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  1. i prefer this to assuming everybody is hetero in one quest and then guilting you into it the next come to think of it, i'd prefer it if the world were the theoretical one where these things truly don't matter, but a certain western social structure has grabbed the reins for several thousands of years, making that impossible for however long it takes to undo it once people start actually trying to, which might be never then i wouldn't have to be a hip and edgy political statement/marketing tool, but a person who people would stop playing blind comedy anthropologist at when the mere suggestion that somebody like me was real :///
  2. for the most part, this scripted event is mostly useful to disrupt your fighting every dang time when they want to swap however, there are certain...interesting behaviors displayed when you force them to switch to melee about: gender in this specific case, since the npc is a woman, the npc is a woman full stop
  3. Jagex has some difficulty deciding on what color gold should be, but at least it's not butter. Gold sets could definitely use a bit of actual metallic polish though.
  4. masses are allowed, so everybody can just go to nex
  5. i wonder if they added the gauntlet thing at the last moment when i commented on it
  6. when i think fast fishing training, i think lrc
  7. yeah, it's much easier to ignore the guidelines when it's convenient, like they're already doing now
  8. well, at least now we can't be disappointed if it turns out completely different from the concept art
  9. So, they decided to delay the cape for now since the guy in charge got into a big fight with the users and they are doing another Invention and pushing it back while reconsidering the "guidelines" which seem to cause more issues and be waived frequently in favor of masochists anyway instead of actually helping.
  10. makes coifs craftable doesn't do anything for metal gauntlets
  11. if they were ever going to update livid farm, it would be to add aoe explosions and a pet to it
  12. guess who decided to piggyback off of a runelabs update http://imgur.com/a/Cmp0L that's right your friendly neighborhood money grubber
  13. http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/3e6r6h/yakamarus_familiar_glitch/ http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/3dz35m/mod_kalaya_says_yakamaru_is_a_challenge_and/ mod chris could have waited maybe a week perhaps
  14. my results roughly match those of other players posting their vyre burning shiny key drops, with about 620k value loot for 50 shiny keys what with the statistical anomaly of a sara plate on top of that i'd also like to add that due to the looting system and the fact that the key pedestals are close enough to each other, you can just burn a whole bunch of them in one go side to side and then click a key stack and siphon both stacks into your inventory in one shot
  15. don't forget to factor in the 12 essence stored in the chest cavity of the ethereal set
  16. after sawmill there wasn't really any point in holding back if we're really being op they should include glass production, saving on glassmaking, and randomly creating protean hides while tanning
  17. something like the tiny sack of spices or sharktooth necklace, but not garbage and actually useful
  18. The rest of the energy from Bandos might have just ended up in the explosion that created that hole in the ground, but Armadyl did take in a substantial amount of power, roughly equivalent to that of Saradomin when he captured the Lumbridge crater.
  19. I thought JAG was forcibly retired. When I activated the authenticator, it removed it for me automatically, anyway.
  20. If V was ever previously a stone toucher, he isn't now, either by retconning, or not actually ever being a stone toucher. V is considered a user, your character and sliske are considered touchers, and neither of them have been particularly of interest to the dragonkin at all, given how much more priority the users have as far as the curse is concerned v didn't necessarily ascend by using the stone, but he used its power to attain more through other means, and it is considered bonded to him now
  21. i would hope that at least some of them actually did something with themselves after leaving instead of end up with mobile/p2w schemes
  22. for some reason the title unlocks were shut off, at least for me, having missed the last one :P
  23. make sure they notice, put a dumb image macro on it so they post it to facebook
  24. you're grasping here, v is repeatedly throughout the quest referred to as a false user, in fact the kin only acknowledge him with that name, and refuse to call him v or anything else
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