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  1. Even more auras that will be almost impossible to get! :P But I am excited for the new task set. Just means there will be more goals to complete for me. :)
  2. I've been complaining due to my lack of pages this morning. I wish I got stupid amounts to fill it up quickly. :P
  3. It is an interesting way to try and bring new players into automatically paying for Runescape. It's like they give you a taste and then take it away and say you have to pay for it. Rather than the old model where you're given a version that is full in its own standards, why venture elsewhere? I think this will definitely bring in more member accounts in the long run, the issue to solve though is to get new players signing up in the first place. (Welcome Spimuncular :))
  4. I like master farmers for the sole fact of just mass clicking them because their first option is pickpocket.
  5. I just finished the new quest. It was quite enjoyable. I tried doing it with fish only, but died so many times. On my last try in the 7 wave kiln, decided to use brews, and I blew right on by. Who knew it made that much of a difference. :) I also enjoyed the early bird reward. It definitely made it much more worthwhile. :)
  6. I had the same issue. To solve it I had to turn off tutorial mode when that was my last "task" and then when and fought Anvil and then came back and let me join the order. Hope this helps!
  7. Ugh, the name I wanted is still unavailable. Oh well.
  8. Ha! TET got shot down. Just Danger and Rainy Day to go... soon... no more color. Mwuahahahaha

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Pray that your buddy list doesn't become totally colorless. It can mean bad things. ;-P

    2. Mirror


      Haha, it'll just show how old my buddy list is. ;)

  9. Oh dang, just realize what time it was. I thought it was still morning. Haha, I'm just too antsy to see new updates. :)
  10. Yes, I care to talk about Behind the Scenes, not Behind the grammar. Ex mods to the rescue. So is it confirmed for today release or no?
  11. Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Since we are sharing the memories, I've got one I'd like to share: This was the weekend the revamped Community Relations team at Jagex started. Being personally thanked is a feeling that doesn't go away and it hasn't. With my time on the team, from the good and the bad, I can say I do not regret a moment with it at all. Thank you team members. Thank you team leaders. Thank you administrators. And most importantly, thank you to the community for providing the opportunity to be a part of this team. With out you, we would have not been here. I would not have met some wicked awesome (and some crazy) friends (yes, I'm talking about you Omni). TET may be done offering events every weekend for 7.5 years, but TET will never be done in my heart and my mind. May the memories live on. RIP Shiva. Bring on the fun. ---------- Enough of this sad sap writing. Bring me some beer and cabbages. :D Let's tear down those TET Towers! I want to push the button! EX-TET, Message Supa to get invited to our super secret skype lair.
  13. Best update Everything else = Good update Anything Orange = Meh Shame about the amulet of Strengh. hahahaha, really? This is just ludicrous.
  14. Best update Everything else = Good update Anything Orange = Meh
  15. Haha, I logged on to tip.it JUST to check to see if you wrote me a message. You win.

    P.S. happy belated birthday.

  16. Didn't even know this was still an issue. Shows how much I care. As said, just make it an offence.
  17. It's written by Jagex, that's why. :P Your argument is valid. Carry on scapers.
  18. Why does Char call it a training method as well as the news post say that you will unlock a new training method? That brings me to believe that the firemaking diagram is supposed to be the training method but if what you're stating is correct, it should be labeled a D&D, which is what I was agreeing with, thus why it shouldn't be called a training method which Kim brought to light.
  19. That is true. We've come to the point that D&D becomes a weekly/daily activity while "training" becomes something that is completed at anytime, not really having any type of regulation. But I mean, that's just because we've put it to those terms. It really is a distraction and diversion if you think of it that way that it does divert you from the regular course of gameplay to interact with it. Never thought of it that way but it does make sense and I understand the confusion. :P Also under what reward base are we putting the Book of Char under? I hope a good method comes out of practice with it. In due time no less. I think that's all it needs is some time to get used to it and figure out how it is best used.
  20. 10x too small?! Give me my xp please! So that's about 7.5k per diagram. Not bad. I don't like the mechanics of it to make it worth my effort, but hey, if someone wants to jump on it, go for it. I'll stick with the circus event instead.
  21. Finished the quest. Enjoyed it except for the "new training method." If anything, those 10 mins could have been used elsewhere for much faster exp gain. Unless I'm missing something, I won't be going back there. I will however enjoy the other training that came out of this and my new pet. Definitely worth getting to 91 firemaking just for the pet alone. :)
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