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  1. Did one trip to barrows and got double ahrim's top. My best chest ever (previously haven't had one worth over 1m) so to have one worth 3M was nice, would have been my best regardless of the double part :P. Will do more tomorrow I think. Would do some bossing but being ill atm means something like that isn't a smart idea.
  2. Maximo? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU8O55TU7qs God of War? There are probably hundreds of games that meet your description so it's really hard to know...
  3. I absolutely love this idea and have suggested it before (made a topic about it on here years ago now :P). Would be really really interesting to see the economy grow from scratch. Having a world where things such as sharks would be hard to come by for a long time would just be an interesting dynamic. Would be a lot of "DIY" playing going on especially at the start and would in my opinion bring a whole new feel to the game.
  4. It doesn't sound like they're banning them, just making them not work.
  5. Bots gone? Awesome if true. Triple slayer xp? What? See no point in that and it'll be impossible to slay that day due to all the people there. At least I'll know what not to do that day. Bonuses for minigames and stuff is a better idea, I just don't understand the logic behind triple slayer xp.
  6. They already did another release due to complaints of players, I believe it was the week after or something. There was no timer for the drops although they happened at a specific time (every 2 hours I believe) so was easy to predict. Re releasing them would be silly but a new item would be fine as long as it's not too similar (squirrel ears for an example to bunny ears)
  7. This guy could be president. "How to solve all wars? keep people from wanting war!" No duh sherlock. Its pure drivel. I mean, c'mon. Saying the IRS should make the tax system harder to cheat and work better is one think. It having any bearing on anything REMOTELY effective or workable is another. duh. I mean, for [bleep]s sake. How many employes to you think jflex has to track all xp over all characters and compare it to any type of workable detection model? What about people who AFK/semi afk, or those effective who ignore others, or those who play 15+ hours a day? Its a simply idiotic idea to even suggest. Would it work if the game had 10k, 50k, 100k players only? Maybe. But think of it even this way. If it takes one person 30 seconds per character per month...thats a crap ton of time. And a hell of a lot of margin of error. Automatic systems, ever heard of them? They probably already track XP in some form and would just need adjusting to look for suspicious behaviour. Then you look into it further, either put the characters into the same system they currently use for telling if someone is botting or not (which clearly works to some extent due to the fact I've never heard of a single person ever being punished for Macroing who was innocent) or have some other way to distinguish between normal players and bots before putting them in the current system. I believe the problem in their system currently is actually them investigating the bots, so having a better detection system would work great towards that. Players who AFK, ignore others and play 15+ hours a day are safe at the moment, how would that make them any less safe? It's simply idiotic to even suggest.
  8. PM me your email Nevermind, I need an active account to recruit a friend, oh well.
  9. But if it's a singular copy they've taken then surely they only got the information at the time the backup was taken. So when you say a phpBB backup surely that only contains the emails/passwords from that point in time rather than everything from 04-09. Unless I'm completely misunderstanding what you're saying there was two databases available, one from phpBB (which would be from September 09 when we switched over to IPB if it's the version I'm thinking of, but regardless at one point from 04-09) and then one from IPB this month and that's it. Now I see what you're getting at... your question was a little ambiguous the way I read it. The phpBB backup is from approximately 2009 and would contain all usernames of users that registered 04-09, but only the passwords/emails which were set when we closed the phpBB forum in 09. The IPB backup would be the same, they would have data that was set between 6th - 10th October. That's exactly what I figured :). The way you said it "covers" a certain time period makes it sound like they'd have all the data from that period of time. That's a lot better scenario then, as they only have two potential passwords (and other set of information) for each user. One from from 2009ish and one from this month. That's so much better than "everything" like it was being made out to be previously. Thanks a lot for the responses. It's worth putting that a backup from roughly 09 was most likely taken too just so everyone is aware of that.
  10. But if it's a singular copy they've taken then surely they only got the information at the time the backup was taken. So when you say a phpBB backup surely that only contains the emails/passwords from that point in time rather than everything from 04-09. Unless I'm completely misunderstanding what you're saying there was two databases available, one from phpBB (which would be from September 09 when we switched over to IPB if it's the version I'm thinking of, but regardless at one point from 04-09) and then one from IPB this month and that's it.
  11. It's possible they would have the phpBB copy which covers from 04/05 to 09 and then they definitely have the IPB database which covers 09 - 11 (current). So they have backups from both too? You made it sound like they only had one version of each.
  12. So they could have multiple copies from 04/05 - September/October 2009 and then one copy from sometime between 6th-10th October 2011? So there's a two year gap where there's been no information for them to take correct? Or do they just have one copy from phpBB taken from when we switched over in 09? Either way that's a lot less severe and pretty much the opposite of "everything in the last few years" where it's pretty much "everything but the last few years" Thanks
  13. Although a unique encryption method is useless when you store them in plain text too. The passwords in DI's most recent database leak are almost impossible to decrypt. At least, to my knowledge. Maybe so, but they also kept them as plain text which is one of a few reasons why there's been a huge increase in account "hacking" recently.
  14. Although a unique encryption method is useless when you store them in plain text too.
  15. I didn't ask for anything from him, i asked for information from someone who knows what is going on, like maybe Peter or Puremage. Transparency has been an issue with this site and many have left due to it. What exactly do you hope to do with this information? How does it possibly benefit you to know exactly which backups were taken? I've repeatedly said we're operating under the assumption that they have access to anything and everything related to this forum going back multiple years. I don't understand why you're so adamant to have specific but ultimately useless information... Multiple Years means absolutely nothing. What is the date is the earliest backup they had access to? How often were backups taken and were these all still stored? The fact that until now it wasn't even stated that backups spanning YEARS was likely to have been taken (which should have been stated right away in the announcement) is ridiculous and needs to be put on the front page of the site ASAP so EVERYONE knows. And if I'd never even asked when would this information have been released, or would it have been kept secret? So does years mean 2004? Late 06? Early 08? September 09? What? There's much more that could be told in top of that but that's just the start.
  16. Or you could not keep posting the same thing over and over again and let someone who does know answer the question.
  17. That's not what I asked. I want to know dates of the backups taken, how recent was the most recent backup for example. It's simple information to give and you're not being at all helpful by posting that over and over again when it's not the answer to the question I'm asking. There's a lot more reasons to wanting to know the dates of all the versions of the database they got than just passwords. There's absolutely no reason not to give the dates, it's a simple request. By not giving them you're not doing your userbase justice after you've just cocked up, it's the very least you can do.
  18. My question still stands though and the date of the backups would be useful to know too so I know how far back they go. When all your crap is taken you need to divulge what information is taken.
  19. Assume they have all the passwords you used for TIF within the past few years. Why would they have them all? That makes absolutely no sense. Also, notifications are broken and are not appearing.
  20. Not sure how turning to the community will help them ban bots so not entirely sure what their point is here. Great they'll be more open about botting and admit it's a problem but all they state is they'll hold Q&A sessions which is entirely useless and side stepping the actual problem of dealing with the bots.
  21. Can you please state: 1) How long they had access to the server from (Date and time of first access) 2) When the major database dump occured So I can know which of my passwords they were likely to have obtained (I noticed odd things on the site several hours before it went down so change my password to something random).
  22. Simple. Improve the detection system. How to do that? I have no idea, I don't know how their system works but clearly it works to some extent and it wouldn't surprise me if it's actually great at telling if someone's a bot but there's a lack of autodetection in the system so it's relied on player reports. Numerous people have been reporting (especially lately) that they've randomly gained 30k ranks in skills like fishing without gaining any experience so it's clear something's going on and that it's working however it's currently unable to cope with the volume of botters. So simply improving their system to cope with a larger number of bots and to turn over bans quicker would be a great solution. They could also use more stat tracking themselves to see "Ok, this guy has gained a lot of ranged xp recently so lets track what he's actually doing" and such as well as tracking players who are logged in for a long period of time and investigating from there. None of these things change the game at all and are simple to do as I imagine that information is already being logged in some fashion it just needs to be improved upon.
  23. Or they could actual ban the bots and combat them in ways which DON'T have an impact on players. Instead of taking these drastic and stupid methods. Where did I say it works? I didn't. It has never been done in gaming and there's a good reason for that (the reasons in a few countries is due to laws limiting play time and such, they're also entirely different markets). I imagine the people that RWT and those that play a lot are entirely different sections of the community. People normally pay for things in games because they don't have time to earn them themselves. If you could give me an example where a company has successfully charged for time played I'd love to see it. All the examples you've given so far have been involving a RESOURCE which for Runescape does not exist (the bandwidth costs as I said are effectively non-existent on a player to player level). Assuming people who play for a long time have the money to pay for it is an assumption based on absolutely nothing. I personally can play 100 hours even while working full time and I would NOT pay more for membership and many many people would do the exact same thing. And I imagine a lot of people who can play that time are unable to afford it and only play RuneScape due to its price compared to other MMOs. Paying for access and then usage on top of that is even more ridiculous suggestion. So to play the game I have to pay for access to the members servers and pay for time on top of that? What about F2P? Do they have to pay for time too? Makes no sense and once again would not work as a business model. If paying for 100 hours a month and you have a month to use it in could arguably provide health concerns from people who force themselves to use all their play time that month otherwise they'll lose it, which I'm sure is something Jagex doesn't want to deal with. While having a limit on play time would do something to stop botting somewhat it would again punish pretty much all players in some way or another. As I said in this post already, there's other things they can do other than ruining the gaming experience and punishing the player base.
  24. So you call the idea ridiculous, but offer no valid reasons why that is so? Seems odd, but let's take what you said on its merits. First, this would be on certain servers, not on all of them so actually every argument is moot. Second, people that choose to have low or no combat levels (pures and skillers) are not being catered to in this game, nor have been for years. Trotting them out do not help your argument. They could still play, but are limited at the high end of things to do is all. Thirdly, charging people more that use the service more is not 'punishing' them. Trust me, make a cab wait for 10 minutes and make another wait for 30 minutes. You'll find making a cab wait longer (ie utilize it's service) will give you a higher charge. Anyway, YES, 3 hours a day is easily doable. So is 6 hours and 10 hours and 16 hours and even 24 hours in a day. However, if you want to use more of the service then be prepared to pay more. As pointed out above, people do this all the time with cell phones and internet providers. Now will this cost customers? Yes. Will it cost so much as to be economically disastrous? No. Jagex can easily tell what percentage of its accounts play 100+ or 200+ hours per month. It can also tell when accounts that are indicative of bots and gauge their hours per month. For that, it's easy to tell if there's immediate benefits to either or both ideas. Having it only on certain servers doesn't reduce botting at all, so why are you offering it in a topic about botting? There'll still be the same amount of botters on other servers and you'll probably still have botters in several places on the servers anyway. Just because Skillers and pures aren't catered too doesn't mean they should just be ignored. It's a perfectly valid way of playing, if someone wants to max out their non-combat skills at level 3 and get past the challenge of doing so then great, they should be allowed to and not stopped doing something entirely non-combat related just because. Jagex have numerous times "celebrated" such players who do unique things. Players have a choice of how to play the game, they shouldn't be punished for choosing something that's not standard. Access to Runescape and phone contracts are entirely different. There is a cost in phone calls and text messages whereas there is almost no cost for continued access to Runescape. The amount of bandwidth used per hour is low which is proved by the fact you can play the game on dial-up. For Spotify you're streaming music hence there's a bandwidth cost for them which is why they charge extra. For Taxis you're paying for their time along with fuel used, so of course you're going to be charged more. All you're paying for is Runescape is access to the members world, you're still able to play just as much on f2p servers which would have the exact same cost associated with them. You can't compare two completely different business models to say it works elsewhere. There's no such examples within gaming (except for a few Asian countries but that's due to other reasons) and there's a reason for that. It wouldn't work. Jagex would lose a significant amount of money if membership gave people a 100 hour play-time per top up which rolled over. There are A LOT of people who don't play for 100 hours a month yet still pay for membership so when the second month rolled around they'd not pay money and that'd repeat for months. I imagine there's a lot of people with membership who play for 10 hours a month, so Jagex would be getting 1/10th of the membership fee that month. There would be a lot more people who pay money less frequently with this method than people who'd pay extra for going over 100 hours. Punishing your more hardcore players is not good in any way.
  25. Both ideas in the last few posts are absolutely ridiculous. Having skill total requirements for certain activities wouldn't work, lots of people create accounts for specific activities such as pures for PvP or various skillers that are limited in combat level. QP requirements is also ridiculous due to the fact that to get any significant amount of quest points you need to do combat thus making level 3 skillers unable to access things. Although areas are already fenced off by quest requirements making random areas require a quest point (or item or whatever) is stupid. For the limited number of hours per month is also a ludicrous idea. It's unfairly punishing those who have a lot of time to play for various reasons. 100 hours isn't THAT much in a month, that's just over 3 hours a day which is easily doable even with working full time. Punishing legit players is NOT the way to combat bots, especially when it comes to charging extra to certain people or limiting what some people can do in game.
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