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  1. [qfc]16-17-811-63194097[/qfc] tagged it for easy linkage. It doesn't say WHAT the update is going to be ... :unsure: Yeah cause all the update teaser images over the weekend of dragonkin, mahjrattian fortresses and armies in the frozen north leave us totally clueless as to what this weeks update is... ... and would it be the first time they showed hints and didn't release the update? BTS gave a specific order: New Prayer Potion - release date September 6, 2011 Bonus XP Weekend - release date September 9, 2011 Final Classic Re-opening - release date _________? Ritual of the Mahjarrat - release date _________? They still have three full weeks in which to release the last two "updates" listed in the BTS -- and RoTM is listed 4th, not third. Read the BTS again and realise you've missed out loyalty points. Last month they released the updates in a different orders to what they appeared in the BTS.
  2. Bored so went through my Photobucket account and decided to post some screenshots here, I'm sure I've posted most of them before at some point but considering they're from the past 7/8 years or so (not many classic pics unfortunately, they're hosted elsewhere on a site that now doesn't work). First ever level 3 clue, two saradomin items :D Soloing KBD and getting a med. This is the day that Snelms came out hence why I'm wearing one :P My first dragon drop, got it off Fire giants at ~50 ranged :D. Wrong picture, another solo med from KBD. Too lazy to go back and get the proper picture from my first med :P My solo KBD setup + loot from trip Some stake wins (I used to stake a lot, along with PKing), some big names and wins in here. [hide] [/hide] Staking and things had given me enough money for a Green party hat, this drop paid for a 2nd hat (which I eventually upgraded to a red) My stats after just getting 90 ranged. 400 Skill total in classic - "Carpentry" skill pictured. Ranger Boots PK, was just doing a clue and stumbled across this guy. Dragon legs drop the day metals came out - I sold this to another Tip.Iter (whose name escapes me) for a purple party hat + about 1.5m in other stuff (Purples were worth about 8M at the time iirc) My bank at it's max value, all rune sets and stuff from pking or clues PKed full Karils the week barrows came out (which is why it isn't degraded, they did add that in until a week after) Veracs Helm PK, which was also the only item I'd had myself from barrows. At the time they were pretty much the cheapest barrows item <_< The day farming came out Funny story behind this drop, I'd just borrowed money off a friend to get a whip and jokingly said "I'll get a shield half drop to pay you back". About 20 minute into my slayer task this happened After an update that changed KBD mechanics (in Jagex's attempts to stop people being able to solo range it with a bow and no shield) it was very bugged. I got Mod Mark to come and check it out Gladz at the time were well renowned within the clan world as people who prayed a lot, hence this picture My first whip PK, apparently this guys friend got on his account and didn't know what he was doing. 99 Ranged, my first 99. Unfortunately I don't have the full picture as I failed with saving pictures but this is the actual 99 level up message from me. Probably my best two PKs in terms of value, the second of which contains one of the images used for the Tip.It stat sigs :) Abyssal Demon head with <85 slayer. I'd sent a message to Jagex shortly before this asking if I need 85 base for the drop, they told me yes. This was back when they used fansites purely for information and had an actual ticketing system. I guess I needed law runes 99 hits - spot the error 99 Attack Mod Mark saying that I was used as an example when Quest Capes came out, one of many updates I had some influence towards over the years. First person to 30 summoning NPC in Gnomecopters named after me A tankard I got at RuneFest last year as going as a VIP as a representative of Tip.It, I should probably take a better picture of it at some point. I have a whole bunch more but those are some of the most important ones to me got pictures of hundreds of rare drops and clues and lots of other things too.
  3. I switched from protoss before the whole infestor thing became popular and just haven't been playing a whole lot.
  4. Switched to Zerg from Protoss recently (might have already mentioned it). I hate ZvT. Just played two ladder games. The first one he went quick hellions which I completely blocked and then continued to drone up. Quickly went to 4 bases against his two and manage to slow down his 3rd and killed a lot of workers with banelings. Being unable to get in his base though due to tanks and a lot of turrets means any sort of harrasment was doomed to failure so I sit back, get more bases, macro up. Then he pushes out with about 10+ thors, kills my muta ball instantly and his tanks make short work of my remaining ground army. Was unable to produce fast enough as by this point he was camped in the middle of three of my bases thus making gathering units impossible. So I'm screwed and nothing I can do while he continues to build more thors and kill me. Honestly have no idea what to do against mass thor as zerg, wouldn't have had enough gas for mass ultras by that point plus they'd have taken too long to come out (Was actually teching to broods at this time too, but couldn't get enough out to help. Second game the terran put on pretty much constant attacks throughout, managed to hold off his initial push and had to do pretty much nothing but make zerglings/banes for the first 15 minutes of the game to hold off his constant aggression with little time to drone up. Managed to sneak a gold though which is probably what won me the game, if I'd stayed 2 base vs his 1 base I'd have lost. Then it took about another 15 minutes to kill off the terran, at which point I had expanded all over the map pretty much but went on far much longer than it should have. Any attempt to attack his natural ended up losing again due to tanks on the high ground + turrets stopping any sort of air. Just managed to overwhelm him in the end as I stopped one of his pushes and counter attacked but a 200/200 zerg army was down to 80/200 after stopping his 140/200 army, ridiculous. Although I'm not using infesters, so I guess I'm doing something wrong :P. Oh well, just got to keep practising. Enjoying zerg much more than protoss and just have to keep figuring out what to do.
  5. People seem to think that an authenticator would solve all problems. While it would greatly decrease the number of people getting phished and keylogged for their account compromised and that'd be great. You have to also consider what would happen if you lost the key? You'd need some way to recover your account and that way would most likely be identical to the system that's in place now for account recovery as there's not many better methods of account recovery out there in my opinion. 99% of companies use email recovery which is as secure as your email, although it seems Jagex are switching more and more towards that method of recovery. I know Blizzard ask you for things such as CD-keys for recovery but that'd be impossible for Jagex to do. So yeah, they'd either have to come up with an entirely new method or continue with the system they have even if they did introduce an authenticator.
  6. Got 91 thieving yesterday which means easy 95 effigies. Got 81 agility just now, which means Level 91 effigies. I had 10 level 91 agility effigies and about 8 95 thieving ones, so just got a whole bunch of xp from effigies alone. 250k thieving xp (95 thieving now doable), 150k herblore, 200k or so runecrafting, 200kish fletching, 150k agility, 210k smithing, 100k fishing, 200k cooking Got to 82 runecrafting from the lamps (the 200k runecrafting) and 100k off 83 now which I could get as I have a few summoning effigies but will save those and get a friend to assist for runecrafting xp as I don't need summoning. Down to 50 effigies banked now, so slowly getting down. Will hopefully get 83 agility this weekend, 91 smithing (100k off, which will make 95 effigies easier) and maybe get to 94 cooking (93 but have about 8k monkfish banked). and whatever else. But 83 agility is my main focus at the moment, then maybe 93 thieving actually for 97 thieving effigies. Down to 1.1x multiplier but still at 8 hours or so, spent about an hour of that doing things for boosts (collecting spices mainly) but at this point the extra bonus isn't worth worrying about and just wanting to get the effigies done before skilling more.
  7. YouTube hasn't always been a google product, hence why you have a YouTube username. When google bought YouTube of course they're going to want to implement their systems to it and link it to their accounts for a large variety of reasons (security is just one). I really don't understand what's so hard about logging in with your google account as opposed to your Youtube account? Absolutely nothing. Wishing that they got hacked and millions if not billions wroth of damage gets done just because of something so petty is immature, there's no other way to describe it.
  8. You're complaining that Google are making you use a google account for a google product? Might as well complain that Jagex make you use one of their accounts for logging into RuneScape. Combining my YouTube account with my gmail was no hassle at all and I had no problems with it and prefer it actually, so honestly don't get what you're complaining about. Also, Daily Motion has terrible quality and YouTube is infinitely better, and that's just the video itself ignoring other features. If you're seriously wishing that people commit crimes just because you're annoyed at something is very immature and ignorant. Security issues are nothing to joke about especially on the scale the Playstation Network was done.
  9. 96 herblore and 90 thieving thus far used just under an hour of time. Going to get 91 thieving then do agility until 83 (79 atm) after that will just be whatever for the rest of the weekend. But focus this time is definitely on non-buyables for me (mainly because I had no money for buyables :P)
  10. I believe they restore inbetween amounts, but I was using prayer at the same time which was draining fairly quickly and wasn't pay too much attention but it looked like it does it in 1s.
  11. I figured it was still technically possible although I imagine quite a bit harder now as it'll be less time it can be active for without draining, then again that's balanced out by it not dropping a whole point at once but increments instead Prayer flashing has always relied on you activating your prayer for only one tick. Any more than that and it drains, even under the old mechanic. Fair enough, never really did it that often before so don't have a whole lot of experience with it but definitely seems like I'm dropping more points now then I ever did before, but as I said didn't do it a lot before so probably just me messing up :P
  12. I figured it was still technically possible although I imagine quite a bit harder now as it'll be less time it can be active for without draining, then again that's balanced out by it not dropping a whole point at once but increments instead
  13. Prayer flashing is dead now I believe as prayers drain is quicker thus you wouldn't be able to switch on and off before it drains like before.
  14. 06-Sept-2011 - New High-Level Prayer Potion Patch Notes
  15. Correct. Someone there recorded the interview although has been unable to release it for obvious reasons so maybe he'll be able to release that too then, would be interesting to see. A lot of things have changed between now and then though and it's amazing to see how much difference a year has made to the game overall and for the most part for the negative, I couldn't actually believe it's only been a year since I went to Jagex and how different the game was back then. Hopefully this time next year we can all be here discussing an interview with a player who's been praised by Jagex for something positive about how great the last year has been, although that's probably wishing for too much.
  16. LOL DarkDude. :-w Great interview. :] Everyone else pretty much sat there asking nothing during the multiple chances we got to talk about stuff, there were a few people who asked some questions but most of them said nothing so I thought I'd use the chance :P. Just a shame the interviews and stuff were all NDA'd, some interesting stuff came out of those conversations. Another 2 years until the NDA is lifted though! :thumbsup:
  17. Fletch Blisterwood Weapons (Staff and Polearm - 70 Fletching Required for each) Missing the stakes due to them not being in the fletching guide in game when I wrote that post. Also, if you're going to copy my post and edit it slightly (http://forum.tip.it/topic/300951-31-aug-2011-the-branches-of-darkmeyer/page__view__findpost__p__5003260) for use in a guide then credit would be appreciated and also fact checking would be great too.
  18. When making the stakes you can click on the arrows in the top right corner of the interface to make multiple so you don't have to use a knife on the log each time.
  19. ROTM is the only real content this month then but should be good by the sounds of it. New Prayer potion won't make a huge difference but could be nice depending. XP weekend is alright but no content. Classic re-opening doesn't have an impact on me at all. ROTM sounds awesome and I already have all the requirements so that's good too. Loyalty Rewards sound interesting, especially those last few auras, will be interesting to see exactly what they're about, but again very little "content" with this update.
  20. lol wat, thats blatently RSOF unreliable nonsensical babble. Camera view would never effect combat. Plus the sheer number of good reliable questers on this thread who have beat him and avoided damage from the shadow attack by just running away kinda proves otherwise; especially since standard combat tactic is to keep the camera on the foe. I certainly kept my camera pointed at Vanstrom for the entire fight all 3 times and no shadow attack damage. Yeah. Jmods often post nonsense that turns out to be incorrect tbf and thats certainly not a jmod name known for reliable info. But like I said I never turned the camera off Vanstrom and I avoided all shadow damage. It's the mod who made the quest... she'd know more than anyone else.
  21. Wasn't mentioned in the rewards so I very much doubt it's true. And that'd be one of the bigger things that would have been advertised surely. Plus when he posted that it'd have been impossible for someone to have done the quest.
  22. It just says "Teleport to Level 40 Wilderness" now, nothing else.
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