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  1. To put it bluntly, would the game be better off if we all just shut the hell up?
  2. I swear, someday I'll have a multiplayer game where all the users are required to earn minutes in the chatroom by playing a minigame that awards talk time based on how many words you can spell correctly. Sure, it may not necessarily stop trolls, but at least all the trolls will be literate, and will have earned my respect and the right to shout badly written obscenities at me while I call for security.
  3. Well, I suppose you can't be annoyed if the guy was dumb enough to hand his account over to a guy like this. Or that the other guy is bluffing to make himself look cool. Which doesn't really work even if it was right. I don't understand how so many people can be all "how iz uh talkun bad? i c no prob wth my spelnz" and such.
  4. Dragon claws are really high priced due to both the difficulty of getting them and the PvP demand, due to aforementioned special. Dragon plate looks okay, but frankly isn't worth the price. I'd rather have Trogdor emblazoned on my torso than that strange jagged butterfly they call a dragon. The "I" is for "I REALLY SUCK." The PvP bug basically counts stuff stored on your familiar as a factor in how much rewards you can get from PKing (the system bases rewards roughly on risk rather than direct inventory drops) while you are on a F2P world, which means that your familiar won't be present, and will not be actually risked while dying repeatedly to gain potential. After you're done getting roughed up, you can hop back to a members world, knock almost any shmuck over who gets in your way, and gain piles of loot that violate the laws of equivalent exchange. However, the staff are aware of it, have logs that show who has been doing it, and were pretty much just waiting for the rest of the team to come back from Easter holiday to go to town on them. In the meanwhile, this has caused DFH and DFS to drop in price since those are drops from the PK reward system and are extremely easy to get with an artificially inflated potential in the millions. I am not up to date on recent activities, and cannot confirm exactly how the J team plans to crush them mercilessly under their heels. It will either be overblown, or not satisfying in the least. Oh wait, that sort of means the same thing. Economy seems to be getting more annoying by the day since merchants are manipulating prices, but hey, that's what they do, can't change the animal. There appears to be no end in sight until somebody does something really, really [bleep]ish for money and pisses off everybody to the point that Jagex decides to do something dumb and ruin the game because people won't play nice and they want to make a dramatic statement with their actions and on the whole, is ineffective because we're all pretty stupid. Nobody will learn anything from the outcome. We'll act like it changed something, though. Mostly, we'll be more moody and unsatisfied, which will justify the next set of deplorable actions we are likely to take part in when opportunity throws a grenade into the house. The old standards are still there by any means, since most of the new stuff gets taken hostage by price manipulation. Sure, the spirit shields and dragon doodads have nice stats and look fancy, but we can't use em cause some [wagon] wants to make money. And I guess wanting more money isn't that bad, even if you have to essentially remove content from the game until somebody pays you to give it back, because the money's that important to you.
  5. Well, it's not as if they can get any pictures when he hasn't even gotten clearance for getting the art team to do stuff. I think they might have some sketches next time, though...
  6. Well, if you're a member and don't have access, I think you're the kind of person they don't want to be greeting the newcomers. XD
  7. Don't forget, you basically drink straight from the keg like it's a giant thermos.
  8. This sort of sounds satirical. I can't tell if the person is joking or not.
  9. Yeah, come to think of it, when the guy removes the suit right there, he could have easily just given it to us instead of throw it away, or whatever. Granted, most of us wouldn't have probably fit in that thing (it's a bit short), but I would have enjoyed freaking the crap outta people. "Hey kids, I'm giving away tradable nondegrading easter eggs!" *runs away*
  10. Great, perhaps now prayer flashing will actually work properly.
  11. Okay, okay, we credit you. Just stop being silly. I want to be disappointed right now, so I hope they hurry it up.
  12. Incoming update? Hold on, lemme get my earmuffs. .... Mkay. Now I'm ready. I wish I could replace my banshee slayer tasks with RSOF ones. It'd be much more satisfying. EDIT: Event newspost there, but the article is broken. Jagex fail. XD
  13. Case in point: when Zanik comes back out of the portal, when she asks you how long she's been gone, it's sort of confusing that you have a choice in answers, and that technically they're all right depending on which player you ask. If it ever gets to year 170 (well, it SHOULD be past that already. We've had several Christmases. don't tell me that it's not entirely messing with continuity there), I want to celebrate with more wacky time travelling adventures. Meeting History was the most fun I've had in a while on a quest.
  14. You mapped the "top ten rs moments" button wrong, because it affects the button below it instead of the one you're hovering over. Fun read though.
  15. ..... I can taste the possible irony of people using those 20 posts to rant about how they only have 20 posts. The smart thing to do would be to allow unlimited access to these "select" players since abundance leads to contempt and apathy.
  16. I'm bored of this, neither one of you is going to concede to either side's argument (because one side is an idiot, and the other side....is a idiot) and I'm just going to derail this. Er, rerail this. So, aside from having to create a separate area for F2P trading (F2P quests don't have to be separated since they're all quests anyway), do you think this will help anything? I know that if people had more incentive to look at the forums (such as not being a second class citizen), they'd know more about the events (Jagex Cup anybody? No point in having an F2P event if you can't register in the forums because you're F2P) and be able to participate in the question jams. Of course, that also means that there's going to be a lot more "BRING WILDY BAK" posts. Sorry dude, there's going to be HUGE AMOUNTS OF SPAM with some gold nuggets here and there, and the chances of them being found are drastically low. I mean, take a look at how P2P players conduct themselves. Now think of that, but several times larger, and angrier (despite the fact that they just got forum freedom). We can only hope for the best. Either way, I don't use RSOF much anyway, so who honestly cares? You can't stop them from changing their mind, there's just too many F2P people and Mark has to please them all, the gullible puppet. XD
  17. Elementals are more concept than physical beings, but unlike many concepts, it is possible to beat them up and take their stuff. But yes, it is sort of fun. I mean, if you look at the earlier chaos correspondence and look at the new quest, it's obvious that the tiny random message is from Baba Yaga. How exactly that happened to be in there, we have not much of a clue.
  18. I....cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or not, but either way I agree. XD As in, one way, I say that I would like me some octo munchies (that doesn't take a jar and nonstackable bait that I have to fish for first), but on the other end, I'd totally be with you on the fact that right now I think you're reading WAAAAAAAAY too much into a song reference that was made just because it happened to fit into their play on words. This is Jagex. They are not rocket scientists. They do, however, like Tekken and soccer video games.
  19. During the interview with the art guy (Mark Brassington), I noticed that his monitor had a wireframe model of a yeti.
  20. Could be. Why would they have AGI levels is beyond me....
  21. Am I the only one who is irritated by the amount of "old film" screenwipes that they keep using every other shot? What is this, the early nineties? Also, I guess that's why we're not getting much lately.....darn soccer videogames and foosball table.
  22. Well, the fight with it is pretty hard considering that there's almost no quick escape, you can't use pray, you have to solo it, and it has multiple forms and minions, and you can't recover any of your dropped stuff should you die. I think. I can't quite recall the exact details. The ten cards are of the top ten according to Reldo, so of course they didn't put the others. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't already have cards of the ones you mentioned, though. I'm not sure, but I think Thammaron is either dead, or not in RS anymore.
  23. I've had the book for a while, although I never read it. I'll have to go look at it sometime. In the meanwhile, I'm not sure if we're supposed to interpret anything from that, but fun to think about, eh?
  24. Man, I bet if they make a random reference to tacos, everybody will be like "GIVE US TACOLAND". Anyway, the whole part about some sort of planetary ceremony and the fact that Lucien has crazy artifact powers sort of makes me jittery. It'll probably still be disappointing to most, though.
  25. OLDSKOOL Honestly, I think they're good for just having, sort of like having your all-stars from runescape in one collection, except without the bubblegum. All of the nerd, none of the having to pay anything for it. I had no idea that all of these creatures were known to runescape trading card makers (wizards who live on the coast, I believe) from the time Reldo was a child, though. I mean, even he didn't know about a few of them until recently. On the whole, it's nonsensical! Somebody should mail in about that.
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