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  1. Jagex is willing to destroy the game to get these people, which I cannot support. Which is why I have stopped playing the game, JaGeX has ruined itself and I am extremely disappointed about it.
  2. If they do this I will seriously consider haning up my RS coat. This is something that I don't say lightly. After about 3.5 years of playing RS, I saw it getting better and better. Some of the updates were controversial but we saw in the end they didn't do much to what we loved, this will. JaGeX is not taking this problem with a scalpel, but a clunky axe. JaGeX, please, don't do it.
  3. God no, we're the smart ones. I love hitting the {Cabbage} out of a Str pure and they're like "OmG, Def Lvl Pl0x?". Then they say "Def nub," and tele/run.
  4. ZMI is up there, image spending two years getting 99 RC the hard way. Abyss, alone, 16k an hour. Than a new method comes out, still make some money off it, and get about 30k an hour. That makes about one year of work in vain. To me ZMI will always be the worst update in history.
  5. JaGeX, what in the name of my dog Frodo have you done!? I rarely stake, but I mean, come on! I do occasionally go there to blow 10M on losses. It's crazy that the cap is 3k, 3 BLEEPING K!
  6. *Deletes file on computer* Ok back, Yeah, I think that site is a bunch of BS. There is no way to tell that information from the IP.
  7. yeah, or like spending 2.5 years getting 99 RC and then the month after they add this new alter, which gives twice the xp of crafting natures throught the abyss. That's quite annoying. OT: I don't like PC because It's a waste, just train slayer at the same time. Also because I don't like combat that much to begin with. Pure, I have nothing against. Strength pures I find stupid, because they always bow to my awesome defence and can never touch me
  8. I hate PayPal so much, the Customer Service there is beyond bad when you need something quite important done. Been waiting 3 weeks for a reply, sent it a few times even. OT: I hope the CEO helps RS grow and become a more seen gaming site.
  9. Ummmm, my pure is named Qizx. I don't see anything wrong with that name... OT: I hate most of those joke names, they get REALLY annoying. I also agree with the person who said he hates it when people don't type out their "DAMN" words.
  10. Did you even play other mmorpgs? Deaths do mean something. Usually, when you die you lose exp. When you are a high level, dieing once often means losing hours of exp. Umm, I have. I have played WoW(hated it) and you don't really lose anything dying, just walk back to your body and get back into the fray.
  11. Except let people know you're rather rich. I love my paper hat. OT: That I can carry around 250,000,000 golden goins in my backpack and not be crushed from the weight.
  12. Next time you see him, tell him I'm still looking for him. He owes me answers. OT: All he needs to do is go cycling through the F2P north of varrock castle.
  13. That.^ Or Runecrafting which I hate but it has been helpful. *smacks bini for hating RC* :P I think RC was the best update, that and/or TB(more sarcasm, yay)
  14. [b]When did you begin playing RS and how did you come across it? [/b] 3 years ago, I remembered a friend telling me about it 2 years prior to that. [b]How did you pick your name? When did you start to use Tip.It? [/b]My name is a fairly random name. I started in Feb of 2006 [b] Did you play any other MMOÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s and what type of other games do you enjoy?[/b] No, and I enjoy Zelda. <3: [b]Did you have any friends help you as you started the game?[/b] Yes, Deskjethp. [b]What is your proudest accomplishment? [/b] 99 RC [b]What is one of your favorite quests to do on game? [/b] All are mushed into one giant quest for me. [b]Are you a loner on the game or do you prefer to be with friends when skilling? [/b]Friends and alone.[b]What is your least/favorite skill? Why? [/b] Fishing. Lame. [b]On average, how many hours a day do you play? [/b] Summer 5-7 School, 10 total over weekends, maybe 5 over the week days. [b]What are your current goals? DO you have a favorite skill that you like working on more than others? [/b] 99 Fletch and 99 Mage are current goals. RC is my fav stat. [b]Do you ever think of quitting the game?[/b] No! [b]Has being part of Tip.It helped you in any way? How? [/b] Yes, I read interesting things here. [b]How did you come across the Tip.It website? [/b] Deskjethp. [b]What do you like to do outside of the game?[/b] Freerunning, soccer, frisbeegolf, and snowboarding. [b]What would be the one piece of major advice that you would give to all fellow Tip.iters?[/b] Trust no one, NO ONE! *unless you know them VERY well in RL. Deskjethp for me, friends for many years.
  15. I love black demons, just camp out there with guthans. It's a load of XP in combat and slayer. Also as others are saying, if you really don't like it, burthrope it.
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