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  1. taken from the kb. so effectively it's like killing a 1-itemer. A 1-itemer that uses ancients, farcasts, and safes Yeah. RC pking gone? No. Now you have pkers that will find you on any world, are spread out everywhere, use mage rnage and melee together and don't drop anything decent if you manage to kill them. Gotta love jagex. Not only are they ruining the PVP aspect of the game, but now they're working on skillers ^^.
  2. Thanks for the support, and grats on 2500. :P
  3. Here's my 2 cents, it may not be too well formulated, and I know a few tipiters could say it a lot better than I can, but here we go. Lately, we've had a string of updates, each supposedly put in place to stop Real World Trading, however, they seem to be doing something else as well. It seems that "less desirable" parts of the game are being (rather effectively) taken out of the game. Look at what we've seen: Duel Arena focused mainly on "gambling", Merchanting, while not being removed from the game, was effected to a great extent, therefore stripping it of being one of the larger focuses of money-making. We arrive at today, December 10th, to find that the aspect of Player Killing has been neutralized, softened up, and re-released to the public as nothing but a minigame. The thought of a place full of people looking for nothing more than to steal your riches has been chewed up and spit out to the mere idea that is the Bounty Hunter minigame. They're doing nothing short of commanding and controlling. I'm sad to say that our future as 'scapers isn't very bright. Think of me what you will, I'm just entertaining a thought, a muse, perhaps a revelation into whats behind said updates.
  4. Hey! How ya doin? I see your cooking's coming along nicely ^^. Love the "welcome to my blog" dealy..looks so rad oh, and rofl @ the noob thing :D
  5. Dark Wizards. *Everybody dies to Dark Wizards =P*
  6. wow @ your journal. I'd never have enough patience to record what i do daily. Grats on 30 farm.
  7. I *deeply* dislike this update. I'm in the process of making a staker, so to me, this is like a big 'piss off' from jagex. I don't see how stopping a couple of account traders is of more importance than the happiness of a large amount of players.
  8. Nice hearing from ya. Yeah, I don't have any Floyd on my iPod, so they weren't on the list, but who doesn't like at least a couple of their songs :P? Sorry to hear you're not playing rs anymore(truth is, I'm getting kinda bored too). And, yes, Arms is gonna be a staker--a range tank--so i appreciate the advice, but I'm a total defense noob =P
  9. Am I the only one who's fed up with all this mechscape talk? =\
  10. I'll get a journal/log set up sometime, just feeling a bit lazy =P
  11. 99 ranged goal..noice. Have fun, dude, it seems like you'll be doing a lot on rs. but you're still a noob
  12. Change the "hit" for "hyt" It will be better because it doesn't mean the same thing... Anyway, CONGRATIONTIONS ON 70 RANGE!!! W00T! 60 ATK TOO! Thanks. :D
  13. 90 defence goal Dude, killer stats, and *really* nice goals.
  14. lol? Way to go -.- He's talking about the update they haven't announced, the one that's for later on this year. I think it's a great idea, albeit probably too intense for rs to handle. That, and that we (somewhat) recently got Barbarian fishing, so i don't think they'll implement more fishing measures so quickly.
  15. Right on =P The simple truth is that you're playing a game flooded with brats who can, and will, get mad at you for not letting them kill you. Defence = ownage(Albeit, mine is rather low at the moment, but im working on it)
  16. Hiya. Nice blog, looks rad. Good Luck with those goals, narb. =P <4
  17. Great update. I lurv the xp update, looks nicer, albeit a bit chunky.
  18. How would I go about making an image smaller(ie, reducing the kb)? Thanks guys.
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