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  1. jordan, if it is so easy why not get it. Only 1.1k People have it, if it was so easy shouldn't everyone have it? I would like to see you come up with a spare 80m. Not even exactly 80m, a spare 80m lying around.
  2. he has rock crabs, did you give up after the first paragraph? :o
  3. depends on your method #-o . Care to expand on your methods?
  4. very possible, but i don't think a first timer should do it with below 70, even very experienced "cavers" don't do it at 57, you should get 61 at least..
  5. i guess the only thing you can do it use your ignore list, if they annoy you or just tell them where it is..
  6. Nice total for your combat level :ohnoes: Ot: Gonga Jew was all 98s before he got all 99s at the same time (except slayer)
  7. i'd use nezzy helm, guthans is pointless in itself. :wall:
  8. why don't you have 99 cooking, i mean... First skills that would come to my mind when i am going for 99s is cooking. 1. Its easy 2. You can watch a movie and don't have to even look at the runescape screen until all 28 sharks/lobs are cooked. 3. Costs almost no money...
  9. Rare, the reason you have not stumbled upon a good pure is because you're not a very nice person to talk to... No one cares if you have 144 people in your list, my lists are maxed out on all my accounts... Also, You must hate no "pure" since your definition of pure does not simply fit, there is no pure (now) that has only one skill raised... (e.g. 1 Attack, 99 Str, 1 def, X-hp, blah blah blah...) I don't see why you're posting here if you have no experience with the pures of your definition. 2 years ago you said pures were ones that only worked on one combat stat... hm.. If i am not mistaken, RS2 was released more then 2 years ago, since the creation of rs2, there have been no pures of the like. Yes, in RS1 pures had only one stat raised high, with all other combat stats very low, but not now. The meaning of a pure, simply put (now) is: Someone who has little or no defense.
  10. If i am not mistaken, Ancient, Lunar, and Regular Magic have diffrent spell books, so you can't use all 3 at ones.. Either you use regualr and teleblock, ancient and ice barrage, or lunar and whatever.
  11. As someone stated before, max hit is 200 (when you're doing that quest) So, you should add something like Max P2P Hit (Quest): 200 There are quite a few mistakes, but i think others have pointed them out already
  12. i rarely go on now.. its like every 15-30 days for 5 mins to talk to people when i am bored to death, but since December i haven't really played except a few days ago. When i did play before, i wasn't addicted.. Maybe 1 hour a day.
  13. Just have to point this out because you're trying to appear very smart and sequel is something that follows; a continuation. So... Um.... the 3rd one can be called a sequel.
  14. wait.. doesn't the size of the website stay the same.. no matter the size of your screen..? So it would be a big screen with the same sized runescape browser
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