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    GE potions

    Uh before skillcapes you made massive profit of making super sets (super att + super str). Buying the supplies at w2. Similar to smithing & other skills, capes simply destroyed runescape.
  2. As said before, the price on crackers will almost definitely rise as the supply has completely dropped off. Md3w was virtually the market for crackers and now that he is gone, there is hardly anyone trading. Most people buy crackers to complete sets, so when those people buy them, it is essentially removing them from the game (drying up supply even more). Untill they are banned / need the cash to gather new armour/weaponry. (Like first week after nex).
  3. Remember that things like AA are not in the hands of jagex. The actual rendering is completely done by your browser - and as such the browser decides what algorithms to throw at the anti aliasing requests. (Might even be not working). Also realise that the HTML5 3d (based on a new rendering machine "webGL" a weaker & much slower variant of openGL) are very much still a working draft, and that the exact details are not yet specified completely; so expect that certain parts are broken in one browser and working in another. Also webGL will never be capable of delivering really new things as the actual underlying hardware (graphic card) is simply not available from the sandbox; so no neat features your graphic card does have but an onboard chip lacks can be used.
  4. Well it was offline for 8+ hours, so not just a little blip in the interwebs...
  5. Well just to ask/inform: is the tip.it main site down atm?
  6. looks like all 4 seasons are on it in the picture (left to right spring to winter)
  7. Why would they add even more lodestones... Soon rs is just a "click here to be at green dragons, click here to be at yyy, click here to bank your items".... It also makes poh teleport rooms even more useless, as well as teleporting by itself (and having spellbook swap to be able to use them all)...
  8. Hi everyone, I'm back to annoy you once again :P. Almost a year ago I stopped playing runescape, but now I found I liked to get back to it to see how it changed. - And sure it changed a lot :D. (Nice gives me things to test & do). I'm currently in the process of seeing how that new combat system works, and looking into skills that changed (though changes seem to be lacking once again with no new skills). However there also seems to be a temporary event going on; that I heard ends today (24th). The lamp (pots) that give xp. Now I'm not a member (I first wish to see if rs has changed enough to make it fresh), however it would be silly if I miss this. I currently have 3 items, an ifrit pot & 2 ifrit handles. To my understanding if I would trade this handle for a spout I would have a complete xp-booster. Right? Is there an area/location where you can find many people willing to trade these items?
  9. Hi, not sure where to post this - it may seem a "clan" recruit, but I'm simply searching for a clan chat for dungeoneers. I know DGS & EoE. However they seem to be focussed only on US time & late european. With my work I can be online only during the morning in europe. 8:00-14:00 GMT. I went quite a few times to those mentioned chat (EoE), but I have to be terribly lucky to find 4 others than, let alone 4 others willing to dg. I'm now 100 dg; yet it seems with the drop in popularity I'm stuck doing solos?
  10. I am able to do infinite trips had I wanted to do so. But I'm simply noticing things; it was even stated here in this topic you "simply had to get the right equipment". I'm not sure about you, but I -at almost all 95+ lvls- have not 50m laying around to buy things.
  11. The issue with that is that your advice is subjective to your own personal idea of fun. He asked a question about range slayer - so apparently he likes that. He even stated he tried to slay all tasks using ranging. Please for the love of god, how much struck in a world of "fun is subjective should never be in help topics & everything anyone should say is cold hard facts"; tip.it seems to start to alienate me more and more. Actually who rs community ever since wilderness removal seems to start more and more be not about fun & actually evading fun in discussions.
  12. Say what??? Those animals have all the right to be there, you don't shoot them simply because they come to your "property". Wild animals are scared from humans, they only go to humans if it is their last option to survive & find food. You ought to blame your neighbourhood for YOU destroying their hunting grounds. hunting on its own for "fun" isn't humane at all & should actually be a crime (which in civilized countries it is), same for ANYTHING real gun related. Only professionals should work with weaponry; and they should be constantly screened & only use the weaponry in their professional environment. (And never should act alone to always keep a peer reviewing actions). You're calling me "crazy" for actually wishing other countries became as sensible as most european countries finally did in the last 30 years? I guess you're still gloryfying the cowboys as bringers of freedom?
  13. A gun is bad, and anyone owning one should be put in jail immediatelly. The only reason people have it is for hurting others: so by owning one you immediatelly show that you aim to hurt others & attempt murder/dangerous wounds. As such the gun always be prosecuted for that. Simply for owning a gun.
  14. Once again: what for low lvls? Barrows is at the moment something lower lvls only could do and gain decent money. But considering how much of a gear check this has become - what about them, what can one still do in the future? Farm to 99 all skill and then go boss hunting? Would make no one do barrows at all.
  15. Sigh. Stop construing a false point and arguing against it, its a logical fallacy. Stop saying stupid shit like "I doubt gold sellers have x amount of money" because you have no data to back up that stance. Also, saying "chinese gold farmers" is flat out wrong, as proven. You are calling all gold farmers Chinese, or else the only ones this would apply to. Another flaw. And ya pulli, I'm calling you a liar. You said that "its never even occurred to you people would do it" which is flat out BULL SHIT. For that to be true, you'd have to do at least some of the following: 1.) Not understand what many bots are used for (farming gold to sell) 2.) Not understand that like probably every other MMO game out there, there is a black market for goods 3.) Never have had your chat set to public in the past few years 4.) Never seen any chat in the GE/sometimes edge over the past few years 5.) Never read any of the threads about botting/scamming/people selling gold on any forum ever 6.) Never seen a gold selling website ad. 7.) Never had someone mention it to you. And the list goes on. So ya, I'm calling you a liar. When I'm done with RS, I'll probably sell my account to pay school bills. Same for Wow. I have legal reasons (as well as recent developments) that back up my belief that, no matter what the TOS say, Jagex/Blizzard can not actually claim full or partial ownership of your account. I also refuse to accept the argument that hacking/scamming are bad without a good moral standpoint for these statements, for by accepting that argument I also accept that any account/character has some tangible worth. Thus I'm stuck in a double bind. Either hacking is bad because for the tangible harm it causes, or it isn't because none of that which was taken was in any ways your to begin with. Heck, you can't even compare the later to taking something someone else has borrowed, because that item, even though it didn't belong to the person who you took it from, still has tangible value. I'm trying to think of something else that has no tangible value that could be used TBH. Can anyone think of something? I'd be interested if anyone has any LOGICAL and not stupid answers or arguments for/against this stance. those gold selling sites actually work? IMO I tried to research any of those and they had no payment number for customer relations. So they can't pay taxes nor can they work apart from amateur level. That's something I would never ever trust nor consider "large". It's just like spam: do you consider selling your old friends who you now never speak to spambots? The cost of a character is purely emotional & that is what makes hacking bad. All my items i gained myself, those are worth every second I spent and I know exactly how for each of the items I spent time to make money over the years. Hacking just destroys that. Are you a too cold economist to actually understand this? Can't you see the difference between emotional value being worth a lot more than any "tangible" value. Want an example: well look at ANY robbery; what people hate most is when their things like wedding ring, old photos & art that is painstakingly gained is stolen. Purely because of the memory those bring. In rs you also have a lot of value on each item that you earn: it is something you worked for. And the fact of working alone makes it valuable. Not the actual amount of time or the worth on dubious sites.
  16. Hmm I can't start this weekend's event.. But will there really be an event each weekend? - Might join the future ones left and actually pray the beta gets delayed a week :P.
  17. Meh missed everything up to now - and now I don't care enough to actually test set "events". If only I could test freely I'd be happy to, but I hate walking through set lines.
  18. Mate watch some of haxunits videos to enlighten yourself, there are other bug abusers that have exploited "game-breaking" bugs, those bugs I guess you don't know about So what; 5 game breaking bugs per 1000 lines of code is considered amazing - that's what you see in OS kernels.. In normal application, especially as fast as gaming, development you're talking around 15-25 breaking bugs per kLOC. As I said I have no idea how big rs is nowadays, nor how much each update involves; but consider that before you make those statements. Do you really wish to pay 850 dollar for a single line of code? Than each update would cost around 100 000 for the code alone.
  19. I really really wonder how new players would find these updates. Won't it be for example near impossible to train slayer while also training melees - trying to keep them "equal"... Can you beat the tasks of mazda at lv 50 stats?
  20. I will, because unless you haven't visited any major cities in Runescape for the past year then you have seen bots advertizing gold selling sites. And if you had your private on you got PMs from gold selling sites. I constantly get emails about viagra & cheap taiwan/russian "brides". Yet when I'm at holiday in Taiwan I didn't think about sex.
  21. Actually I'd have to say that there's already (too) much money spent on QA. When was the last time a game breaking glitch occured before this? Penguin points I think? That's back in 2009 (or 2010?); And before that fallador massacre? That's 2006. Ow and party hat dupe before that - 2003 I think (at least before I started playing). That's 1 game breaking bug every 3 years. I'm not sure how much KLOC runescape engine has; but that is not much. Only organizations like NASA can afford to give "practically" bug free code (17 bugs in the space shuttle systems were found, resulting in around 0.004 bugs / kloc) - but they pay $850 for a line of code.
  22. lol, actually thinking with myself: nope I wouldn't do it... Maybe I'd start with something like this, but after a minute or 5 I would grew tired and "say screw it, I'm going back to dg".. You wouldn't do something that makes ~16k an hour? Liar. And again @ mercifull. Just stop. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. "Chinese" gold sellers and all... Hell, within 2 minutes of looking, I found someone on a 3rd party website with a VERIFIED $1,000,000 TRADED. Granted, that's obviously no where near all profit (Its closer to 8-12% by the prices listed) but still it's not hard to believe. That thread alone has been there for over 2 years with over 2500 POSTS in his one thread alone. I'll be honest, when I'm 100% done with RS, I'd consider selling my RS account. As I grow older, I have more and more expenses to pay off, including massive student loans+ eventually law school. Same for WOW. Sorry, but real life trumps game. As well, as I wrote in the TIF times (And as seen by certain legal precedent) I don't believe Jagex actually CAN own the accounts and the items on them. But that is a different story. Ah calling names already? Until this thread I didn't even think about the possiblity that people would actually sell the ingame currency for gold. That simply isn't going on in my head. Call me a liar all you want, but I'd suggest you first learn people before you place your personal stamp on them. Some simply don't wish to get involved with money as much as you do (I consider it unhealthy to be frank the things some people here do get a "quick buck", from suing others to cheating). As long as I can pay my rents/student stuff, money is only secondary to me. How I would see is: "hey this bug is fun, let's try out".. "woooow much money to be gained"... "wooow, gotta tell others about it lol, this is really something". "...." "..... now what?" "meh I'll come back tomorrow again" *bored*.
  23. But than again my organs are legally my own. Yet selling them is one of the largest criminal offenses I could commit, you are just not allowed to sell everything you own. On top of that selling goods without giving others equal rights to gather those goods is an economical violation. But the question isn't about what's legal and what not: that also depends on a country & has no real space to be discussed in a forum made of several countries & no one with an international law background. It should be about it being immoral & disruptive for others.
  24. You know from a game design perspective cash is a very minor detail. Really such bugs can happen & no one will ever test all problems with cash like this. Non unit bug testing apart from standard use is very rare & only done to critical places. You're basically looking at paying 10 QA people to catch a bug once a year. I'm sorry but I as a player do not wish that most of my money flows to people doing such tests. I much rather have them spent money on developing new content. It is also the magic of numbers: you're looking here at millions of people playing the game for several years between game breaking bugs. - That's a lot of man-hours that a QA would have to spent for. Really this is like saying it is common sense to write viri; they abuse bugs and instead of reporting it to microsoft you'll just keylog a company for information. It's morally wrong - and people who are even sympathizing with this are for me disgusting, really I hope you'll change before I have to work together with you.
  25. I would never ever consider selling it for real life money. Sorry but that thought (even now) isn't occurring to me.... Ever. Look at this other game I play now 'diablo 3'. I've sold items on the gah, where on forums people state I should've sold those for some nice money; yet that thought just doesn't occur to me. In real life I make just enough to cover my expenses, and I live happy that way.
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