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  1. I use the guides when there's a high probability of death.
  2. Even though they can't hold onto an item forever, it does allow them to gain large amounts of capital, and use that to further their plans. This will either continue until they screw up, they get bored with making money at some point, or it gets to a bad situation where Jagex decides that they have to do something (too late as usual) and do something drastic (because they figure the ends justifies the means).
  3. Is it strange that this made me think of Joe vs. Volcano? Anyway, I do use a generic set such as this, except with a rune def, the fancier version of the glory ammy (why not have some quality bling, I say) and of course my neit helm since I did most of the quests (for fun). And of course the barrows gloves. People blow things way out of proportion and rfd was a lot easier than most things I've done, like say, Dream Mentor. I tend to avoid combat most of the time since it seems sort of....boring, but at the same time, so is everything else. The main driving force behind me wanting any skillcape is stylistic opinion.
  4. "Devourer" situation aside, I suppose they can't keep up the trade kidnappings forever, but still, there's some items that have a middle ground between "rare enough to buy out" and "useful enough to be quite annoying when you want to purchase it", and every time they win out on a redistribution of wealth, this allows them to fry even larger fish. I mean, sure people get burned out on merchant clans after a sour deal, but that never seemed to stop scammers, hackers, or botters from multiplying... You give people an inch on the internet, they take it all the way to the moon. Even a small time thing such as price manipulation is gold rush territory when Jagex's policy is lax, and since the lackluster handling of the PvP exploit, people are more ballsy and jerkheaded as ever.
  5. Yeah, I pretty much didn't understand the second article's symbols either. Was speed taken into account though?.... Also, people train at both cost AND time, so it's up to them to decide what they want. At that point their threshold for cost vs time comes into play and depending on the budget folks will either opt to train by using a lot of bone bolts and watching TV while their char fires for a couple hours, or pay attention and use broad bolts instead. Either way, I find it strange that you can't really fire anything other than bone or standard type bolts (and of course, the grappler) on Zanik's crossbow canon-wise, but other than that I suppose there could be some sort of balance issues or inability to make the game both understand a charged up shot and a non-standard bolt.
  6. Hopefully this will introduce something new to do with hunter and fm, those skills are pretty danged boring.
  7. Well.... Do you notice how things have become a bit buggy these days? Before, they had a smaller game to work with. Sure, they had to build up all the cities and places to go and things were sparse and two dimensional, but at least you knew where your eggs were. (In the farm north of Lumby, of course.) Now everything's scattered everywhere, and you're basically trying to drive the Titanic through an icy sea while the passengers are complaining that there's nothing to do onboard (despite the fact that you have a large array of facilities), and the bustling kitchen crew has just burnt dinner and now they'll have to start over plus hey what's that giant lump of ice doing there AHHHHHHH- That's how I see things. EDIT: There's a lot of things in every game that nobody really knows about or appreciates aside from the creators, but they exist and nobody knows why, really. Creators are silly people. Plus, Andrew says a lot of things. But do people tell him to stop his inane jabbering? Nooooo.
  8. This could have happened ages ago, before Jagex became mired in corporate messes and large player base management. Sure they're busy NOW, but before, they seemed to be holding things together fairly well.
  9. Well, if this is true, there are some benefits: - If you attack first, you could gain a higher chance of landing the first hit. - If you're safespotting an opponent, your hits would have a higher chance of landing since they can't reach you and retaliate. - In a PvP situation, if somebody tries to eat/pot/run away during a fight, you'll have a higher chance of hitting them during this time, which is nice if you're trying to spec/freeze/bind/teleblock them. Of course, there would also be the downside of you being subject to the same thing, but to be all the more careful before being forced into a bad situation is a good thing to learn.
  10. Well, player mods (and hired mods) are a mixed bag. On the one hand, a lot of it is reliant on how they conduct themselves, and on the other hand it is up to the management to figure out which players are actually helpful and not just pick the most popular players out of convenience. They also have to figure out how many people they need and make sure that in case of quitting or absences (common in this line of work seeing as many people go mad within days or are already crazy before they start since some HR folk see endurance of insanity as a plus), there are more candidates almost immediately available to throw out into the writhing player masses. Plus, they also set the guidelines on how mods are supposed to operate. I'll bet anything the mods you saw spamming the cash store items in that other game were either forced to do it, or they have automatic announcements that spam advertisements without any input on the behalf of the mods, and therefore can't really stop it.
  11. Well, there was also DOMO, but other than that, pretty much your cut and dried stuff all about.
  12. I don't think it's actually a suit of armor to begin with, but you can use the pieces to forge into a wearable armor. Sort of like how you make dragon hides into chaps and stuff?.....except at several thousand degrees worth of heat and a one use hammer. My opinion is that these were normal demons that got some crazy cyborg-like grafts.
  13. The demons are fused with pieces of dragon metal to make them extremely tough (and judging by the claws, extremely sharp), and then cursed to enrage them and bring out their strength. Plus, y'know, they're generally not nice to begin with.
  14. They've also taken over watermelon seeds and high level tree seeds too. Which is sort of cruel because watermelons are nigh worthless.
  15. Y'know, they don't always deal in rares/pricey equips. Some of the stuff they've been taking advantage of are high level commodities.
  16. I've never really played another MMO where entire areas threaten to kill me unless I have the right equipment on, from the monsters to the zone hazards. Good fun, really.
  17. Fringe is okay. We might see some bellbottom jeans [bleep]e in price shortly. :P
  18. I was playing GOP before they decided to modify it to throw off 50/50 games (although since they adjusted the player distribution, I am okay with them doing it), but now I am into late night SC games where I am not fully coherent and will do many silly things due to sleep deprivation. It's almost like drunk gaming!
  19. You do realize that I had been beating him up for the course of almost an entire day, right?
  20. I believe that the stalls in Runescape are fueled by some magic mechanism that delivers goods from Make-X sweatshops.
  21. Actually, the mustached bandit gives 50 gp per pocket swipe, and the Menaphite 60 gp. Which adds up to quite a lot if you're punctual about it....but I've already explained that more or less.
  22. Wow, I can't believe you folks took that 15 minute scribble (well, it was more like ten) more seriously than my family takes my actual comics. Anyway, a messy line style doesn't necessarily mean bad structure unless it doesn't make any sense at all. (I'm looking at you, Dresden Codak.) And yeah, the lead up to the punchline was sort of empty. But so was mine! But I usually don't put that much effort into proving a point.
  23. Well, it really depends on what he's aiming for. Perhaps there will be permanent characters with ongoing stories later on, but throwaway people with cheap gags doesn't hurt starting out.
  24. Hey, it's all about the presentation. *fifteen minutes later* See, even with the most slapdash of efforts, you can be a bit funny. Hint: The joke is that the newbie is left-handed.
  25. You'd also be surprised at the variety software that you would be able to pirate. :P But srsly, even MSpaint can be used to make style, just stick to the paintbrush's big dot mode. Note: The poster does not approve of piracy. Wink wink.
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