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  1. I guess you can get a happy birthday from me. :D

  2. Works with 6 items for me. Just fyi. [hide] Hood, Robe top, Robe Bottom, Sara Staff, Illuminated holy book, Sara cape[/hide]
  3. I enjoyed the way it was laid out. No req quest doesn't mean monstrous amounts of xp. Now the activity, that's another story. Light easy and worth your time if you have the items. Voice acting wasn't my favorite. I did enjoy the songs though (as long as they aren't as repetitive). [hide]The shriek during the quest gave me chills. I enjoyed that as well as the subtle ominous sounds when searching were great![/hide] Overall, an enjoyable quest. Not a grade A performance on the voice acting but keep working and you'll get there! Call me up, I'd love to move and help out with the audio team. :)
  4. Time to get my headphones and turn on the sound for the first time in a while. Hopefully this will blow me away. :)
  5. How much of a boost does the dominion marker give?
  6. Sounds like you ran out of cabbage money and sold yourself to crew. :P

  7. Sell out. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

  8. Spectator spots as well. YES! I'd love to see some evil chicken domination.
  9. Haha, all those people who solo the seduction skill. (forever alone)
  10. Yes please! This would be helpful to the QA team. I'd gladly spend some of my time to help out by beta testing.
  11. Just roll them back. I'm mad cause I'd love all the emotes :P
  12. Trappings? Follow the line of people running to locations? W60 Official? Ok, so the third one doesn't hold much water, but personally, I wouldn't mind being able to get in.
  13. Just checked and saw it broke 1000. I was listed as 1046. :rolleyes: I wonder just how high this will get...
  14. Just wait til tomorrow...that's going to be a que list to end all que lists.
  15. I would also suggest hunter spa mud bath. It gives a good chunk of levels to pump up with. I'm at 73 hunter right now, so I understand your pain. :P
  16. That water looks amazing! But yes, I've been enjoying the fruits of the triple xp :) Can't wait for the extra penguin points.
  17. I want the triple slayer exp but I do fear each spot will be FLOODED but good thing some spawns will be faster. :) Time to get the push for equipment that much more... Also, everyone do penguins in time for the double penguin reset! :D
  18. Hey, the Giants managed it, the Cubs might have a shot. 2015 Baby, that's what the sport almanac told me... Happy Apocalypse everyone! :P
  19. This counts as an incentive? What has this world come to... :mellow:
  20. Cat's have nine lives. Thus once used, it's finally dead. XD I enjoyed the event. I won't be able to attend the actual party cause I am busy. Hope I can get the other items else how. About the hood, I pulled out 5 death runes @ 72 runecrafting. Wish it gave me more, but maybe it gives more elemental runes. Also, it gives out pure essence, not rune essence. And last note, it eats tiaras as well, because it ate my omni tiara. Add another thing to the daily list of stuff to do. :)
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