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  1. The wonderful people of w77. Still somewhat enjoyable.
  2. No modded gear on PC version. I doubt they will fix it on consoles.
  3. I better finish the remaining elf quest I have this week. I doubt Plagues End will be this coming week but I midaswell prepare. Clan xp buffs are exciting, more reason to cap is going to spark a lot of activity in clans.
  4. I tried the twitch integration and barely got 480p resolution output. Ran OBS at 1080P with no problems. The Runescape integration also adds client lag whereas I experience no lag with OBS.
  5. And here i am stuck grinding Divination while everyone is killing Arraxor. Looks like a great update finally some challenging content.
  6. The new faded memories are nice, afk for days.
  7. I think asking for bond donations would be more supported by the top ranking players who can't afford to use keys as an advantage.
  8. Green Dragons, work on dungeoneering in the mean time for Frost Dragons.
  9. make extremes until overloads, then make enough overloads for slayer and bossing. 500-1000 would be plenty depending on your disposable income. Then do warbands daily for the remaining 2-3 levels.
  10. The Amazing Spiderman Really surprised me and i liked it better than the first trilogy. I'll watch the sequels to this and hopefully its at least equal in quality.
  11. It's hard to blame the individual's gaining such an advantage rather than blaming Jagex. They obviously want the extra money from micro-transactions and could care less about keeping the game inline, advantage and competitive wise. Obviously the people who can afford to take advantage of the situation are going to otherwise the player in front of them will pull ahead thus making it "unfair" for them. It's a revolving door that rests on Jagex.
  12. Does anyone plan on doing some xp/rate comparisons? Or has that already been done and im missing it.
  13. I'm more frustrated at the fact that they segregated the game community with Old School. I would have rather seen the legacy changes than splitting the population.
  14. Hence i said performs marginally better. I have an i3 laptop 2nd gen and it performs 20-30 fps. It just depends on what gen and chipset he goes with.
  15. Lowering the resolution might help a bit. maybe fixed at 800x600 but even that is going to be taxing to integrated graphics on older laptops. The newer laptops perform marginally better with the new chip tech but you will still struggle with fps on high resolutions.
  16. Really didn't care for the EOC combat. Recently came back to try out the main game again and I really like the Revolution upadate. I can imagine the Legacy changes will draw me back in long enough to max again.
  17. Bought Tomb Raider with the money i got selling cards. I'm done buying games now.
  18. Selling the cards for 35 cents a pop. Might buy a game just from those..
  19. Bought Skyrim: Legendary Edition. I held off plenty since i beat it on xbox. Time to play it with mods and such.
  20. I'm trying other games currently. Add me on steam and battle.net if you have those. I'll message you the details.
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