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Becoming a Champion of Champions!


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Hello, I'm Erichermit. You may recognize me from my other guide, "Misunderstood Monsters", most known for the

section on wyverns. On that day, December 12, that Wyverns were updated to Runescape, another update was also

released! It was the Champion's Challenge.



First of all, you might be wondering, what even is the Champion's Challenge? Those of you who have 32 or higher

Quest Points, and are a member, may on rare occasions recieve the elusive champion scroll from any of the

following monsters: Imp, Goblin, Skeleton, Zombie, Hill Giant, Hobgoblin, Ghoul, Earth Warrior, Jogre,

Lesser Demon, Banshee, Mummy, and Aberrant Spectre. You then must bring this scroll to the basement of the Champion's

Guild. If you hand your scroll to the NPC walking around there who looks like a butler, he will allow you to fight a beefed up champion of the

race of the monster you killed. The monsters are usually easy, but the Lesser Demon Champion can be a bit of

trouble if you don't know how to go about killing him. All fights have certain rules you must follow when

fighting, such as "No Special Attacks", "Range Attacks Only", and so on. Do not bring yourself badly equipment

and end up dying and losing your scroll. You don't want to have to get it all over again.




So why do it all then? Well, one could also ask why even play the game? People train slayer beyond 90, and

training most other skills becomes useless past a certain level, yet people still train higher. Completion

of the Champion's Challenge is a rare feat, and it is usually estimated that more people have 99 slayer than

all 13 Champion banners.




With good reason, but for those of you who like a challenge for the sake of it, and want to be among a select

few people who have completed this challenge, are looking for a bit of combat exp, an excuse to kill monsters

you don't usually kill, and a bit of fun (debatable), then read on.




It is also worth mentioning that the Champion's Challenge is not completely finished. After beating the 13 lower

champions you battle there are some more Higher champions. Only two higher champions can be fought, the human,

and the gnome home. However, more will be added in the future, so it'd be wise to get a head start! There used to be

no way of proving that you had collected all the of the Champion Scrolls, but Jagex was kind enough to give us an imp

to carry around a banner proclaiming out degree of champion-ness!



Some people wishing to unlock all the songs should note that the song "Victory is Mine" can only be unlocked after

recieving a champion scroll.




Champion Scroll drops are incredibly rare. A certain Champion of Humans, Maxpow3r, has made an extensive and popular

RSOF thread on the matter. It can be found at quick find code 72-73-21-56997049. In it is a brief description of

rewards and methods, as well as a large amount of support for champion hunters and data approximating drop

probabilities of scrolls. If you are attemptings the challenge I recommend that you create a post logging your

drops there in order to recieve interesting support during your journey. It would also be nice to post about

it here, as I would love to hear about your experiences.




According to Maxpow3r, average drop probabilities are approximately 1/5000. This has been done with the collected

data of 110 different champion scroll drops.







(First Wave)

Starting HP XP - 9mil

Feb 24 2009 Starting Date


[+] 00889 Imp

[+] 02566 Goblin

[+] 11456 Skeletons

[+] 08908 Zombie

[+] 00017 Hill Giant

[+] ????? Hobgoblin (dropped accidentally Bandos Killcount)

[+] 03133 Ghoul

[+] 03570 Earth Warrior

[+] 00454 Jogre

[+] 03080 Lesser Demon


Ending HP XP - 11mil

April 11th 2009 Ending Date


The Human Throne is mine!


(Second Wave)

Starting HP XP - 13mil

November 26 2009 Starting Date


[+] 00589 Banshee

[+] 09363 Mummy

[+] 00775 Aberrant Spectre


Ending HP XP - 14.36mil

January 4th 2010 Ending Date


The Gnome Throne is mine!








I have been exceptionally lucky with my Imp, Hill Giant, Hobgoblin, and Jogre Scrolls.




I will be writing this guide as I complete the champion's challenge, and will only post guide material on

scrolls that I currently have. Once I recieve a scroll, I will shortly after write a guide on that monster here.




Before you get into this, I estimate that if you can kill an average of 200 Champion's Challenge monsters an hour,

this should take 325 hours of gameplay. You could get a 99 skill in that time. So just keep that in mind, and finish

the challenge anyway!




[hide=logging your kills]championscrollimp.png

Counting you kills is something I highly recommend. But don't start making endless tallies just yet, there's an

easier way!




Simply record your current HP, Range, or Att/Str/Def experience before you start a killing session of a certain

monster. Make sure that you don't kill any other monsters during this session before you update you kill count,

and make sure that if the monster your killing has multiple different forms with different HP levels that you

only kill one type of that monster.




Once you are done, find the difference in experience. Then divide by 4 if you are measuring Range or Att/Def/Str.

Divide by 1.33 if you are using HP experience. After that, divide the new number by the HP level of the monster

you killed. The resulting number is how many monsters you killed in that session.




Kill Count = (Current Experience - Initial Experience) / (Experience modifier*HP Level of Monster)




Where the Experience Modifier is 4 for combat stats and 1.33 for HP.




You can also use one of Faruq's ticker items to count!




The current standard way of logging kills is




00000 Imp


00000 Goblin


00000 Skeleton


00000 Zombie


00000 Hill Giant


00000 Hobgoblin


00000 Ghoul


00000 Earth Warrior


00000 Jogre


00000 Lesser Demon


00000 Banshee


00000 Mummy


00000 Aberrant Spectre




I choose to add a [ ] before each count, with a - or + denoting uncompletion or success.






[hide=Rotation Method Theory and Probability]The Rotation Method theory basically says that chaining kills of the same species reduces chances to earn a scroll.

Such as, the reason people have such high drop counts for earning the drop is because they camp at that monster

for that long, when the best way to earn a drop is by killing about 500 of one type then moving to the next.

Believers of this theory generally think this explains most low drop counts, and the alarmingly high amount of

people who get champion scrolls after killing just a few goblins here and there while running around or something,

or on slayer task.




This is easily refuted, and it is foolish to believe in this theory. I'd say that almost all the time

that most of these monsters are killed are by people not actively searching for a scroll. Thus, when someone

does get a scroll from hobgoblins while hunting for limpwurt roots, they will report a drastically low number.

("Hmm, well I bet I killed about a hundred or so.") It is also that it seems that most scrolls come from these

arbitrary kills simply because most scrolls do come from them. And that is because most of the time a scroll

dropping monster is killed, it is because the person is just casually killing them.




It also worth noting that someone who just bumps into a scoll will be much more vocal about it that someone

searching for scrolls, as a scroll-searcher has likely already seen at least a few before.




Despite this, I recommend using the Rotation Method. Killing Jogres for 5000 to sometimes reported up to 20,000

kills for a scroll sounds nothing short of hellish. Fans of the slayer skill will agree that variance makes

the game fun, and thus I recommend switching to a new monster every 500 to 1000 kills to keep yourself from

burning out. Having a number to look forward to also prevents you from thinking about each drop for the scroll,

looking forward to an indeterminate time, instead of looking forward to something you can actually estimate. That

way, each kill even without a scroll feels like a success, instead of each scroll-less drop feeling like





Please remember that drop probabilities are not completely accurately recorded as of now, and all we have are

approximations. Please also be aware that it is all just random, and it may take you 5000, 20, 23, 20,000, or

anything in between. The vast majority of people seem to recieve it in around 5000, though some unlucky souls

have taken all the way up to 30,000 kills at a certain monster to get a drop.[/hide]




[hide=Tips and other myths]- Clue scrolls do not prevent you from getting other challenge scrolls


- The Ring of Wealth does not help you earn a challenge scroll. In fact, it may even hurt the chances.


- The Enhanced Excalibur Spec removes the need for food at almost any monster besides Armor Zombies and Lesser Demons


- It is rumored that higher level versions of monsters (IE, Armored Zombies vs. Zombies) drop scrolls faster.


- Salve Amulet does not help on Ghouls


- Implings are common sight at some of the spots to kill monsters. Consider bringing a jar and net


- Champion Scrolls are at the bottom of the drop pile and are easily missed. Right click your drops.


- Champion Scrolls will be lost if you lose the battle with the Champion and you'll have to get another.[/hide]









Champion or not, you're still only knee high.




Imps. Those cheeky little devils that hide your car keys and the remote. It's probably their fault that yo

couldn't find your homework in your backpack yesterday too. And in the runescape world, they steal your burnt

meat, magic beads, and balls of wool.. apparently.




Killing imps seems like an easy task at first, Imps can be found all over runescape and are extremely weak

and thus easy to one hit. Unfortunately, Imps may be found all over runescape but often in very low amounts

usually two or so extremely spaced out imps near a city or something. Besides just killing every imp you

see as you run around, there are only really two good spots.




That is God Wars Dungeon's Zamorakian Encampment and South of Ardougne between the Tower of Life and the

Monastary out there. The one with the party monks.





One of the GWD areas where you can find two imp spawns.




The method for killing imps is rather straightforward. You can pretty much one hit them with anything. I choose

to range them, which I highly recommend, due to their habit of running all over the place and being spaced out.

They have such low health that one or two hitting them should happen every time.



I prefer the God Wars Dungeon over the Tower of Life spot because the kill count takes care of itself. Also,

the imps are slightly higher levelled. Some theories are circulating that higher level versions of champion

scroll dropping monsters have higher chances to drop the scroll. While there is no evidence to show it, it

seems plausable. I also felt I was able to kill more imps an hour at GWD than at Tower of Life.





Two mischevious imps plot what to steal next over here.




Find out where the four imp spaws are (I have screenshots of the GWD Imp Spawns) in GWD and then cycle between

killing the two closer to the door and the two closer to the middle. I found that, on a full world, I was able

to kill two imps and then find the next two spawning just as I arrived.





A good example of something to wear while fighting imps. You may wish to dress a little lighter




You will be doing A LOT of running around, so dressing light is advised, as is a terrorbird or bull ant familiar.




Regular Imps have 8 HP and GWD Imps have 10 HP.




Imps do not have many exciting drops, but you may want to consider keeping the black or white beads, which are

worth about 500gp each. Don't bank for any though. Always keep one inventory spot open for a scroll drop.

Come to think of it, if the GWD Imps have been frozen in ice for... I dont even know how many years, how did

they end up stealing magic beads from that wizard in the wizard's tower? Oh well.





This laughable excuse of a Champion is so small I can barely even see him behind the damage splats.




When you finally get that pink scroll that you desire so much, take it to the champions guild and beat up the

imp champion without even breaking a sweat. Seriously, you could easily kick this guy to death.




The Imp Champion is only level 14 combat and the only rule is that you may not use special attacks. You

wouldn't need any on this guy anyway.




Upon defeating the Imp Champion you will recieve 160 Slayer experience and 160 HP experience. You will also

recieve an Imp Banner for your wall.[/hide]





A challenge from the Goblin Champion




Goblins, the stupid, ugly, monsters encountered by newbies fresh out of lumbridge. By the time anyone has

32+ quest points, it's unlikely that theyre still killing goblins. However, goblins are currently, what

I believe at least, to be the easiest champion scroll to obtain. Their low HP and large volume makes

them easy pickings.




Goblins are found all over Runescape. The best places are the Plain of Mud, the Lumbridge Goblin House, and

the Goblin Village. Goblin Village has a high volume of goblins but they are slightly harder than other

goblins and thus take a little longer to kill. The Lumbridge Goblin House is a great spot as well. The drops

stack up on each other there though, so it may be easy to accidentally miss a champion scroll. My personal

favorite is the Plain of Mud, but I think it's about equal with the goblin house. (In case you don't know,

the Plain of Mud is the cave near the fishing guild. The best place in the cave is near the secret goblin temple.)





Knife in the face! KNIFE IN THE FACE!




Goblins don't have many drops worth picking up. However, the Gold Charms are decent, and they drop level 1

clue scrolls. If you enjoy doing clue scrolls and don't mind the diversion, I recommend you do them. Level 1

Scrolls go by rather quickly.





A good ranging outfit for fast goblin kills




Seeing as how goblins have such low health, I believe ranged as the ideal way to kill them. You should

be able to one hit most goblins using bronze knives or some other cheap projectile, which will spare

you the hassle of running around.




Level 2 Goblins found in the Plain of Mud and the Lumbridge House have 5 HP.

Goblin Village Goblins have 12 HP.





I want a goblin staff.




The goblin champion shouldn't be too hard, but if you forget to bring runes, you'll be trucking

back to kill more goblins! You are only allowed to use magic, so make sure you bring enough runes

and a little magic resistance and he casts earth wave (a good spell for such a low combat level!)

The Goblin Champion is only level 24 combat.




Defeating the goblin champion will win you 128 Hitpoints and Slayer experience. It will also give

you (more importantly) a green new banner for your wall.[/hide]





I'll be collecting your banner instead.




Skeletons seem to be the hardest to get a scroll from out of all the champion's challenge monsters. Whether

this is just bad luck, or a truly lower drop probability, don't expect your skeleton scroll to come

quickly. On top of a seemingly rarer scroll, Skeletons also lack interesting drops making them my least

favorite of the champion's challenge monsters to kill.




Skeletons are very plentiful and very easy to kill. You should probably be one or two hitting most

skeletons. Skeletons aren't good for experience or drops, but they can be at least somewhat decent for

charms. If you have a low magic level, however, you may want to consider training magic with crumble

undead on the skeletons. You might just get a scroll before you finish whatever magic level goal you

wanted. Please do keep in mind however that crumble undead will kill skeletons at a drastically slower

rate than using an abyssal whip.





The Zaros Dungeon is one of the best places to kill Skeletons for scrolls.




I prefer to kill skeletons in the Zaros Dungeon located in the digsite. The skeletons here drop

charms, fire talismans, and herbs. Other good places are the site around the rope in Elvarg's Cavern

and the [bleep]epit in the wilderness agility course dungeon. Skeletons in Elvarg's Cavern and

the [bleep]epit only drop herbs as far as notable drops go and while the Zaros Dungeon skeletons

have slightly more HP, they are more plentiful so you should still get the same or more kills

per hour along with charms on the side.





I choose a highly offensive outfit to kill the weak skeletons quicker.




Since I can use salve amulet on skeletons, I don't wear my void and instead go with Bandos

Armor to boost my strength to help increase the amount of one hit kills I get. Armor is

very unimportant here though, and so long as you have a decent weapon and a salve amulet, killing

skeletons will be a breeze.




Level 25 Skeletons have 17 HP


Level 22 Skeletons have 29 HP


Level 45 Skeletons have 59 HP





He looks so cool! Is that samurai armor? Gimme!




Fighting the Skeleton Champion is also very easy, like almost every single champion battle.

All you need to do is grab a bow and shoot him. You wont even need to protect ranged, but you

should probably do that anyway. The Skeleton Champion is level 40 and you are only allowed

to use ranged attacks.




Defeating the Skeleton Champion earns you a scant 232 HP and Slayer experience. You will also,

as usual, earn a new banner for your wall![/hide]





I come to Champions' Guild and squish you instead. No get brains though.




Zombies! The living dead! Oohhhh! They roam around in a lifeless fashion driven only by hunger

and the exertion of a necromancer. They're also very weak for the most part. Some of the other

Zombies such as Armored Zombies and Dried Zombies are pretty powerful though.



Zombies are plentiful and easy to kill. I personally got my champion scroll from an armored

zombie, but there are already a good deal of guides out there on armored zombies so I won't be

writing a guide on them. Armored Zombies may be great for xp, drops, and lack of high attention

required but their high combat level means kills will be far slower than killing one-hittable

zombies. Another decent alternative is to range or crumble undead zombies in the magic guild

basement. If you really want to get this scroll fast and don't mind paying, cannoning zombies

in the mage guild basement is extremely fast. However, for the sake of this guide I will assume

you just want to kill them fast and cheaply, so I will talk about meleeing low level zombies.





Fresh from his grave, I'm about to put him right back in!




I think the best spot to kill these guys would actually be in the graveyard of shadows near bounty

hunter. It's easy to get to, so if you lose your grave, recovery is simply, and nobody likes a long

trek. There are tons of zombies here so just run around slaughtering them. You should probably one

hit most of them.





Im not risking anything valuable with this outfit




Since I can use a salve amulet here, I don't use void. I also don't bring my most expensive equipment

as not only is it not necessary seing as how most zombies can be one hit, but I don't want to risk

losing anything to revenants.




Zombie drops aren't too exciting but I found that they dropped a decent amount of ranarrs. Of course,

Armored Zombies drop plenty of Pure Essence, Planks, and Charms. Don't forget telegrab runes if you

kill them in the magic guild basement.




Armored Zombies have 85 HP


Level 24 Zombies have 30 HP


Level 18 Zombies have 24 HP





My maxed ivandis flail seemed appropriate to kill this undead champion




Fighting the Zombie Champion is REALLY easy. Just get some good melee stuff and kill him. The

only rule is that you can't use magic, but I doubt you wanted to anyway. Don't neglect to bring

food and armor and somehow die though. It's better to overprepare then die and loss the scroll.

He is level 51.




For defeating this Zombie you will recieve 240 slayer and hitpoints xp, and a new banner![/hide]




[hide=Hill Giants]GiantScroll.png

It seems unlikely that a puny human would kill thousands of your race, Giant.




Hill Giants are a common favorite of new members and f2p players. Newbies clamor for their easy to obtain

Big Bones and decent drops, such as Limpwurt Roots. The combat experience is also decent for a new player.




Giants are easy to kill and easy to find. The three best spots are Edgeville Dungeon, near the Gnome Stronhold,

and the Taverly Dungeon. I prefer the Taverly Dungeon because it is almost always desolate. The Edgeville

Dungeon is the worst place because it attracts a decent crowd of attention from new members and low level

slayers. Sure, Taverly Dungeon may be a bit far from a bank, but youre not going to need to bank for food

at these guys so you probably wont have to leave until you get your 500-1000 kills, or a scroll.





That meat cleaver is surprisingly harmless




If you have a low prayer level, you may find it worthwhile to bury the big bones. If not, do not bother. If you

are poor, you might want to keep and sell the Big Bones, but that will drain a HUGE amount of time. Keep seeds

and limpwurt roots if you have room. Always leave 1 spot open for the scroll drop. They drop gold charms too.




The Taverly Dungeon Hill Giants are found in the room just before the Black Knight's Underground Fortress. Edgeville

Hill Giants are at the end of the dungeon and the Tree Gnome Village Giants are in the forest surrounding the






My offensive power is high with this outfit.




I choose to kill Hill Giants with melee. What you wear isn't very important as theyre so weak, but I like to

optimize my offensive power with a void melee outfit.




Hill Giants have 35 HP each.





Nice tattoos!




Fighting the Giant Champion is still pretty easy. He is only level 56 and the only rule is that you must use

Melee Attacks. Should be over in a flash.




Upon defeating the Hill Giant Champion you will recieve 280 Slayer and Hitpoints experience. Woohoo. You will

get one of those awesome banners for your wall.[/hide]





Insert witty comment here




Hobgoblins are a pretty good monster to kill. Many people will probably get this scroll automatically before they

attempt to do the Champion's Challenge. Hobgoblins are a good way to get bandos killcount, will attack you if you're

gathering snape grass near the crafting guild, and are a great source of limpwurt roots. Regardless you should not

have to worry about crowding very much.




Hobgoblins are weak and easy to find. You can kill them in the northern area of the main bandos room without fear of

other monsters as only hobgoblins can wander there. You can kill them near the crafting guild too, or in the edgeville

dungeon, or in the Witchaven dungeon. If you really want to, the wilderness wouldn't be too bad of an area as they

will be aggresive towards you so it'll require much less attention. Watch out for revenants there though.

The basement in the gnome maze is also a good place.






Why do hobgoblins have a seperate champion than goblins?




You can choose any attack style you want against hobgoblins. Melee is going to be faster against them, but if you want

to range them there are some safespots at rock crabs or crafting guild. You could also just range them while they attempt

to deal pathetically low damage to you. If you are safespotting them, bring telegrab runes to grab the Champion Scroll






My offensive power is, as usual, high with this outfit.




Full void is useful here. However, also useful will be any offensive outfit. Hobgoblins barely

do any damage.





Only noobs use javelins!




Fighting the Hobgoblin Champion is also an easy fight. He is level 56 and the only rule is that you cant use melee. SO

DON'T FORGET YOUR BOW! Fill him full of bolts or arrows and claim your banner! You will also gain

232 slayer and hitpoints experience.




Thank you, Jwolfinstein, for giving me Hobgoblin pictures![/hide]





Nothing will go to waste because you wont win.




Ghouls are not undead. They are actually subhuman cannibals who enjoy eating not just ordinary human

flesh but the flesh of rotting human corpses. Rather disgusting, and explains why theyre found hanging

around a Morytanian graveyard.




Ghouls, like some other champion challenge monsters, are only rarely killed. The only time you will find

another person here is those who have a slayer task. They have no exciting drops, only including bones,

charms, and law talismans. The gold charms they drop do add up fairly quickly, however.





Stop eating people or I kill you.




There are only two places to kill ghouls. Northwest of Canifis and west of Canifis. They do a little

damage over time so bring a little food, or an enhanced excalibur. A bunyip or other healing familiar

is also sure to keep you fully healed.





Melee is probably the best way to go.




I prefer melee on the Ghouls because it results in faster kills than range due to their relatively

high HP and close proximity to each other. Range is also a viable alternative but remember that

the Ghouls like to run away at low hp and this will get annoying with range, as with melee your

character will automatically follow them.




I find it's a good idea to use a cannon here. Even though it isn't multicombat the cannon will still

kill a quite a few ghouls, or at least get them down to one-hitability before they reach you. You

also won't have to pay attention to them and the ranged xp is decent (but expensive.)




All Ghouls have 50 HP each.





The Ghoul can't throw rocks at me now that I'm praying range.




The Ghoul Champion is level 85 and you are only allowed to bring weapons in the arena, no other items.

This sounds like he might actually be tough, but he really isn't anything to worry about. He throws

rocks as a range attack and beats you with a club as a melee attack. I heard that the rocks do more

damage so I prayed range. Simply bring your best melee weapon and you are set.




Defeating the Ghoul Champion will bring you 400 hitpoints and slayer experience and nice ghoulish banner

on the wall.[/hide]




[hide=Earth Warriors]EarthScroll-1.png?t=1245484117

I accept!




Earth Warriors, soldiers made out of rocks, dirt, and mud. They'll smack you up with a mace made out of rock!




Earth Warriors are actually killed fairly often. Slayer tasks bring people here, as do melee brawling gloves (people

use their gloves training on earth warriors in the wilderness.) Out of all the Champion's Challenge monsters you'll

be killing, Earth Warriors are likely the most rewarding. They have a slurry of valuable herb and seed drops, as well

as a great source of crimson charms.





Earning some drop potential while killing Earth Warriors




There are two places to kill Earth Warriors. The Edgeville Wilderness Dungeon and the Chaos Tunnels. Both have their

pros and cons. The Chaos Tunnels area has some bronze dragons nearby, but I've never been attacked by one as they're

easy to avoid (if you're smart you'll kill the ones seperated by a wall between the dragons and the warriors.) and

you don't have to deal with revenants. It's also multicombat. In the wilderness, you can get attacked by revenants but

the Earth Warriors are more plentiful and will auto-attack you, making for less attention required and allowing more

forum browsing. I personally enjoy the Wilderness area more because it requires less attention. However if you want

to use a summoning familiar go to the Chaos Tunnels.





Void.. AGAIN!




Earth Warriors shouldn't be trouble for you so void should be more than enough. If you're getting hurt too much then

try a different armor. If you're afraid of taking this armor to the wilderness don't be afraid to wear rune instead.

Melee is my favorite way to kill Earth Warriors as they have high hp, but ranged would probably be decent too.




Earth Warriors have 54 HP each.





I like his rock Tower Shield




The Earth Warrior champion will try to hit you melee attacks. He is level 102 and does not allow you to use prayer.

Simply bring food and good armor and this battle shouldn't even cause you the slightest bit of concern. Don't skimp

out of the food though, if he lands a ton of lucky hits you could be feeling really sorry.




Defeating the Earth Warrior Champion will earn 432 hitpoints and slayer experience and a Earth Warrior banner

for your wall.[/hide]





Yes I do think I can defeat you.




Jogres, the Jungle-Ogre.




Jogres are almost never killed. Not that I blame that. The drops are very uninteresting and are a bit out of the way.

Besides all that though, I think theyre a fairly interesting monster to kill. They have been graphically reupdated since this guide.

They drop some charms which is nice. The Jogre Bones are slightly better experience than Big Bones,

so it's good prayer experience for those of you with lower prayer level. They can drop seeds and jungle herbs.

(Snake Weed and Rogues Purse can be made into a potion together on the spot.) More notable is that these monsters

drop level 2 clue scrolls fairly frequently. I estimate about every 60 to 70 kills a scroll. I once had 2 scrolls

on the floor here. I personally don't do the clue scrolls, but I think they would be a nice diversion and

pretty profitable for most players. Also worth noting are the trading stick drops. They drop about 22 each time.

They're probably not worth picking up but they are kind of fun to collect in my opinion.





Not included in the Jogre drop list is that iron baxe he's holding. Not that you'd want it anyway.




Those of you who may find that they take too much damage will be excited to notice that the Jogre drops a knife

occasionally, and occasionally 2 pineapples. These pineapples can be cut for 8 HP each, usually allowing you

to camp there.




The Jogre Pothole dungeon is my area of choice for killing these, I rotate between the 3 spawns around the handholds.

There is also a few around the crashed gnome glider and GWD Bandos area. GWD Jogres are slightly tougher.





Meleeing Jogres with an offensive outfit like this is a good idea.




I choose to melee Jogres. Since they do very little damage, I choose to wear an outfit based on offense to

speed up my kills.




Jogres have 60 HP each. Jogres from GWD have 70 HP.







Jogre SMASH!




Fighting the Jogre Champion is a lot like killing the Hill Giant Champion. He actually can do a bit of damage,

so come prepared. It's better to have too much food than to die. He is level 107 combat and you are not allowed

to use range on him, so bring a melee weapon. He can poison so bring a Antipoison.




Upon Defeating the Jogre Champion you will recieve 480 Hitpoints and Slayer experience, and a banner of the

Jogre on your wall.[/hide]




[hide=Lesser Demons]ScrollPic.png?t=1237232515

No u




Rawr, Lesser Demons. They used to be scary back when you first started runescape, but now they're easy. They're

still capable of dealing a decent amount of damage however, and this is likely the first champion monster that

will actually be capable of killing you if you aren't careful, though if you have a bunyip it's likely you'll

get healed faster than you get hurt still.




It is beyond me, however, why people not hunting for champion scrolls will actually camp at lesser demons.

Their drops are mundane for their difficulty as rune meds are too rare to be a decent source of cash. Regardless,

as far as champion scroll monsters go, Lesser Demons are good. They drop crimson charms decently often, and

the rune meds will add up to a sizably decent amount of cash (though nothing special.)





Slaying some evil demons in the hopes of receiving a scroll




A lot of people go straight to Karamja to kill Lesser Demons, but that is actually the worst place. It is important

to remember that the lesser demons located under the temple of ikov are almost always completely empty! Use a

shiny key to enter from McGrubors Wood for the quickest way to get to the Lesser Demons.





My meeling outfit that you've already seen too many times




The best way to kill Lesser Demons is with melee, in my opinion, though there are some ranging safespots in





Lesser Demons have 79 HP each.





The Lesser Demon champion is not a monster to scoff at.




The Lesser Demon Champion is actually quite challenging. You are not allowed to wear any armor

or being any weapons. Kicking him to death is ridiculously hard, so don't even try it. You'll

likely lose your scroll and have to get a new one. However, you can still bring items so bring

a ton of runes and some prayer potions / food. The Lesser Demon Champion is level 162.




The best method is to turn auto-retaliate off, take a few steps back, and fire wave the Lesser

Demon. If you follow this, you should win with no problems.




Defeating the Lesser Demon Champion will earn you 592 Hitpoints and Slayer experience, as well

as an awesome new red banner for your wall![/hide]





Sorry I can't hear you I'm wearing earmuffs lalalalalala


Banshees are the ghosts of grief-stricken women, forever forced to wail in their grief. They're also a great

source of herbs and pure essence! These creatures are undead, so a salve ammy will do wonders. They're also

low levelled (unless you choose to fight the Mighty version) so getting this scroll should be a peice of cake.


I personally chose to fight Banshees in the Slayer Tower with Ranged. However, Melee is just as viable a

choice. The Banshees are somewhat spread out in the tower and recieve a bit of attention from lower levels,

meaning you'll have a bit of competition sometimes. A ranged weapon will allow you to snag kills before

others can reach them, not have to run around so much, and their have a low enough HP to where you wont

miss it much. However, Melee should still kill them slightly faster, so when it gets down to it, you can't

go wrong with either choice. I don't really recommend killing Mighty Banshees (the ones in the Pollivneach

Dungeon) for the scroll as they will take far longer to kill, but if you find the mighty banshees to be far

more interesting, by all means go for it.



Why yes I will have this dance


Banshees have a variety of nice drops, so you won't get too bored. The herbs add up (especially with todays

prices), as do the charms, and the noted pure essence will add up as well. Using a slayer ring to get to the

tower quickly (or pollivneach) will speed up banking, allowing you to get faster kills.


Banshees attack with a "Magical Melee", that uses your magic defense instead of your regular defense, but is

still melee. If you're taking too much damage, dress up with dragonhide or something. Should you wish to use

prayer however, you still should use Protect from Melee. Attacking a banshee without Earmuffs on in a deathwish.



My ranged outfit for Banshees. It can easily be made melee with some obvious changes.


Banshees have 22 HP


Mighty Banshees have 70 HP


I forgot to take a picture while fighting the Banshee Champion. I would appreciate it if someone would donate one to me


When you finally receive your Banshee Scroll, take it to the champion's guild and defeat this Champion. She is

only level 73 and the rules of the fight are no melee or prayer. Make sure you dress with high magic resistence

as she shoots a magic spell at you, DONT FORGET YOUR EARMUFFS, and bring a ranged weapon (or magic but that'll

hit less.)





At long last, he is impressed!




The best place to kill humans is the house full of level 2 men in edgeville. After killing about 5000

of these guys...

just kidding.




As you probably already know, you can fight the Human Champion (Leon De Cour) only after you have

gotten 10 banners of the lower champions. He is currently the only Higher Champion that you

are allowed to fight. He's also dissapointingly easy.





The last time you have to see this outfit suggested!




Just grab your offensive melee gear, pray melee, and kill him. You shouldn't run out of prayer. After killing him, claim your

new throne with pride!





Oops wrong helmet.




Too bad you can't show anyone.. or sit in it :(




Either way, congratulations on your acheivement! Becoming a Champion of Humans is a great honor! I hope you

enjoyed your journey like I did, with occasional feelings of hopelessness and boredom on the side haha (sometimes

I thought I'd never get that Skeleton Scroll!)



Now that you've defeated Leon, Glophren should be your next goal! Get those next three goals and show that gnome that

you are a Champion of Champions!



Defeating Leon De Cour will also give you 492 Hitpoints and Slayer Experience. You are not allowed to use




Hip Hooray![/hide]


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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Niiice, you've gotten more than me. I only have Zombie, from, yes, you guessed it, Armoured Zombies, I have yet to see anyone who has completed it, I tried ages ago, but my hate of Ghouls made me quit, maybe I should have tried another monster... :lol:




Good luck with getting the other scrolls, fave fun. \'








(First post, wooo)




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Nice guide, good layout, and well-written. Just one small remark:


Imps appear to have a better drop probability than other scroll droppers, and Maxpow3r estimates an imp scroll


to be 1/3202 based on a sample size of 8 scrolls.


You don't call 8 scrolls the sample size. The sample size is 3202*8=25616 This is because killing the imp is an experiment (sample), which results in success (scroll) or failure (another drop). The same goes for your bit about the hill giants.

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You are absolutely correct, Knight. That was a silly wording of me.




I prefer to describe the amount of scroll data used in scrolls earned though. What would be the best wording of this then, other than sample size?


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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You may use these pictures if you'd like:




[hide=Imp Champion]championscrollimp.png




http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/1835/c ... ollimp.png[/hide]




[hide=Jogre Champion]championscrolljogre.png




http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/8044/c ... ljogre.png[/hide]




[hide=Earth Warrior Champion]championscrollearthwarr.png




http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/593/ch ... thwarr.png[/hide]




[hide=Lesser Demon Champion]championscrolllesserdem.png




http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/3983/c ... serdem.png[/hide]




[hide=Zombie Champion]championscrollzombie.png




http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/3482/c ... zombie.png[/hide]




Sorry for the poor quality, but 'feel free to them.

Interested in helping the Tip.It Crew?

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Thank you very much, Rien!




I am current need of Hobgoblin pictures actually, for I have earned the scroll from Hobgoblins but neglected to take pictures. Also, I'm looking for a banner to put on the top.




Uploading Jogre section very soon.


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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Jogre section uploaded. Enjoy everyone.




I need some hobgoblin pictures before I post Hobgoblins.


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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I've actually been working towards the Hobgoblin Scroll in my spare time, so if I get it I'll be sure to post the pictures (of course, I can't guarantee that I'll receive it anytime soon). As for the banner, how does a conglomerate of the congratulation scrolls and such strike you?




Examples of possible images for use:
















Again, I'm sorry for the poor quality of my pictures; many of them were taken pre-HD and without too much thought, so they can't be of much use.


But anyway, there's my idea for a banner. Good luck on your guide. :)

Interested in helping the Tip.It Crew?

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Actually I like those pictures, they'll make nice filler pictures for the intro and sort.




Thank you very much! I feel like the guide is so much more visually appealing now instead of being a wall of text.




What I was hoping to use as the banner someday is me standing in front of my completed wall. Unfortunately, It shall be a while before I am ready for that. The dying Lesser Demon champion looks pretty epic. I've taken the Runescape Knowledge base banner picture to use as a banner for now, next to your dying Lesser Demon. The scroll pictures seem fitting the kill-logging area, in my opinion.


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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You are absolutely correct, Knight. That was a silly wording of me.




I prefer to describe the amount of scroll data used in scrolls earned though. What would be the best wording of this then, other than sample size?




The statistical term would be with 8 successes, but that's not very clear for this guide.


You could say something like: 8 scrolls were gained in x kills, which gives a probability of one in ... kills.

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My banners by this far :)






My first was jogre scroll, got it sometimes as new member when killing them with my friend. Second was hobgoblin scroll when killing them for 1k limpwurt roots. 3rd Goblin scroll I got when getting kc for bandos. Only scroll I have really tried to get is ghoul one.. Have killed them well over 10000 but still no success. And of course I kill imps when one comes nearby :)




And here is pic of my goblin scroll:




And reward:



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Thanks for the pictures, Cantristenon. :D




Anyway, Erichermit, I think I'll work a bit more on creating the visual appeal (if you don't mind). I believe there's some progress to be made in that area. ::'


I'll post what I have over the weekend.

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I have gotten two zombie challenge scrolls in about 300 armoured zombie kills. I suggest that if you want a zombie challenge scroll you should go to armoured zombies because they give great experience + money.



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@Cantristenon: Congratulations on your kills! I hope you get better luck with Ghouls!




@Rien: Thank you very much =)




@Cooldude3910: Yeah, that is where Ive been doing it lately. Technically it's a slower way to get a scroll than other zombie killing methods but I enjoy it quite a bit more due to the great exp and decent cash.




@Metu: What I do when killing goblins is put on a ranger gear with knives and go in the goblin house near lumbridge. They only have 5 hp so bronze knives should kill them quickly without having to run around. Goblin kills go so fast it's insane.


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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Thanks Peter.




Congratulations on the nice clue reward Metu! Keep doing them all and you'll be quite rich before finishing this challenge XD.




I'd like to take this moment to plug a RSOF topic. It isn't by me but one of the Champion's Challenge fans on the RSOF. Everyone who knows about the Champion's Challenge also probably knows that the rewards are atrocious. Here is a topic to help encourage support to improve the rewards.








I made a post on page that read:




I've thought about this matter a lot, and have an idea for what would be rather neat.




First, I propose that the 10 lower scroll's remain the same. That's right, I'm not crazy. Well, perhaps house decorations of the banners you have.




However, I propose that the HIGHER champions have better rewards.




Leon D' Cour: Ability to put a Champion's Throne in your house. Same as the throne he used to sit on.




TzHaar Champion: Obsidian Battleaxe. This would have about the same or better stats than a dragon battleaxe, but be obsidian, which means that the beserker necklace would give it a nice bonus.




After those two though Im not sure about the rewards, but I'll try to come up with something.




Gnome Champion: Perhaps gnomish agility boots, for an even better weight reduction than boots of lightness. Or perhaps a set 50% reduction in run loss speed.




Werewolf Champion: I really don't know for this one either. Perhaps a new weapon that when used, gives a +15% bonus to attack and str while on slayer task, kind of like a black mask but stacks with a black mask.




Elf Champion: It goes without saying that the elf champion's equipment would be something crystal. I was thinking something like.. A crystal amulet that boosts the effectiveness of crystal equipment similar to the beserker necklace.




Dwarf Champion: A hammer that takes significantly less time to smith with. Or maybe a new pickaxe. Something dwarf related though.




These are mere suggestions. What I am REALLY insisting on though is that the new champions are added and REAL rewards are given.


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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There are 10 Lower Champions and 6 Champion of Champions.




The lower 10 are the 10 we are all familiar with.




The upper 6 are the civilized rulers of the world, this includes:


















In all honesty I dont think Werewolves belong a spot up there but whatever =P.




As of now, the only champion of champion that can be fought is the human one, leon d'cour. If you beat him you become the new Human Champion of Champions. Jagex has stated the other champions will eventually be fightable (they said this about 2 years ago. They also said that you would earn great rewards from this challenge.)




After you get all the scrolls, the fight coordinator guy (cant remember his name) says that you will find more challengers in the future sometime.


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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