 2nd pair of these, just a shame they're the cheapest of the 3 pairs. Sold for 16M though so not going to complain :). Ragefire for those wondering (thought it was highlighted in picture, but apparently not :P)
  20. The ni reference actually made it harder. With that there and reference to kings I had no idea what it was talking about. Without that I'd probably have gotten it quicker :P Strange - the ni reference was the only thing I got straight away, followed quickly by the tip and open. The dot took me a while. I got Tip first and had a bunch of options for the first part (Open/Pull/Push) and had things such as Ant and Fly for the second part :D. Then I suddenly got it and open made the most sense for the URL :P With Ni there I was thinking of all things related to Camelot and King Arthur and things due to the King being mentioned there too, without Ni I'd probably have gotten it quicker.
  21. The ni reference actually made it harder. With that there and reference to kings I had no idea what it was talking about. Without that I'd probably have gotten it quicker :P
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