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  1. well it depends on what perspective you look at it, any statistician /applied mathematics professor will tell you its the same chance of getting steads once is same as getting them b2b due to the nature of "TRUE RANDOMNESS." But if you ask another mathematics professor in the discipline of algebra/trigonometry/calculus etc... they will tell you its either [the chances of getting a steadfast boots]^2 or [the chances of getting a steadfast boots]X2, so in a way your both right, it just depends on what perspective you have and which kind of professional you ask :P Point here is though, if it was chance of steads x2 or just the chance of steads, then I'd have b2b steads 3 times already :P I have not found any evidence/claims of this posted ANYWHERE and I've searched trying to see if anyone has claimed it yet. Leads me to believe I am the first to do it and that it is much more rare than that. By the way, I use swiftkit, that is swiftkit's adventure log center. Ehh the chances of getting a pair of steads on kill x+1 GIVEN that you already have gotten one on kill x is the same as chances of getting one on any kill since drops are independent from each other. What quy is saying is that over a large sample on the kills AFTER you already get a pair of steads, roughly 1/750 of the time you will have another pair of steads, and thus, B2B steads. Okay, cool. The chance is of back to back is still the square of the odds of one pair. Very nice drops.
  2. Just got around to posting this, realised I hadnever posted it. Enjoy. I've never really trained magic, as such, generally I just alched my own bows etc. in small doses. But more recently, yesterday, I achieved these. They really weren't difficult at all, I found fletching and cooking more so. The inbetweeners. Should be in chronological order. [spoiler=..] I have to this date, not gotten a skill to 99 I didn't not enjoy, thus I do not expect to achieve 99 agility or mining.
  3. People are so [developmentally delayed]ed, flaming everyone these days. Proclaiming an achievement in a game pointless is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Even someone with 18 99s called this a waste, well sure, good luck putting 18 99s on your résumé. - Congratulations on your achievement, must have taken much dedication.
  4. Sounds irrelevant and completely pointless :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  5. To many [bleep]s on tip.it these days. I don't see a rate request. Good job.
  6. I laughed, when I saw your amount of pizzas.
  7. Congratulations, you're wrong. Godsword is better vs Dark Beasts by a mile.
  8. Surely the second best slayer guide on these boards, right after Axe man Jack's.
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