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  1. The Wolf of Wallstreet. 10/10 Jonah Hill deserves an oscar.
  2. I got all the civ games was just duplicates i had.
  3. I have a Civ 5 key and a Gods and Kings key i'm willing to trade.
  4. Got Borderlands 2 GOTY for 14.99 and Left 4 Dead 2 for free on steam before the servers crashed.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834326009 Hey you said under 2k. If i was going to buy a piece of shit gaming laptop i'd go with that over alienware. Pro's: Portability, Looks cool, will run must games until next year when everything requires higher specs Con's: Expensive as hell, Will be outdated and not able to upgrade essential components. What i suggest is buying a 500 dollar laptop and a 1500 dollar desktop with your budget. Use the laptop to do work on, light gaming such as low detail settings and less intensive games. Use the desktop with dual or even triple screen monitors as a badass gaming rig with the option to upgrade the gpu next year when you will need more power for next gen games. Thats what i did and I barely even use my laptop over the desktop. But seriously, if you insist on a laptop research dell computer company and form an opinion then slap a alien head on what you research with some cool backlighting and that is what you're paying for. Razer i am sure aren't much better but I have like 5 razer products over the past few years all of which were great quality. Dell however, no luck there over the years.
  6. Progressed to 8/14 Normal SoO raiding so far. Really enjoying progression raiding with a guild. I didn't think i would enjoy scheduled gameplay but we're only raiding 2 nights 3 hours a night with 3rd day tentative.
  7. Started a new server, a friend is hosting it and it's now fully functioning with portals to Plotworld, PVP, and Survival. Just now looking for members, we're hoping to stream to twitch.tv as well.
  8. Quests should give you good enough gear to advance through levels, hell even dungeon quest rewards should keep your ilvl sufficient. WoW is based around total gear score.
  9. Progression raiding is definitely more exciting than seeing the dumbed down LFR content. Of course, there is always a casual approach to any game, if you compared blue gear to Runescape it would be like walking around in rune armour and trying to Nex. There is always a hardcore crowd who strives to be the best.
  10. VGA cable is a display cable and you said you plugged into the PSU? I'm not sure about your wording but it seems like your PSU isn't going to be able to display the 1080p you were wanting.
  11. What realm you playing? I'm on Thrall and enjoying the new SoO content. You are right about the Timeless Isle gear it will catch you up fast to be able to participate in 5.4 raiding atleast with LFR.
  12. Haha, I have D3 and GW2 as well. I couldn't get into GW2 but I plan to play D3 again a bit before the new expansion.
  13. You could come play wow with me I maxed on Rs3 before the new skill. Quit again due to the updates and my dislike for the skill and direction of the game.
  14. Anyone still play? patch 5.4 is coming out in 3 days..
  15. Save 50.00 and build it yourself. It's not hard.
  16. Downloaded Swtor and Guild Wars 2. I'm going to give both another shot and see how i like them since they've been updated.
  17. Got 196k Dungeoneering xp, and 19k agility. Nice daily xp.
  18. We're the Millers It was decent, just a goofy comedy. 6/10
  19. In order of most intrigued. Breaking Bad Dexter Game of Thrones The Walking Dead Homeland Can't wait till this fall.
  20. Skill is what i expected, not a bad gathering skill it's definitely more varied than say Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing when they were released.
  21. Fishing - c2 , BoL, Barb for fast xp or Rocktail with urns if you gotta afk and do work. Ranged - Should get enough xp from slayer tasks such as Waterfiends and Ascension members if you dont block them. Mining - Warbands Slayer - Save this for when you can afford Drygores, Wand & Book, GWD armours, ect.. Agility - Tears, Dailies, Pendants from dailies, remaining xp do Flash Powder Factory on Foreign worlds for 100-110k xp/hr. Thiefing - Pyrimid plunder until you get a few Ibis pieces then you can alternate that with Traders for afk xp. Crafting - Join a clan and cap cita remaining xp can be done with d stones or royal hides but it's going to be 20-30 gp/xp RC - Runespan its afk Con - Mahog tables for 800-1000k xp/hr depending on skill. Hunter - Herb habitat, collect supplies for Draconic Hunting as you go
  22. I'll be sleeping 6-8 hours per night and taking plenty of breaks so i can piss and eat without being rushed. I shall devote my attention to divination and get rank 5k atleast. Thankyou.
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