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  1. I'm not sure if the gem stalls sell them (and I'm even less sure if they aren't strictly all player stock and offlimits), but nothing says you can't just try to steal a diamond from the stall in Ardy.
  2. Good luck getting a depleted black mask for a slayer helm.
  3. Wow, that's super weak. What did they make it out of, pewter? XD What's the equivalent strength of the Falador tower shield? Also sucky?
  4. ..... How strong is Varrock Armour 3? Also, technically, anybody can earn enough points to gain a sacred clay set at SC and then just get that. Handy for all combat styles, so it's like carrying three types of armor at once! Of course, they don't allow minigame items. Varrock armor it is, then.
  5. Popular kids can be jerks too. In fact, many of them use that as their defining personality trait. At the very least, he holds enough clout to make Guthix respect his sovereignity, much to my disappointment. On a side note, I consider it important the fact that if the revenants were to regain physical form, there's a distinct possibility that they would be allowed to escape the wilderness seeing as their spirits no longer have to rely on the twisted energy of the barren wastes in order to hold their forms in this realm. But I may be reading into this too much. And even though none of the other factions in the matter are showing any apparent interest in their activities, it is quite possible that they are hiding their surveillance on it like anything else in order to conceal any activities that they are planning to counteract against the possibility of a revenant invasion. Also, revenant invasion sounds pretty cool just saying it. Aggressive creatures with abilities similar to players roaming free across the civilized lands? Gives me chills in me spine.
  6. Just a small side point, but to say that Runescape shouldn't get involved in religion when it is already armpit deep in all the god-o-riffic content that you could possibly stuff into one game is sort of funny. Other than that I think that we can just let this sleeping dog lie. I feel that there are better (well, more DIGNIFIED) stages to let this play out upon. A valid point it is for us to all accept, but there is a time and place for these things, and it is not in a silly video game such as this. Nothing against silly video games, btw.
  7. Saying that they don't want to tread on the toes of the veterans by reducing clicks sort of on the whole sends mixed messages about the company's previous actions. Is firemaking more sacred than any of the other skills they have made X for (especially taking into consideration the recent addition of Offer-X)? I don't see why it gets to keep a prestige spot when other skills like cooking contribute much more to the game and yet people consider it to be a "nooby" skillcape. And would this change be a such a large stretch of the imagination considering that before people were allowed to light logs from their inventory, one had to drop them and then set them on fire? I'm sure that change was as equal a removal of effort as the one proposed here. Removing the manual dropping of logs removes two clicks per log, and this one would pretty much remove the other two clicks needed to light each log if we don't count the three clicks plus typing a number to start the burning (unless they decide not to be jerks and put a "Burn All" option in). This all comes back to the whole game's basis on clicks, and frankly, I'm bored of the subject. I guess attitudes always change with time, so we really shouldn't take anything said to be set in stone.
  8. Whatevs. Don't need to be so drama about it. Agility still blocks off all the good places for shortcuts and a number of entrances to areas. I still think it's silly to block shortcuts to areas that I would have found useful ten levels back but now have no want for them.
  9. It'd be cool if they let us make our own songs (like Mabinogi but without the annoying day cycle). Maybe then people wouldn't have to turn off the sound for the game all the time.
  10. Too often we mistake conducting wrong acts against wrongdoers as being just, when in fact we have both done wrong and he just happened to do it first. That aside, I do likes me some popcorn chicken.
  11. If you consider picking up something that is basically sitting on the ground not to be free, then I think your birthdays must be pretty awkward when you have to work so hard to unwrap your presents.
  12. Well, he can't interfere himself, but like all the other gods, he is perfectly welcome to discreetly reach into this plane and push some pawns. I mean, all the cool deities are doing it.
  13. All the same, it's still equally as likely that Zaros has just led these poor suckers to the portal to serve him. The revenants wouldn't attack if they were directly under his command to not touch them. I guess we can only wait and see. Perhaps play a game or two in the meanwhile?
  14. The "Holy Ones" aren't unknown. A minute of conversation with one of the mystics and you'll find out that it's their name for the revenants. Unusual behavior for a revenant though, since normally they'd just fry any living being on sight.
  15. Please tell me how strange fruits are 'free'. When they were removed from random events, they set it up so that three strange plants would continously spawn in the patch of jungle to the west of Brimhaven. You can just camp there and gather as many as you want. I think free players should have the right to access some of that though (OUTSIDE of Brimhaven, silly), since strange fruits are F2P items, and removing the random event removed their access to them without having to buy them.
  16. It is tradition for most overlords to kill any lackeys they may see as threats to their position....even if that seems a bit unlikely when he's wielding a god's artifact.
  17. If you felt it necessary to delete my previous post because you were angry, then I don't think people really understand how to take a joke. You may as well delete the other post up there too, since he obviously is saying the same thing. I'll post what I was thinking about earlier while inserting more words into the post (to flesh it out so that we would have something to discuss) when it got deleted. Aside from the earlier point about all to most portals generally being purple.... It is fully within any Mahjarrat's ability to pose as a mystic leader in order to forward the plans of Zaros' return and such. There is no doubt that the whole establishment is mainly used for the purpose of constructing Zaros' army for his coming resurrection. To remind the ones who don't know, even though the God Wars was responsible for the real destruction that razed the wilderness and it happened after Zaros had left Gielinor, before then, his forces occupied the whole area, and part of the reason why it was destroyed so thoroughly was because afterwards everybody had been dead set on eradicating any form of Zaros' existence from the face of the planet. However, there was no chance of any of this plane's mortals ever defeating a Mahjarrat completely, so truthfully their efforts to rid the world of Zaros would have failed regardless of the player's repeated actions regarding the ressurection or freeing of many of them. Regardless of who they came from, it seems quite clear that the revenants now belong only to destruction without feeling, and are servants of Zaros seeing as that is his dominion. However, it is about as equally possible that Zaros has just manipulated a bunch of normal individuals into forming a cult since he has control over the slightest whims of most beings, seeing as his power is mainly the ability to twist the hearts of mortals to his will. A man can be made to think that he is lord of his domain, but in reality, the revenants lead him to this portal, and as previously stated, they are most likely under the control of Zaros. That being said, it does seem awfully suspicious that the head mystic wears a blindfold and never includes why he does it in the process of explaining his beliefs, and it could be to hide his unhuman eyes. You do make a good point that I didn't think about until now....when Sliske says that the barrows brothers should serve his god, most automatically assumed at that point that he was a normal, non-Mahjarrat necromancer who served Zamorak, but in reality he could very likely be a holdout for Zaros which is why he had no concern at all about sending them off to defeat the Zamorak forces so handily. However, once again, I am not sure if it is the same Mahjarrat, or indeed any at all, that controls this operation. I am quite grateful for the clay tools though. Really cuts down on the d-hide spending.
  18. If they were an old folksy type village, I bet you could have scared them into backing off with some gypsy voodoo chanting. Anyway, I can sort of guess which NPC belongs to which region. I'm glad they're going to have some sort of resting NPC on Karajma, since the jungle sort of forces you to run long distances through an annoying tangle of trees.
  19. Well, just for a second, consider that the people in the game world live in an alternate reality, and that you've been basically toying with them for years just to gain some levels. That, and I'm not really being all that serious. Besides educational thought exercises. And OF COURSE, we all know that chickens have no feelings and exist only to be formed into tasty chicken dinners or nibbly chicken nugget bits.
  20. ..... I wish we could have some nice clothes like that.
  21. Yesterday morning, I was heading to the Stealing Creation lobby where it dawned upon me these two things: 1. I sucked at defending myself in any other style than mage since melee left me prone to piling, and ranged was just plain ineffective at my ranging level. 2. Neglecting my thieving level had left me open to scoundrels who mocked me by taking my stuff, the most annoying being runes, and I can't block them when I'm attacking some other target. Granted, they usually died moments later when the others caught up and piled that person (in general the stealing folk were lower leveled and had no other way to defend themselves), but nonetheless I wasn't about to let some random schmuck gain amusement from my sucky thief level. With that in mind, I decided to go train thieving for a bit. A few bits of teleporting, a pile of tuna, and a carpet ride later, I was at Pollnivneach (horrible name for a town, really), maple blackjack (o) in hand. I'm not really clear on whether it's more effective than the (d) model, and I thought having some defense would be handy should the victim get quite cross, but I wasn't about to lose out on some potential increase in bludgeoning effectiveness, however undocumented it may be. Pointing at the nearest smooth-chinned bandit, I quickly tugged him into Ali the dyer's house. After shoving the woman out of her shop/home (the sun would do her good, I thought), I wedged said bandit into a corner, and began switching back and forth between knocking him senseless and cleaning his pockets of any gold that was tucked in them. And then the madness of tedium began to set in. After the first few runs, I noticed that I was gaining a significant deal more gold than I was spending in cooked tuna. Indeed, if I was spending any at all; the fish was basically free, having been obtained through a few years of mind numbing fishing at the Karamja docks, enduring both fire begz0rs and the piles of burnt, smelly fish next to burning flames that could never harm the dock in a million years. Regardless, 24 tunas were nothing compared to the 10k or so I gained from every trip, and it was slowly increasing with each level I got. A few more runs in, I had gotten the technique down right, and could now subdue the fellow quite handily. His protests against my efforts to steal and his attempts to retaliate were none too effective if I quickly managed to pick his pocket before he could draw his blade to assault. Then he would suddenly draw silent as if nothing happened. The same would occur if I fled to the roof. For some reason, a scant moment was enough to make him forget every single time I had liberated the contents of his wallet while he lay on the ground snoring for the duration of two seconds. I started to get more philosophical by every run. How did both my character and the bandit hear and see yellow birds when dizzy, when neither of us had ever seen a canary in the whole of Gielinor? Why were shaven bandits more challenging to steal from as opposed to ones possessing more facial hair? How did the man possess enough coins in his pocket for me to purchase a set of dragon boots (for indeed, I had managed to gain that sum eventually) and yet was only wielding what was either iron or steel equipment? Was there some reason that he refused to wear a helmet to shield himself from the regular head trauma that I continued to inflict? Why does he attack me when when I talk to him normally yet completely trust his curiousity to me when I lure him? When I was away, couldn't the man just open the curtains and escape? Why did Ali the dyer show similar signs of being curtain challenged? Had I sent her out of her property a few hours ago and forget to give her some sunscreen? (Edit: yes.) And then the truth started to seep in. I had just spent a few hours smacking a poor, nearly defenseless man around while I cleaned him out of every gold piece he owned, and not only was I allowed to participate in this senseless act of psychotic, criminal sadism for ages without any consequence (unless you count a couple randoms that gave me some noted snapdragons as punishment), the game was encouraging me at every step with fanfare, fireworks, and congratulations. Meanwhile, this guy was just minding his own bandit business, and suddenly I, some crazy stranger who has no other business in town, arrive out of the blue, trick him into getting hopelessly trapped in a cramped, tie-dyed building, and now I visit him on a regular basis to beat the daylights out of him with a studded thumping stick and take his money, and no doubt he hasn't eaten yet plus he probably has a family depending on his banditry paychecks to get by. I can hear the kids now, asking bandit mommy, "Why hasn't daddy come back from work yet?" and mommy has to say "daddy is just out on some important bandit business" while the kids complain that they're hungry, and she has to sit there worrying where the heck her husband is. In fact, that probably explains his sudden memory loss and lack of will to fight back. Every time I have the gall to pick his pocket right in front of him before he is about to strike, I steal a bit of his soul too, and bit by bit, he loses the spirit to attack me. Also, there's only so many knocks to the head before a man forgets why he is trying to kill me when I leave his sight for five seconds. Sometimes he remembers that I have killed his leader when I accidently address him like a human being, but that is quickly lost in the haze of bruises that I have given him. When I ask him to follow me, he hopes that I will lead him to freedom, even though it is mostly futile thinking on his part, or maybe he hopes that I will consider some mercy for his act of submission. Also futile. In the meanwhile, I consider my time away at the Shantay Pass a nice respite from all the torture (hitting that guy repeatedly without killing him is hell on the tennis arm), and since I get a tidy sum to use, I take the path of sloth and bribe the guard even though I could get a pass for just 5 coins, all because I don't want to have to use the extra slot that I could use to carry a tuna, and if he looks the other way nobody is the wiser to my coming and going, which is good when you're trying to not be found out when you have a kidnapped victim in a windowless building who the authorities are no doubt looking for. And what is all this pain and anguish upon one man's shoulders for? Besides the levels, all I really want is a slightly reduced chance at getting my runes stolen from me by lower leveled players, many of who I have fired large balls of energy at just for trying to gather clay nearby, while they clearly posed no other threat and wanted some points. One had asked for mercy, and I had granted it but called him a wuss. After a few moments of contemplation and silence, he immediately commenced to kicking the barrier I had set up, and I had struck him down on the spot for his contempt. Stealing the runes was their only joy in life, having one upped somebody that to them, was just another higher leveled character who held no sympathy while they camped near their spawn point and collaborated with other players to blast whoever ventured outside into oblivion, while their hurling of armorless players with the Redemption prayer on was all for naught since I had a full load of food and took bites between bouts of setting them ablaze and casually mentioning that the conflict was not going too well for them. (And yes, I was quite polite about that, instead of the "haha pwnt those noobs" you usually hear. That's just rude, really.) I had considered giving up this whole act of depravity altogether to take a stand against this immoral behavior and prove that mangling another human being for profit wasn't the only way. And then I noticed that I had hit level 65 and could move on to smacking some Menaphites. I hope the purple guy I trapped in that hut can last for fifteen more levels than the bandit. ------------------------------------- So how about you? Have you ever thought at some point that the NPCs whose existence you were manipulating and destroying for your own gains had lives of their own and deserved to be respected and treated like people? Even a little bit?
  22. I imagine that they just want to differentiate the tree model names because after about 20 different tree looks all referring to the same thing, it gets tedious sorting through them all.
  23. I was surprised to see one, but chopping it down just gives normal logs. No big deal.
  24. How does the limit on SC work? I've been able to buy multiple morphic tools at a time without a problem.
  25. Is it? I consider it to be a small part of a larger story arc about the Mahjarrat in general.
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