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  1. Closed at Author's Request.
  2. Yikes! This post just went downhill. Ok, all of the "Digital Thr3e", if you can't take criticism, don't post anything. Also, if another contest degrades into flaming like this, the staff will most likely not allow them anymore, so for the sake of everyone else, be nice. Chris, no flaming, and, going around the censor is not good, please do not do it again. ColAvanor, that was extremely uncalled for, any more stuff like that and you'll find yourself in an extremely unpleasant situation.
  3. http://images.google.com/images?q=angry%20face :)
  4. Cat picture is nice...but the text/border on it detracts from it a LOT....
  5. I honestly can't remember, It's been over 5 or 6 years..because I haven't vomited in the house I'm at now, and I've been here for about 2.5 years, and I didn't vomit at all in the house I used to live at, which was another 2 years...and I think I hadn't vomited at the house before that for another year or two earlier..so..yeah... I don't get sick very easily...
  6. That's possible Xander, RaenonD made a script like that that he and I used for a while, but it doesn't work properly on the new boards.
  7. You should take off "sig maker"... It's rather hard to explain really, but it makes you look bad/stupid...
  8. Not bad.. Seems a bit unbalanced though, maybe move the smilie closer to the center? I also don't like the mouth, you could convey anger in much better ways..
  9. Actually I believe it tells a good bit about what's in the "west" in some of Tolkien's other books, namely The Simirilion...
  10. No offence..but...what the heck? Is this a joke, or were you serious, or what?
  11. Pfft...you guys are too lazy to do anything anyways heh... So? There's always the thought of us hanging over everyone's head, 'cause if we can pluck up enough energy to get off our arses we decimate!
  12. Pretty cool, I suppose you were inspired by Huang's smilies a bit?
  13. Yar, it's Terregen, much touched-up in PS because I'm not very good with Terregen..:)
  14. Anyway..made this sig for the new boards...what d'ya think?
  15. Not bad, I don't like the pitch on the roof though, seems too severe... I also think you should try working on basics before worrying about texture..
  16. Check announcements board for info about avatars... Smilies, we're probably not adding anymore as of now, but that might change. Sig limits are being talked about, we may increase them slightly, but for the moment they're staying..
  17. Looks nice, I like the chromey effect.. I'd say make the "you are languishing in the realm of.." closer to "eeeeediot" and slightly more readable.. I also think you should try something other than a filterpile background...and get rid of that wierd little square in the lower left corner...or make more of 'em, either way...
  18. Aaah! *hiss* Noo! She musn't use the Neverwinter font, Precious, oh no, it is perilous, yes, perilous and newbish it is, Precious, yes...
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