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Slayer Gear


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my usual slayer set up is guthans body and legs d boots fury wealth slayer helm whip an rune defender takin guthans helm an spear for emergencies lol u can always change rune def for dfs or obby shield


an keep ya dhide ready for certain tasks hope this helps

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It depends on the task in question,






Black mask/slayer helm (soon)






Rune defender


Torags chest


Torags legs


Ring of life


Dragon boots


Cooking cape :D






Archer helm




Karils chest


Karils legs


Rune C'bow


Zammy book


Snakeskin boots


Ava's accumulator






I never mage slayer tasks :wall:

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I use:




Slayer Helm




Trimmed Cape (Fire Cape is better if you have, I'm just too lazy to do Fight Caves)


Guthans Body


Guthans Skirt


Dragon Boots


Barrows Gloves


Warrior Ring




Whip / Rune Defender or Sara Sword




Guthans isn't the best Barrows set to wear stat wise but it is all you need and saves you space whilst swapping in helm/spear to health. If you fight mage based melee monsters then use Karils body/skirt. If you are praying use Proselyte body/legs.




Always use a super attack/strength, average task uses 2-3. If you're getting hit a lot then bring defs too (Hellhounds for example). Bunyip is good for most tasks, Guthans is almost not needed but best to take for safety. On tasks you pray on a Terrorbird for loot is good.




If you are rich then it is worth investing in a cannon for certain tasks.


Trust the Gene Genie!

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Slayer Helm


Amulet of Fury


Proselyte Top (Karil's Top for mage defense)


Proselyte Legs (Verac's Skirt when defense is needed/Karil's Skirt for mage defense)


Slayer Cape (Fire Cape)


Abyssal Whip (SGS for specials)


Rune Defender (Dragonfire Shield for dragons and wyverns)


Dragon Boots


Barrows Gloves (Combat Bracelet if I'm lazy)


Ring of Slaying (Ring of Life if it's high risk like scarabites or warped terrorbirds/Berserker Ring)

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Slayer Helmet




Skillcape (T)


Torag Body


Verac Skirt




Rune Defender


Barrows Gloves


Dragon Boots


Berserker Ring




I switch out Torag and Verac armor for Proselyte Body and Proselyte Legs when I'm doing a task I need to pray on. I also swap out my Rune Defender for my UnHoly (Zamorak) Book for the attack bonus and the prayer bonus.


Current Whip Drops: 9 Current D Boots drops: 27

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Slayer Helmet, Abyssal Whip, Rune Defender, Ammy of Fury, Barrows Gloves, Dragon Boots, Ring of Wealth, Bandos Chest, Bandos Tassets, QP Cape.




I switch to Black D'hide Body+Chaps for tasks where I'm up against magic-based monsters.




I use my DFS when I'm on dragon tasks.




Then I bust out my BGS for spiritual mage tasks.



Slayer Drops

Dragon Chainbody (dust devil), Dragon Platelegs x2, Dragon Plateskirt x3, Dragon Boots x38, Dragon Med Helm x5, Dragon Spear x3, Shield Left Half x4

Staff of Light x2, Abyssal Whip x16, Dark Bow x17, Granite Maul x17, Focus Sight, Hexcrest x2, Black Mask x4, Leaf-bladed Sword, Mystic x31, Obsidian x13, Brine Sabre x2, Spirit Shield, Dragonstone x5

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Slayer helm ->blessed d-hide when ranging/mage defense




Bandos chestplate ->proselyte when praying ->blessed D-hide when ranging/mage defense


Dragon skirt :oops: -> proselyte when praying ->blessed D-hide when ranging/mage defense


dragon boots


Whip+defender or SS


Barrows gloves


ring of wealth




Not the best, but it suits me.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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