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  1. Worth noting this only dates back to 27th February 2002, any accounts created prior to that will show that date. So no way to tell the exact age of your account if it was prior to that.
  2. Got 99 Woodcutting yesterday, glad to get it out of the way. Only a handful left now!
  3. I decided that fun is overrated so I spent this weekend mining. Went from 93-> (just under) 97 on Saturday, 97->98 Yesterday then the rest today :)
  4. Had a lot of 99s recently. 6 Total in 2016 (Prayer, Smithing, Fishing, Fletching, Crafting, Firemaklng). The last 4 coming after the BXP weekend at the end of February and the last two in the past 4 days. 17th March - 99 Fletching Tuesday 29th March - 99 Crafting (I was distracted by Netflix and missed the actual level :D) Friday April 1st - 99 Firemaking
  5. I really like TIF, and certainly do not like the lack of activity and popularity, but the times have changed. It really is not possbile to compete anymore. The predominant way to get news nowadays, for RS is Reddit, Twitter, RS homepage/forums, and Twitch. The predominant way to access high level and very up to date guides is to basically watch the top PVMers and Skillers streaming themselves on Twitch. That's not going to change and there isn't anything that can be done with that. That's just the way it is. I disagree that there's no way to compete. I've been involved in a number of RS fansites over the years and each has been successful in their own way. You need to be able to adapt, you need to be ahead of the other sites with what you're offering and you need to do it well. This doesn't just apply to RuneScape, it applies to pretty much everything, not just games. Tip.It is probably not the place where that can happen unfortunately, but that doesn't mean it can't happen elsewhere. Tip.It has not evolved when other communities came up and each of them have taken a slice of what this site used to have. I've not kept up 100% with this site since 2011 when I was admin here but it looks like not a lot has changed in that regard. There were definitely problems back then and I don't see any evidence of those problems having been resolved since. So I agree that Tip.It can't compete but I don't agree that there's no way anyone can compete (which is what your post implies). It just requires someone with a great idea to come along and have the passion and commitment to see that idea through.
  6. My first ever hilt drop :) Might not be worth a great deal these days compared to when it was new but still very glad to finally get one!
  7. Gone from 96 -> 99 Thieving today. First 99 in a long time!
  8. The opening one was pretty fun, only problem was that I kept getting Ragnaros. My first 6 times playing I got rag... I won 4 of those still but was just frustrating in the end. Wouldn't surprise me if this week is a deck building brawl just so they can show off other things the brawl can be used for.
  9. Looks like it could be "War of Legends 2", but can't find any information about who the developer is but wouldn't surprise me if it's Ultizen (the developer of War of Legends) as there was a lot of talk with them about Jagex doing War of Legends 2 a few years ago now that never materialised. Based on the people that have moved over it seems there's something promising about this company. At least for Jane and Crow who I know and used to work with they wouldn't go to this company if they didn't think it'd do well.
  10. I guess that's the end of my playing. Last week was the first time in ~13 years where I didn't have membership. I'd have considered playing again occasionally if the price was kept down but if they want to increase it further then forget it.
  11. I just have all my cards there so no point going elsewhere. I've done a couple of Arena runs on US but no noticeable difference.
  12. The most "efficient" way to get cards is Arena. If you can consistently get 3+ wins you'll at the very least break even. If you're thinking of spending money on it I'd just put one load down on the 40 packs and that'd be it. Although buying the Naxrammas adventure is definitely worth it too.
  13. I think this is the 3rd bonus XP weekend in a row where I'll be working... I work one out of every 10 weekends and it always seems to fall on some sort of event.
  14. I'm enjoying Ironman so far. I'm using it as an opportunity to learn a lot of the game that I missed while I wasn't playing. I've already done some quests and content that I had no idea existed and I'm sure I'll find more and more as I go.
  15. Remember to maintain a membership for a month twice a year for the following years. Seems to be enough to prevent you from getting your name taken from you, if their current criteria is anything to go by. Grats on getting Dark Dude, Mike. I'm currently playing at the moment so shouldn't be a problem. RuneScape is pretty much the only thing I still use this name for (along with places that don't allow me to change name) so wasn't too fussed about getting it but it's nice all the same.
  16. Randomly decided to check yesterday and got "Dark Dude" at last. (Previous without the Space)
  17. When you got RoS, what exactly happened to characters that had paragon levels? You keep the paragon levels, you just stop gaining XP in them until you hit 70.
  18. I played it last Saturday when it came out. Put 20+ hours in over the weekend, got to level 20 and then got bored. The combat is fun and i can imagine it being amazing in raids/high end dungeons but it's not fun enough to keep me slugging through standard MMO quests so I've stopped there. Don't have the time to invest in spending a whole bunch of hours to get to the part of the game I want to get to. Especially because I only have about 3 more skills to get between 20 and 50. Nothing to keep me going there unfortunately.
  19. I wouldn't care about the wealth checker costing something if it was accurate. Apparently my Drygore Mace/Off Hand are worth 800M... It's useless in its current state and seems like no testing went into it.
  20. I still have a whole bunch of content to catch up on but the tasks is the biggest thing for me this month. Still not confident enough in the new combat to even think of fighting a new boss (plus I've got a bunch of previously released ones that I've not fought). Tasks will hopefully point me towards some things I've missed in the last year or so which would be nice and of course the experience will be good too.
  21. Anyone else think the season 3 changes haven't been too great so far? As primarily a jungler the new jungle just seems kind of meh with still having to give up camps constantly, just seems a lot easier to fall behind as a jungler now than previously with no real benefit. That on top of everywhere being warded now just makes jungle a lot less fun to play and a whole lot less rewarding.
  22. To be honest upgrading your RAM and your Hard Drive to an SSD isn't going to give you much if any increase in performance for RuneScape. Your weakest component is your graphics card which would probably give you a decent performance boost but is generally more expensive. If your issue is with lag in crowded placed then CPU and GPU are going to be what the games rely on the most.
  23. It's something you need to really experience before you notice the difference. I can live with 30fps or so but after you've seen the game at 60fps you notice the difference. Just looks so much smoother. Anything over 60fps is somewhat wasted due to the majority of monitors/TVs only outputting at 60Hz.
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