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  1. I have to copy myself onto a paper party hat
  2. false i'm a whole lot more bored then you tpum hasn't played "change the sentence"
  3. falshing banner ads arnt annoying ads that have an annoying sound and never stop are annoying. u can only subtract 5 from 25 once.
  4. if u are talking to me lordhathor i'm moving to type the message maybe ur not but i am. Birdboy60 u did the wrong sentance didnt u see the arrows the french dont think the french suck ->you will prove me wrong<-
  5. One day in a little town someone exploded, painfully from their cocoon eating a sandwich made from egg layed by chikens and it was spelt wrongly but was considered correct because the mayor did not learn the standard english grammar rules which are old becausethe evil dragon forgot a space to put his amazingly cool psp whos batteries died and exploded in a mess of blood which i cleaned with the mayor's wife's favourite cat and mayor's inner-wear while listening to and that was 4 words srry didnt notice the hyphen
  6. u can shoot spagetti out your finger tips but it gets stuck in your mouth and kills u by suffication. i wish my wish for a purple pineapple was actually a wish for a red penguin
  7. every one would die because they are a noob to someone else and get fed up and stop killing every but you. ->you will prove me wrong on this sentence<- lol
  8. every thing goes wrong but the U.S. nuke ment to start WWIII collides with someother contry's nuke releasing radiation that causes everyone (who didnt die from something else) to mutate and discover how every one can be happy thus nothing goes wrong in the scheme of life and the world is better off. I wish i had a actual purple pineapple.
  9. AshKaYu said if it is false it is true thus it's false thus it's true and just repet that if it is true it is false thus it's true so on it is a paradox so there is no answer
  10. Update: now all players will start at 99 in all stats and as you use the stat you lose exp and become weaker. also there will soon be negative lvs (example a player with -5 atack lvs will heal 1hp with each attack)
  11. u cant type without moving unless u have a new type of keyboard which i dont have thus proving movement is possible mine: the only thing that is impossible is impossiblity itself.
  12. false TPUM was TPUSOTM (the person under someone other than me)
  13. this is a actual story i'm in the pheonix weapon room gathering crossbows. noob:hi do u want to buy a key for 1k ME: r u stupid i have to have the key to be in here noob: so do u want to buy the key ME: wut didnt u hear wut i just said noob: no Me: i'll buy it if u kill that guy for 5k noob: sure noob fights the weapons master and dies i walk over and take all his stuf including the key
  14. unrelation ?? are u guys stumped or just not posting
  15. wow this got out of hand very fast. new sentence: wow this got out of hand very fast.
  16. Change The Sentence The purpose of this game is to make a normal sentence into a funny sentence a few words at a time. THE RULES: 1:Change only 1-3 words at a time. 2:You can add words, remove words, or change words 3:Type the entire new sentence 4:Dont change the entire sentence 5:The forum rules original sentence: lets get this game going.
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