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Things to do at the Grand Exchange?


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I'm looking for things to do at the Exchange during the schoolyear, because i won't be playing much.




So far, i've brainstormed:










(YOU suggest some!)




But i'm already 99 Fletching, Firemaking, and Crafting ;). So, have any other ideas?

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Well here are some of the activities possible with help from the Spirit Tree:




Gnome Stronghold


*Woodcutting - yews and magics


*Agility course (albeit low exp)


*Mining underneath Grand tree


*Killing the Giant Tortoises




Tree Gnome Village & Khazard Battlefield


*Close to a Farming patch


*Relatively close to the red salamander Hunting area




Poison Wasteland


*Chompy Hunting


*Warped Terrorbirds (decent exp, no charms though)




That is what I can think of for the Spirit Tree. Also, if youhave the Varrock Armour (3) you can buy some 80 battlestaves from Zaff in Varrock and sell on the GE for a profit of like 90k a day.

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Well you have restricted yourself to a pretty small area. Aside from merchanting, people generally only use the GE to buy and sell things as it is a pretty laggy area sometimes. You said you don't want to Fletch, Craft or Firemake, so really there isn't a lot to do within that area. I suppose the Abyss is too far out as well?

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i must ask, have you been banned from the rest of the world? lol




Yes he is.


Hes a merchanter.

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Nope ;). During the schoolyear, i'm not going to be on much, so when i am, i'd like not to have to run halfway across the world and back for a few experience. I could use the Smithing Experience, anyway, so i think i'll do that. Addy Plates <3.

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You could do tree farming at a couple places. Use the spirit tree to hit the wood and fruit patches at the Grand Tree, and the fruit at the gnome maze. Also the fruit tree at Brimhaven if you grow a spirit tree there. Do it once a day and your farming will gradually go up for basically no work.




You should also do MTK every few weeks- free money for almost no work.

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because of ur school year u r probably looking for the activity that isnt really active and dangerous.




wat i suggest is do investments in GE and ur money will grow! log in for 5min and put ur money in ge and then go to bed and next day watch it grow.




pros: ur money will rise with little effort and little time playing


cons: u might lose money if u invest in an item which is losing price.




another thing is just do any buyable skills however they cost lots of money.


ur options r smithing from bank to anvil in varrock and alching. also prayer.




irl: if ur trying to limit rs so u can do hw etc. these might not be the right solution. unless u r a great multitasker. if u really want good grades and need to limit rs then just dont play until everything that is needed to get done is done.

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You could try Super Heating and Herblore?




EDIT: Drat, you are 99 Herblore. Why not try Prayer? But then it would probably be more beneficial if you used a Guilded (is that how you spell it?) Altar.

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