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  1. Wooot awesomeee, nice article lol. I was randomly browsing the forums and when i refreshed i saw it being posted, good going 'Super Moderator' Racheya and great job Nightshade for the article :thumbsup: I think the first article makes some exagerated claims based on not that much evidence, i don't think dungeoneering is the last skill of runescape, future skills could be added with them being added (or not) into dungeoneering, i'd rather go for not, since it's already quite big and adding a whole new skill in it's scheme is a gargantuous task in my opinion. For the biggest part of the article you go on basicly describing the skill, it's advantages, how it will impact the combat triangle in runescape, and ofcourse go into it's lore, all of this before finally concluding that all this seems to lead to the skill being the last skill runescape will get. Now all that would be just fine, it gave me some insight into the skill, how it worked, since i haven't actually played it, but as an article, which is tentatively titled 'this is it', i'm sorry to say it doesn't really deliver what is expected. Only until i was about at the 3/4 mark through the article did i again see you mention what the article started about. For that reason, i don't think it was really focused on what it set out to achieve, by the title and introduction. It goes on and on before finally delivering a conclusion that isn't related to what you talked about for over 1/2 of the article. Furthermore, i do not believe you provide sufficient arguments to sustain your theory. Agreed, it does provide some high leveled content, which will undoubtedly change the landscape of runescape in terms of combat atleast; jagex themselves have indeed stated that this was intended to be a place where you used up what you trained above the surface of runescape; the 120 level also hints that it's, at least for the moment, the cream of the crop of the runescape skills, however, which jagex having put on the table the possibility that other skills might be raised over 99 aswell, i wouldn't be so sure anymore. I think there might be some significant evidence to what you are trying to demonstrate in the article, however i feel it is not structured well enough, it does not deliver the motives that will hands down make you seriously take into account that it is indeed the last skill. What i see in it is a sum up of the new possibilities the skill opens, which might have been better organised to suit your arguments better. Interesting wording nontetheless, tentative title, eye catching premise, yet it lacks. It sets itself a promising goal, but ultimately it seems to crumble at the hand of the big pressure that goal put upon it. It's quite neatly written, yet it could have been so much more coming from Stormrage :smile: EDIT: I misread the article, i am mistaken. The final line is what made all what i have said above null and invalid 'So yes. This is it. This, the whole Dungeoneering skill (including batch 2), was, is, and probably will be the biggest awesome-est update in the history of RuneScape since its creation.' While you were expecting something else reading on from article, the conclusion dispells the serious and somewhat menacing end of runescape alure, and concludes this was in the end about how nicely the skill itself fit into the game. By not paying enough attention i missed out on its point, and even if it didn't matter, since it was just my opinion, it's en error i had to admit, instead of merely editing it all out. A better article indeed, changed the whole perspective view by 180 degrees. Congratulations on writing it.
  2. Every single person who has posted on this debate is absolutely correct; everyones views on this matter are also completely biased. It's vrtually impossible to find solid proof to sustain a valid and solid answer to the issues that have been raised. There are alot of factors involved: the effects that one is suffering cannot be simply judged and considered as a result of only one of the parts of that persons life (runescape in this case). There are usually further underlying factors and situations that cause these and runescape could simply be an effect of these in itself. I wouldn't like to gives examles, these suffer from bias and often are unable to reflect accurately the entire picture of the situation. That's the only contribution i would like to make on this.
  3. I think you can only get it if you buy the album from the official site http://www.eminem.com/default.aspx They give you download link to those songs as soon as you buy it from the site, i think atleast :oops: I haven't managed to get it myself though. Pssssst! You can try youtube :shock: oh noes i said it !!! :wall:
  4. Personally,as i stated above,i like the album quite alot,and have grown fond of more of the tracks than i originally stated.Also there are two bonus tracks that the album has, entitled: - Careful what you wish for - My Darling The second one is okay but the first one i just fell in love with :wall: I mean, it really is the third song of the album dealing with strong personal issues ,in which he's actually serious about it (after Deja vu and Beautiful). He goes back to criticizing his fans for 'worshiping' him and admitting he had become a hypocrite and my only regret on that song is that its so short (1 minute long intro and only 2:47 of the actual song). However, i see why it's a bonus track, as it doesn't fit in with the thematic of the album. As far as comparing Eminem to other rappers such as Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., etc, it's really hard, they have different styles. Really Eminem talks about murdering,rape but also unveils a different side, dealing with serious issues such as drug addiction, his fall from grace, also not afraid to take a lash back at fans for their fanatic attitude. Also, seeing the professional reviews it has got so far has puzzled me. They range from "awfull" to "favorable", critics even going as far as taking hits at each others reviews. The main reason behind these reviews is that Relapse just rakes over already very familiar ground, bringing nothing new, the same murder,celebrity bashing,etc.,all of which i agree with, but this album is about how he does it, Eminem reinventing himself through his lyrics, admitting fame got the better of him, saying that "I know you're probably tired of hearing about my mom" in one song, and generally giving the feeling that he is aware that the album brings nothing new in terms of thematic.However, as stated before, it's strength lies in it's Dre produced beats, well thought out wordplay and flow, aswell as revealing his inner most self to us with songs such as Beautiful and Deja vu. There are several things which disturbed me about Eminem, however.As i went to his official site in hopes of ordering a CD i saw it COMPLETELY reworked from how it used to look before, having a theme in support of his latest album. You also had the option to get Hoodies, Jackets,fake bottles of 'pills',and other such collectible items . This disturbed me because of its commercial nature, as in he's trying to get as much money out of this as he can (which bothers me for some reason). This is also shown in his announcement to release Relapse 2 later this year. If he had so much material and wanted for his wans to get all of it he could have just made a double disc, instead two separate releases, which also denotes his intent at getting the most profit out of this affair. This signals to me that he has become VERY commercial, which i don't like :? This hasn't stopped me from liking the album however,it's just a thing that i noticed and kind of contradicts with the whole nature of the album iself. As a sidenote, today marks the worldwide release of Relapse, so now it should be available for everyone to get it! :P :thumbsup: I tried a copy from his site, but it didn't accept my credit card, so i have to hope and pray that it will eventually arrive where i live in the stores :pray: (i know i already have it downloaded and listened to it to the point of exhaustion :P but when its good it deserves to be bought ;) )
  5. Hey everyone! As some of you might be aware of, the Detroit rapper Eminem has released several songs from his upcoming album Relapse. It's due for a release on May 15th in several European countries and on May 19th in the rest of the world! :thumbsup: After finally managing to listen to it, from top to bottom, i have to say that my initial skepticism of it has been all but blown away. What i have come across were powerfull lyrics, very good flow, and interesting choices of beats, to say the least. When the single We made you was released in April, i have to say i was very disapointed the first times i watched it. All i saw at that point was an Eminem out to prove he is everything he used to be : insulting celebrities, acting tough, serial killer, phsycho acts, etc. , all of which i considered to be a pathetic attempt to garner back attention. However, as more singles were released, i started to like them more and more and eventually got over the initial shock of the pure commercial, "chart-made" single that was We made you. The tracks i enjoy most so far are (in no particular order) : - 3 a.m. - Insane [hide=]"Insane" goes on to elaborate a disturbing tale of childhood molestation. "My Mom" takes on a familiar object of scorn, but with the claim that his mom is exactly who he's turned into, drugging himself into a stupor in front of his kid.[/hide] - Bagpipes from Baghdad (awesome beat!) - Old Times Sake - Deja vu [hide=]"Déjà Vu" is a brutally funny confessional, unpacking the whole gruesome story of where Em's been lately: addiction, rehab, overdoses, ambulances, hiding his pills from his daughter in video boxes.[/hide] - Beautiful ( sincere lyrics. I am expecting this to be something of a hit) [hide=]He sounds more honestly screwed up in "Beautiful," his touching attempt at an inspirational ballad, singing, "Don't let them say you ain't beautiful" in his gawky voice.[/hide] - Underground (excellent selection to conclude the album) Skits such as the familiar ones (Paul, Steve Berman) and new ones (Tonya, Mr. Mathers) also offer a good insight into the story behind the album. I've also seen alot of people complaining about the voice eminem uses to deliver the rap in some of the songs, such as 3 a.m. and Old Times Sake. I have to say that i consider it actually is a very nice touch, adds a little bit of play to his rap and overal improves the general sound of the song, in my opinion atleast. This is a very solid album, from my point of view, dealing with strong issues such as the drug problems which Marshall faced during his hiatus. After listening to the entire album, which mostly covers darker themes, i don't even consider We made you to be that bad of a song anymore, since it actually brightens up the tone and keeps it from slipping into monotony, offers some funny moments, even though it covers pretty familiar ground already. A review of it goes " The power of Relapse comes from Em aiming his beat-downs at his truest target, himself. By letting Dr. Dre take over the low-end-funk production, and rhyming about things he actually cares about, he comes up with a more painful, honest and vital record than anyone could have expected at this late date, up there with The Eminem Show or maybe even better. The album it recalls most is his 1999 major-label debut, The Slim Shady LP, from the stripped-down Dre beats to the self-lacerating wordplay. There are no familiar pop samples from Aerosmith or Martika or Heart, no rock choruses, no guest cameos beyond a couple of verses from Dre and 50 Cent. Instead, Em gets down to business, because this guy's got real problems. " ROB SHEFFIELD, Rolling Stone magazine All in all, comparing it to his previous albums,i would rank it over Encore and The Slim Shady LP but below The Eminem Show and The Marshall Mathers LP. What do you consider of it?
  6. 50m xp is a great milestone man!!! :P Keep up the good work \ That 99 firemaking looks awesome aswell :ohnoes:
  7. I havent really dont that alot.Even when i went from 67 to 85 mining i chose power mining over depositing :D But,as i've heard from several friends,it's very rewarding.I'm sure it would be very satisfying to get your own ores,logs,essence,etc,only problem being that the vast majority don't,and you will feel excluded.But otherwise,i think i would chose gathering my own raw materials :thumbup:
  8. The two birds article i found to be the most relevant to me because of me trying to get a partyhat at the moment. : Thus,i have enough to cover for the normal Grand Exchange price but because of the junk trades i am forced to come up with an extra 30 - 40 m gps.Bummer A! :shock:
  9. It's a clear fact that altar is the way to go in terms of experience aswell as money spent in the long run.However,it all comes down to whichever method you prefer,assuming some like grinding away at bones.Other than that,there is no reason (logical or otherwise) to choose Ectofunctus over Gilded Altar.
  10. I still got mine,fortunetly.I sometimes log on it just to make sure it doesn't get deleted.It's okay for the memories.
  11. Heh thanks lol. Tbh here's the full story: I did abyss until 88 then with the money i had i started fast free laws 66 :wink: cause i was so close to 91. I got the last 20k of the level in abyss cause wld 66 was slow at that time :P So atm i'm alternating,when 66 is slow i do abyss(i actually prefer it over ffl,but i want 91 as fast as i can get it :twisted:)
  12. Thanks guys! 8-) Yea,well,i'm doing my best atm.Not sure what to do after i get it tho :? Go for fastest way to 99 or make money which i probably won't use anyway. I'll decide then tho :wink:
  13. Don't mind the title,it's just that from level 82 runecraft onwards i've always posted my rc levels so i'm kinda running dry on titles :oops: This is my latest achievement in the runes business: Enjoy :)
  14. OMG dude it's VERY very bad... quickly,give it to me!! Meh great job dude :wink:
  15. Thanks :oops: I know i should have put strength first,but i uploaded other first.
  16. I've started around october 2003,which is almost 4 years. I got some levels recently and i've decided i want you guys to judge them 88 runecraft :oops: 95 str O:) Please rate my stats too :shock: P.S.:I have the approval of the people whose names are shown.
  17. Dang! You would get 1900 easy with strenght and attack :P Why a tank dude :cry: Still nice levels!and bank..
  18. I'm not sure it's fair,since you could just get 200m fletch/cook xp.
  19. Lets be honest,herbloremeven if you buy it,is still VERY hard to get,mixing pots,etc. Some easy 99's you guys omitted to say is ,IMO,Attack,Strenght,Defence,and not necessarily with pc.
  20. I agree. Btw,i don't believe jagex doesn't bann for the word "noob" as it clearly is an insult,the word being used for new player being "newb". It's so frustrating :(
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