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  1. I'm sad I couldn't be there for it's final moments, at midnight PST Love and solidarity. https://twitter.com/banditelli/status/1026427610065035264
  2. spender ackerman isn't paid to think atm hes paid to report and i can respect that. we both actually posted to makeoutclub.com - how weird is that? we're not syndicated. to get on a syndicater you need to be in 2 of the top 10 major markets ALREADY. we can probably get boston and philly but thats awhile down. next week were getting on a new station that will open the door for more non-commercial stations. we dont really plan on being nation we really want to organize pennsylvania. its part of a greater effort. sorta. hopefully.
  3. to catch up the nooblettes on the freak train here's pictures from the first one: http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y247/rsoergg/firstfreaktrain/?start=all anyway im off to bed. probably check this before work and after tomorrow. maybe mad can reply to that tweet from 6 months ago and update me! :shame: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCKZ8liyM7I
  4. Hey lead and crew. Rs story: After being in an adult clan with bwareofmef i finally joined DI in like 2006. I became an advisor and then we closed last year. y ([bleep]s). since then I've still been hanging out with alot of ex-DI first on Near Reality(an rs private server) then league of legends. these days im working INSANE hours producing a liberal talk show so i only get to game on weekends. i say we do what Limbaugh does with 49 people with 2 AND he has callers lol. i secretly think we're better because we're legit. i dont go on air tho. real life: it is what it is. gonna live fast and im gonna die old. i still need to lose weight and get a girlfriend but thats so far behind the revolution that it doesn't even matter;) fun fact: das1330 msgd me on facebook about this but ihad an environmental conference so i told him id deal with it when i got back, BUT i had a google alert for "oergg" so i wouldhave seen it anyway. [bleep]ed. up. fun fact2: i imported my MSN list to twitter afew months ago and mad4u came up. i think i msgd her with @name LOLOL??????? but she didnt message me back. no twitter etiquette i tell you - you can follow me on twitter @banditelli for all my daily ridiculous' fun fact3: i actually spent a good day or two trying to track your ass down 4-5 years ago cuz you promised me a blue party hat if you ever quit fun fact4: remember how i always reveled in your range level in rsc? well 66TH TO 99 RANGE IN THE WORLD MATHA[bleep]A! fun fact5: i still pay $5/month for rs. even tho quit when DI closed i refuse to cancel my subscription. its still a part of me. an evil evil part of me :cry: edit: im actually pissed i dont have a sig anymore. wtf! as to PDJ i saw him on awhile ago. now that wild is back im on more. im 27 but still game with 16 year olds. gah. this month would actually be my 10 year rs anniv.
  5. Although we don't actively post since Brian & Myself got our Runescape forum start on tip.it(blue/black forums what?) we figured it would be appropriate to post it here.
  6. I want the old icons back too! Talk about pre-schooling it up.. ya but thats a graphical issue and not a design flaw- im talking about a design flaw
  7. the main complaint seems to be with run, honestly i dont see why they fixed something that wasnt broken
  8. i lost the net over the summer and the day before i lost it i had like 7MIL in my coffer, this is 61 days i believe i still havnet opened the nests cuz i still dont have the bankspace
  9. lvl3s coudl wear rune in beta but that was a bug:P i dont think rune was out before the defense reqs, but im not sure
  10. omg.. ive brought 6800...im down to 3200..ive emptied my quiver twice...
  11. ask him how long it took- i cant believe that, he was on 103 too:((((
  12. ya they changed it to whoever got the level first is highest rank vs most xp i think
  13. just delete the room below the throan room;\
  14. omg kid famous got a head? i saw him at [email protected]@@ anyone friends with him? im over 600 now without one
  15. man and i thought cursed you had alot #-o
  16. hah, good job man, even if he was angry over it he couldhave at least asked nicely FIRST:P naw chewy to me it didnt look like he was taunting him, if he lagged out AFEW times ok, but i understand it happens, and considering that guy probably lagged out himself the server probably wasnt actin too happy
  17. ya it was the most asinine weekly message yet, i couldnt believe it; the only thing i can think is they put it there for f2pers to be liek OMG THEY HAVE CATS ON [email protected]@@!!:D Aren't the messages of the week different in F2P and P2P? Lol at Oergg and, I thought exactly that too Pirkka i dunno, if they are then jagex is jsut running low on good advice
  18. well i think he follows you even when you tele, so you might have had him outside and didnt notice it?
  19. youd *STILL* have to earn yoru skills guys, its just if you get 84 crafting youd need to pay to learn hwo to do black hide naw, itd just make people more greedy to make money in actual gp terms
  20. ya it was the most asinine weekly message yet, i couldnt believe it; the only thing i can think is they put it there for f2pers to be liek OMG THEY HAVE CATS ON [email protected]@@!!:D
  21. people are clearly lovin thieving;) another fun way is looking at my own highscores, on Friday, March 05, 2004, 11:49:40 AM i was ranked 666th magic(ya, im a dork, i screenied it) and now 666th is: *** [ MAGIC ]: Rank: 666 | Name: 4226868 | Exp: 13,367,239 [99] (the iron yis that 4226868 is on BOTH those lists, someone should point him towards this they might get a kick from it) also, for STR ranking, on Feb 15th *2005* i was ranked 18252, now im 82,351, it shows a disparity between the levels, we have ALOT goin for high levels, we dont seem to have as such a % going for midlevels tho but to prove theres *TONS* more noobs playing we cna look at firemaking highscores, on Thursday, January 16, 2003 i was ranked 8694th with 44 firemaking now today, level 44 is HALF A MILLION -RuneScript- *** [ FIREMAKING ]: Rank: 500000 | Name: Yazie Carian | Exp: 58,700 [44] how about woodcutting? everyone loves to chop? RIGHT well on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 i was 77 woodcutting ranked 227th now rank 227 is over 17 MILLION XP -RuneScript- *** [ WOODCUTTING ]: Rank: 227 | Name: Rappwr | Exp: 17,559,993 [99] edit: also looking at those above screenies you realize how huge the community has become, looking at the mage screenshot, theres only *FIVE* people on the list i wouldnt know enought o say hi to, a 6th who i WOULD NEVER say hi to but thats besides the point, even the woodcut screenie, you can obviously tell who i know, but even z3us i would know to see around
  22. you sicken me sir:((( anyway, it seems maple is definately the way to go for nests, im goin to change it to 100 mahagony 50 maple, i can always give them to noobs i guess
  23. err whered you get your information from? but maybe its worth it putting on maple for the nests alone, 4 nests at 50%?
  24. ..ya but a new skill is coming out...
  25. well they explained why they changed those, and we havent seen the new animations yet, so actually they *DID* change them for construction so we can sit and lay;)
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